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  1. sp00kymulder

    Creating a World for a Text/Menu based Life Sim/RPG

    Yeah, I really like the idea of using a single generic Location class. Since each location could have a variable number of sublocations, would using a 'list' to hold sublocations be a good way to solve that? I definitely intend to start small with a single room, and start working my up from there Thanks for the additional replies!
  2. sp00kymulder

    Creating a World for a Text/Menu based Life Sim/RPG

    Oh no, I wasn't point out that you were being hostile, sorry if it came off that way. I didn't want you to think I was by slightly disagreeing with you on a few things. None the less, I appreciate the responses. Apologies for not making it more clear that I was intending to start on the smallest level and work my way up, but you make some good point about the possibilities of maybe having too at some point. I agree with 2 people in different rooms not directly interacting with each other. I guess what I am trying to convey is that eventually I would like to have multiple people other than the player character 'living' in the world doing (or at least simulating) their own lives independent of the player character. Thank you for your clarifications. Your input has given me a few things to think about!
  3. sp00kymulder

    Creating a World for a Text/Menu based Life Sim/RPG

    How have I been impolite in any way? Because I disagreed with his initial statement of 'if you have to ask, it's too complicated'? I asked for clarification of his statements becuase I wasn't sure if I was understanding correctly, and then pointed out where I thought a few things WERE relevant. I think that's an unfair criticism.
  4. sp00kymulder

    Creating a World for a Text/Menu based Life Sim/RPG

    I don't necessarily agree with the notion that because someone has to ask a question about something means it's too complicated for them. How is one supposed to learn anything if that's the case? But that aside, I do plan on stating small, like one room at a time, but I want to structure this in a way that I can build on it, rather than rewrite everything when I am ready to move forward. I am not understanding the next part of your reply. 'Two houses in one city' is relevant because the cities will (hopefully) eventually be filled with more people with their own houses. 'Two rooms in a house' seems relevant because different rooms will serve different functions (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.). Cities will eventually have more than one building (houses, shops, etc.), and ultimately the goal is to have more than one 'city'. Not trying to be difficult or hostile, just having conversation.
  5. I'm trying to learn to code by writing a life sim of sorts, taking on small pieces at a time and wanted to get some input from people regarding staring to build a world. I would like to start of with one city, with a handful of buildings, and some of those buildings with a handful of rooms (like a house, or apartment). Wondering in you guys opinions what would be the most straightforward solution for this for someone with a bigginner to intermediate experience level. I was thinking something like a 'city' class that contains a list of building objects, which in turn contain rooms objects. Would this be simple enough? Sorry for my basic use of terminology, just trying to keep it simple enough that I can still understand it. Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.
  6. sp00kymulder

    Help with Coding Random Loot Generator

    I've been reading up on the decorator pattern, and what you suggested above sounds kind of similar, so that may be a good choice for this.  Thanks for the input!
  7. I'm teaching myself programming by coding video game components because its about the only thing that holds my interest when things get challenging. I have starting planning a simple Diablo style loot generator, but I have a question. If I use XML to store magic prefixes/suffixes and their modifiers, will my weapon class need to have every possible attribute as a field. For example, if prefix 'chilling' adds.bonus cold damage, would bonusColdDamage need to be a part of the weapon class and be set to 0 if not used? I can try to clarify more if needed.
  8. sp00kymulder

    Question on Code Structure

    A someone with slightly more than beginner experience, and being that this will be a mostly text/menu based game that probably wont have an incredible amount of depth, option 1, as Sean suggested, will probably be the safer route for me. Thanks for the inputs!
  9. sp00kymulder

    Question on Code Structure

    Thanks to the both of you for input. Alvaro, just for clarification, are you (and/or the linked article) suggesting to have a class called something like 'SocialInteractions' filled with functions like 'HaveConversation' or 'ShakeHands' and then call that class' functions with the Person objects? Pardon my noobiness, I'm learning as I go. I found that article very interesting by the way.
  10. sp00kymulder

    Question on Code Structure

    I have a question mostly regarding design/structure. I am planning some sort of life/social simulator. Say I have a class called 'Person' which I use the generate the people that populate the game world. If I want to create methods that will take 2 people and make them interact (for example, haveConversation, or something of the sort) is it better to have that method within the 'Person' class, or a separate class used for holding all similar methods like this. Or possibly another option that I am not aware of. Any help/guidance is appreciated!
  11. I'll try to explain best as I can:   I am trying to pass on object between forms. Basically, Form1 is an RPG-like character creation screen that creates a character object. I am trying to pass that object to a second form where you can view a character description in a rich text box. I am getting a 'does not exist in this context' error when i try to access that object. Any solutions?
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