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    Introduction: Looking for answers

    Hello Gamedev community,   My name is Carlos Gherrera and I am a Spanish composer, passionate lover of videogames and their soundtracks. The first soundtrack that hooked me was the one from Final Fantasy 9, and since then, I did everything I could to become a composer.   Now, after many years of efforts, I am finally a composer, specialized in scoring for games and films, but I have found yet another obstacle in my path: I don't have games to score for. I have worked in a couple of projects and also participated in the Global Game Jam, but sadly that's pretty much everything.   My strategy so far has been:     -Look online for companies that are developing games     -Sending a mail to those companies, offering my service as a composer (attaching samples of my work)   And I have noticed that only 2-3% of them answer my mails.   Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Is it there any strategy to follow when looking for projects?   Thanks,   Carlos Gherrera P.S. link for the sample of my work I usually attach: https://soundcloud.com/carlos-gherrera/sets/carlos-g-herrera-composer
  2. Carlos Gherrera

    Introduction: Looking for answers

    These are actually pretty dam good advices...they are so obvious that I feel ashamed of not thinking about it myself...   Thanks
  3. Carlos Gherrera

    Introduction: Looking for answers

      Not each thing I listed can be started right way, obviously. To a degree, I STILL feel this way after ten years and 150+ projects. But there are certainly things I've learned along the way that others would (I hope) like to hear about. And CCH is right, if you're landing work and getting paid for it, have finished at least one game then folks who are just looking to get started would most likely be interested!     Ten years sound like enough time to have something to speak about :P Would you recommend doing unpaid jobs if (an only if) that's the ONLY way of getting a proper portfolio?
  4. Carlos Gherrera

    Introduction: Looking for answers

    I see. Thank you.        'Companies' always ask the same questions when considering some one to do their music ( gaming, or otherwise ).    When starting out in a very 'competitive' field, you need to stand out, you need to show that you can produce products that folks want. Having a strong resume and portfolio is the only ways to stand out in the large crowd.  Who would you hire - some one who has almost no history behind him, or some one who has had his work used many times before and can show the numbers ?     Well, then I guess it is time to start looking for stock companies to work with and see how it goes. Thanks
  5. Carlos Gherrera

    Introduction: Looking for answers

    I mean, a 3% ANSWERS the mail...but the "%" of them that offer actual work is way lower Hello to you too ^^
  6. Carlos Gherrera

    Introduction: Looking for answers

    I see... Sorry, but I cannot understand something. As far a I know, Audio Libraries offer their music to any kind of project (I might be wrong). How could that help me in finding games if, for example, my music is being used in a sausages commercial?   Is it just about being popular?
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