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    "turbosquid" for game development? Advice needed!

      I can understand that. UV`s and the way how you do masks is very important. Particles is a nice thing, but one of the many cool features.   We had done ~100 models with DDO. 4k textures. Some PSD files 5-8 Gb....thats was a heck to work with that.       Any money related decision either + or -, rarely 0. 
  2. hellow0rld

    "turbosquid" for game development? Advice needed!

      70+ payment methods via best in class eCommerce platform - http://www.shopify.com/faq/what-is-a-third-party-processor     as I said previously, first purchases will be arranged through the studios.     yes, if not updated properly within reasonable amount of time accordingly to modern technology advancement that could take place in future.   That`s one of mechanisms to acquire publishers. I was thinking about helping them to convert their regular models to PBR.     For me, voting systems are kind of strange. Model can be very appealing from visual point of view, but technically - unusable disaster(bad structure, material, naming, etc). Don`t have an answer yet.     Market regulation is a very sensitive topic. Didn`t have plan on this yet.  Subject to research on more talks to such a nice man like you. What do you think?      the very clear and simple for everybody.  Buy and do whatever you want except of reselling it at other marketplaces.   However, I would love to hear from sellers what they think the best one could be.
  3. hellow0rld

    "turbosquid" for game development? Advice needed!

      They download what is available.   nope, content is sub-licensed and can be re-downloaded. Login via google acc\facebook\twitter\etc is a must.   Thats one of the sweeties I dream about. You would be able to upload and update content via dropbox\googledrive and other familiar service and full access of actual version at user console.   No free assets. See more in licensing section.       good question. didn`t thought about that yet.     Checklist with "must have" things.      If you make money - thats the only thing required to keep you with us.     Looks like somebody launched marketing campaign without asking sellers in the past? :)) Given the fact that I shooting specific niche, reputation is a very sensitive topic there.  
  4. hellow0rld

    "turbosquid" for game development? Advice needed!

    Hey Ninja, so far, conversation with you is just plain insight for me. I appreciate your attention and help. If you ever need programming help\advice - you are welcome :) Now, here we go with answers         Yes I do. I am running a small firm (up to 15 dev) and we do high-end content and developing variety of stuff.     The first step would be to produce first batch of content by ourselves and make set of video guides on tips and tricks, but not publish it. Then I will go and find 10-20-30 artists or production studios and help them to make their models good and nice with my resource. When we have all their content on my website, I will go to game dev. studios and would offer different licensing options. By the time we receive first contracts, we will know what those studios looking for in order to accomplish their games. And thats to make first "loop" of sales guaranteed and expand to more wide audience.  + some publicity, news buzz, good experience, usability and published guidelines could make service interesting for freelancers and others. I am not going to re-invent a wheel and will use best tools available in the area of web development. shopify.com - shopping, amazon\google servers - storage and so on. facebook\google acc\twitter for login, etc     shopify provides 70 payment methods.   We are New Jersey based and I have lawyer :). I don`t see too much problem with US\Canada\Europe.    These are things a Artist expect from a asset store owner:   It depends how much money it would cost to keep infrastructure running.   usually it depends on the payment methods. Each transfer cost some money - bank fees. Btw, with bitcoins - immediately =)     Very depends on how much visits website can expect.     Good quesiton ;) I still research customer base from "buyers" point of view. PBR going to take over 100%. But how quickly it will penetrate indie market I don`t know. Marketing related questions are open.     Content is pre-moderated. I was thinking to make set of plugins and template scenes for unity\unreal\etc to be able to setup content quickly. Even more, I was thinking to be able to upload just archive or package and system will do everything automatically or with minimal help.     Good point! I was going to talk to buying customers what fraction of production price they would expect or satisfy.   Basic - fbx + textures Advances - source package file (max, etc) + ddo\substance sources. For extra charge (if seller willing to do so). + options, if LOD`s, shadow LOD, collisions, or particle markers required.
  5. hellow0rld

    "turbosquid" for game development? Advice needed!

