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    Spunge Attack by Spunge Games

    We mocked up a quick tutorial for testing. What do you think?       *Note: A lot of the art is placeholder art :)     Sign up for beta testing
  2. SpungeGames

    Spunge Attack by Spunge Games

    We've been working on adding animated faces to the Spunges. They're happy when they're soaking up water but get cranky and flail their arms when you drain their water.         Would love to know what you think of the art!     Sign up for testing here:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NoFCCdrCj1GbHr75ZZEGWcPBVaYgEa7zMQt5zkCCl7o/viewform  
  3. SpungeGames

    Spunge Attack by Spunge Games

    Hi,   My name is Anais from Spunge Games. Last month we released our debut game, Cartoon Survivor. Today I am delighted to share with you our next game, Spunge Attack for iOS and Android!   Spunge Attack is a 2D, twitch arcade game where you must protect your water from invading Spunges.   Gameplay: • Flick the spunges off the screen to protect your water • Drag and hold the spunge to squeeze out any stolen water • Tap on the water stealing ships to destroy them • Beware of bombs! Flick them out quickly before they explode • Keep your water supply as long as possible!     I wanted to share a bit of the backstory of the development of Spunge Attack. The original concept was based off a duck in a pond, in space. The premise was to flick sponges out of the pond before they could soak up your water. While the duck was cute it was limited in scope. We then moved to a robot and a more retro, scifi inspiration.         We started to experiment with different elements of gameplay to add challenge and strategy to the game. We added in “bad guys” to the game, they would fly in and suck up your water then fly away. You have to tap them 10 times to destroy them and get your water back.      We experimented with a “spunge muncher”. This character would either float around the screen or hover at the top of the screen. You would feed him full spunges and he would release the water for you giving you extra points. This was good if you didn't have time to squeeze out the spunges.     At this point we had a lot of elements, while the strategy was challenging there was also a lot going on. Our current version is a lot more dialed back, there are still water stealing ships that will drop pickups when destroyed. There is also the occasional bomb that will fly in that you have to quickly remove before it blows up a percentage of your water.   This is how the game looks currently.     Spunge Attack is still a work in progress. We would love to hear your feedback and ideas!    If you have an iOS device and would like to sign up for beta testing then sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NoFCCdrCj1GbHr75ZZEGWcPBVaYgEa7zMQt5zkCCl7o/viewform.     Follow Us! Facebook Twitter
  4. We are delighted to announce that Cartoon Survivor will be launching worldwide on Thursday May 28th for iPhone and iPad!!!    
  5. Cartoon Survivor Update!     Cartoon Survivor has been approved for release on the App Store!!!! Stay tuned as we will have an official release date for you soon!     Coming up to launch we are looking for Youtubers/Reviewers who are interested in receiving early access to Cartoon Survivor before launch! If you are interested please email rexxie@spungegames.com with your channel/website details.     Until next time I shall leave you with a GIF of some of the cool costumes you can unlock in Cartoon Survivor!       Click http://gfycat.com/ScarceFlippantAmericangoldfinch to see hi-res/non-laggy GIF. 
  6. This is a GIF of what the Season select screen will look like. We put a lot of work into getting it right. From this screen you are then taken to an interactive map to select your episode/level     Would love to know what you think!   Also don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  7. The fourth and most difficult season in Cartoon Survivor is the Mayan theme. The environment possesses monumental ancient ruins and caves with shooting spikes and deadly chasms.    
  8. Season 3, the Stone Age theme, is home to our great great ancestors, the Cave Man (and ladies). Here is some of the original concept art for the Stone Age theme and the not so friendly, club wielding, Cave Men.
  9. The second season/theme in Cartoon Survivor is the Cretacous season. The Cretaceous season hosts 6 levels with different hazardous creatures and environments. It's not as lush at the Jurassic theme but definitely more deadly and difficult.
  10. Check out some of the concept art and gameplay for the first era in Cartoon Survivor, the Jurassic Season.
  11. We're very close to completing our game. If you would like to know more about Cartoon Survivor then check out this gameplay trailer! 
  12. Hi All,   Its taken us awhile but we have completed our cinematic trailer!!!! We hope to submit our game to Apple by Friday. Until then we would love to know what you think about our trailer or if you have any other questions about Cartoon Survivor.      
  13. We are currently finalising our trailer and hope to launch it next week!   You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on the games progress.
  14. Hey guys,   We are a new mobile games studio from Brisbane, Australia called Spunge Games. In the next few weeks we are launching our debut game Cartoon Survivor.     Cartoon Survivor is an adventure runner with a diagonal twist. It's set in a beautiful vibrant 3D world full of loveable dynamic characters. You must manoeuvre through death defying obstacle courses full of feisty creatures and deadly lava before the dynamite explodes!       The game features a finely-tuned tilt mechanic so the player can intuitively run, jump and glide throughout the levels. The player determines the maximum time they have to complete each level by choosing the length of wick on the dynamite that has been strapped to the main character. Each Episode (level) will pit the character against a hostile environment featuring a number of enemies and traps designed to slow the player’s progress through the level.        We would love to know what you think       About us: Spunge Games is a mobile studio spinning out of, Liquid Animation. Liquid Animation has a 15 year history of creating, developing and producing animated and live action projects for major entertainment studios such as Disney, Warner Bros and Mattel.
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