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  1. blazerman345

    Where are the SDL2 extension libraries located?

    Thanks! I wonder why they aren't clearly on the website....
  2. Hello all, I can't seem to find the SDL2 extension libraries on the SDL website. The download section only has the SDL main libraries. http://www.libsdl.org/download-2.0.php Where can I find SDL image, mixer, ttf, etc.?
  3. blazerman345

    What's a good 2D game engine to learn after C++/SDL?

    Unity is good? Alright then, thanks for the info!
  4. Hello all! I've made a simple game with C++ using SDL, and I will probably make a couple more games in the future using SDL. However, I really want to learn how to use a game engine, because then I can produce more advanced games in less time.    I will start with 2D then make my way into 3D. What game engine should I learn that's good for 2D game dev (and eventually, 3D?). I would like to stick to C++. I thought I would learn Unreal Engine 4, but people said it was overkill for a beginner and it didn't have good 2D capabilities.
  5. blazerman345

    Should I start learning Unreal Engine 4?

    So, it seems I should just make more games with C++ and SDL rather than learn UE4. Sounds good.  If I eventually start using an engine, which one should I pick that would be the simplest to learn (given my skills in C++/SDL)?.
  6. Hello all!   I've coded a simple 2d board game in c++ using SDL, and I was thinking of moving on to a bigger project. I would like to eventually get into 3D game dev, but first I want to create a 2D game using an engine. Is unreal engine 4 a good place for me to start making 2D games? I'm talking simple platformers and side scrollers, nothing too fancy.    Also, is it hard for one person to make a simple 3D game? I don't plan on drawing anything because I'm a terrible artist. This means all of the models would have to be bought from somewhere else.       Thanks
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