      Aaah, I see what you saying, I didn`t quite understand your first reply :)  I meant that buying software make sense for those who posses artistic skills. As for me(dev) there is no benefits of buying 3dmax\maya, etc.      Try Substance Painter, and slash it more =).     It`s not quite 100% procedural. It still requires a lot of knowledge and artistic view. Thats just a tools. (Substance\DDO)     That`s good if you have full time job or fulfilled with freelance tasks 8 hrs per day. But there are plenty of people who do things for fun or in between jobs.
  6. hellow0rld

    "turbosquid" for game development? Advice needed!

    Just Google "Game Asset" or "Game Asset Marketplace", thy chance every week as some ambitious person opens a new one. Here on damedev.net there is a Marketplace but it is undersold.   As you mention there is both the Unity and Unreal asset stores, thy both have the advantage of being near the intended game engine. There are some good PBR assets at the Unity store you will just need to dig through piles of bad content before finding them. The Unreal store has a strict quality control policy so thy are underpopulated, thy will get more content over time it's just a bit intimidating for artist now.   Turbosquid is a bad option for game developers, it's leans much more to the CGI community than game development. This means a lot of over priced props and a lot of props that need to be adjusted before thy work in a game.   Unless you are some kind of marketing expert, you will fail. The simple fact is there are too many asset stores, it's at a point where as a 3D artist I host assets at the top three sites that appear on Google by moving my assets from stores that have less than four hundred visitors a day.   As a artist there is a simple ratio. A store that sees a thousand views a day and holds three of your props will sell one of yours each month. This is a very rough calculation from my own sales information, I am not the most involved artist in asset stores and I bet others make much more.   So 3 assets + 1000 possible buyers = 1 sold prop per month. +/- $15 average a month. My monthly average is: 3 stores * 12 assets = 12 sold per month = +/-  $180 average a month, this is then my gaming budget for the month and it is usually more like $150. Some times I will get lucky and sell one of my CGI props at Turbosquid, that is +/- $40 instantly.     So unless you have something like Unity,Unreal and gamedev.net that brings customers you will fold.   Note I don't sell on gamedev.net, by my calculations I will sell two assets each year if I sold here. Both the Marketplace and Classfields sections are kind of hidden and don't get that much views. If thy added even something small like a Assets tab on the homepage, then it would be profitable enough for me to sell here.     Ninja, thank you so much for such a good opinion with argumentation.   I found ~40 active marketplaces with 3d assets on sale. Deep overview with license analysis and available content have been done for about 10 most popular stores, I am actively working on that.   Only few of them keep clear focus on what they sell, everybody else just about to get as much as possible on the shelf. My goal is to build something in between of unitys asset store and unreal marketplace with focus on photo-real content (PBR) to be the best in the specific niche.   I am not a genius marker but I do have successful business experience in the industry.   So far, I posted similar topics to the ~8 another forums and I see 50\50 in people`s opinions.   Looking for more discussion!   hey gamedev, I would love to keep you updated on my research, but I need a bit of your activity :)   thanks
  7. hellow0rld

    "turbosquid" for game development? Advice needed!

      you have to posses specific skills to operate the software. I am a programmer and I do know how this software works, however I could not be so nice in art as my peers.
  8. How about having a marketplace focused on game development content only?  Or categorized for the niche it made for (casual, FPS, top-view, platformers, etc)?  How about having options and features like Substance, DDO, PSD sources and LOD`s availability? How about upload via dropbox, googledrive, etc and versioning, storage services?    Some thoughts:   It looks like dramatic shift in content quality happening by introduction of physically based rendering (PBR), thanks to UE, Unity and others.  Step into some kind of standardization of the models. Good quality for real-time graphics are rare on public marketplaces and close to nothing you can find for PBR. Unreal doing great job and their quality bar are high to be published in the marketplace. Existing well known portals (turbosquid and alike) don`t have anything offer in that regard. Only few marketplaces like unity or unreal have valuable assets.   I seek for your opinion and advice whether it make sense to build another stock platform for game development purposes or it is doesn`t make sense and value for community.   Thanks!
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