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  1. Doctrina Kharkov

    C# Tetris tutorial Unity 280 lines

    Free tutorial with source code ( 280 lines ). Do not use any Unity specific logic like Raycasts or Colliders. Everything works in 2D Array of int's http://doctrina-kharkov.blogspot.com/2017/11/kak-napisat-tetris-c-sharp-unity-1.html
  2. Doctrina Kharkov

    Unity3D optimisation tutorial

    Hello. A lot of posts was about optimization. But most of them only abstract talks. We made real game scene and provide tutorial on optimizing this scene.
  3. Doctrina Kharkov

    Unity RPG Witcher, Gothic like

    Our students studying coding of main RPG mechanics: craft, inventory, map, fight system etc. We are planning to turn everything into a full game.
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