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  1. I am really confused what a kernel means in embree - https://embree.github.io/ I know kernel is part of an operating system which communicates with the cpu. Is it a low level assembly programming in the case of embree ?   Googling about writing kernels for an application brings results about writing a Linux kernel, Not anything about writing a kernel for an application, like Embree.   So what this type of kernel means and how I can learn to write these types of kernels ?
  2. No, but you can use a 1, in this case: (4*1) + 4 (4*6) + 1     Will it be done in same amount of time as    4   +  4 24 +  4
  3. If all you got is one processor, then no.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIMD     Can it be done with some sort of hack?
  4. Hi I am looking to perform MIMD operation on SIMD architecture?   Can I do this?   1 Vector unit -> (4) + (4)  2 Vector unit -> (4*6) + (4)   instead of doing    1 Vector unit -> (4) + (4)  2 Vector unit -> (6) + (4)    And If I can do this, both of them will take same amount of time?
  5. https://embree.github.io/downloads.html     Can I use Cmake on Xbox One and Playstation 4? (I'm quite sure I can) 
  6.   Thanks, I think porting TBB is a good option for both Playstation and Xbox.
  7.   It uses ray tracing not OpenGL API.     The "renderer" uses the OpenGL API (using GLUT, I believe) to draw the raytraced images to the screen, they don't just materialize on your monitor. If anything you would need to port that.     Okay
  8.   It uses ray tracing not OpenGL API.
  9. Embree renderer - https://embree.github.io/renderer.html can run on consoles(Playstation and Xbox) without having any legal,software and hardware related issues?
  10. For Zurich university, I tried accessing their course materials - https://graphics.ethz.ch/teaching/cg14/notes.php but when I click on any of the lecture slides it gives this error - https://graphics.ethz.ch/teaching/cg14/downloads/slides/01_Intro.pdf Is there any way that I can access the course materials? 
  11. Computer Graphics related to realistic rendering,animation,physically based simulation,modelling,Artificial Intelligence and game programming.From undergraduate to Phd level. It would be really great if you give list of universities that specializes in each of the fields that I have listed like one university specializes in realistic rendering and other university specializes in physically based simulation etc.
  12. Is there any good place to find research papers with user reviews or ratings!
  13. I want to create "accelerated" ray tracing. I want recommendations about great courses or books about data structures and algorithms which can provide me enough knowledge so that I can implement my own "accelerated" ray tracing. These two are the links that I have found useful: https://www.udacity.com/course/ud061http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-851-advanced-data-structures-spring-2012/Syllabus/ Are these courses good?   By "accelerated" I mean - Real-time ray tracing on GPU
  14. Interactive 3d graphics course - https://www.udacity.com/wiki/cs291/syllabus has all the information which is in Real time rendering book - http://www.amazon.com/Real-Time-Rendering-Third-Tomas-Akenine-Moller/dp/1568814240/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427689300&sr=1-1&keywords=real+time+rendering or Vice-versa? I mean which is more comprehensive and extensive, which has more deep knowledge(physics and mathematics) content?
  15. Interactive 3d graphics course - https://www.udacity.com/wiki/cs291/syllabus has all the information which is in Real time rendering book - http://www.amazon.com/Real-Time-Rendering-Third-Tomas-Akenine-Moller/dp/1568814240/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427689300&sr=1-1&keywords=real+time+rendering  or Vice-versa?   I mean which is more comprehensive and extensive, which has more deep knowledge(physics and mathematics) content?
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