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  1. This is the visual section so I hope talking about the HUD is okay here. It is visual after all. :P   Right now I have the player see other player's names when they have them centered on their cross hair. The way they see it is through a text object on the HUD just below the center of the screen. In that case I like it, but I'm not sure I would like to show interaction that way. I think it would feel like overused space and not very creative. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can show the player that they can interact with something? I was thinking something like BF3 or BF4 where when you walk up to something text will appear in 3D space to show you something, or a simple glowing outline. Any other ideas would be nice to consider.
  2. cdub

    Is buying assets cheating?

    If you look at great games by major game studios, that took a ton of hours to put together. If you try to do everything they did on your own you would be working on it for a long time. If an asset would hold you up forever and isn't really needed to be completely original, put your pre-made asset in there and keep working. You could end up how I felt when working with 3D at first. All motivation was taken out of me. Nothing was getting done with me having to mess around with so many assets being built up from the ground up. I also learned about the benefits of making building blocks instead of whole meshes.
  3. cdub

    Help Selecting a 3D Engine

    This thread might be a little old, but I'd like to point out that Unreal Engine has a really nice framework for networked games. From what I can tell most of the basics are built in. Have a function replicated and there you go, the function works over a network.
  4. cdub

    Unloved colonization

    For government building I would say have one be persistant that changes form to signify the ruling race. If the planet has never been occupied there is no building. If it has been occupied but not anymore, you could have debris on the ground showing neglect. You could customize your building and have it shown on all of your planets.
  5. cdub

    Lore for this alien race

    How about the race has the ability to gather new DNA that makes them stronger and more adaptable etc. Once they have fully integrated the DNA gathered from last season, they go out to other planets and maybe return to the previous planet to see how that species changed. In order to get their DNA they send in forces to collect people by the mass. The forces that they have set up on that planet do experiments with it on themselves. Some of them die trying to adapt to it, the others that live on are taken back to the home planet to integrate the new genetics with the rest of the planet. This forced evolution makes them highly adaptable and smart. They are a force to be reckoned with. As a plot device you could make it so that because they share some genes with X race that the main character is, he takes in some of their DNA using their technology. It gives him blah blah abilities. They consider themselves the apex of the universe, and they are. Everything that we have mastered, they have too and more. They don't consider much of us. Maybe a few sympathizers.
  6. cdub

    Names for a "Death Star"

    I say make three of them and name them Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis. Their names would have a cool meaning to themhttp://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atropos Atropos would be the warship. Lachesis could be the counsel or whoever makes the decisions of war. Clotho could be the main base where soldiers that are not in battle heal or get initiated.
  7. It's pretty cool. I get the impression that you are fighting him while on the run for some reason. Like a high-speed chase-fight. What kind of personality will the boss have?
  8. cdub

    Player Haunting Players

    It is a party game. :) After hearing Rock Band being suggested for every single get together, It seemed like there needs to be more of them. Essentially its not going to be a full game with a campaign story, just a simple game mode or two that can be played with friends. @kseh Do you think that merging the ghost and summoner roles together would be good? Instead of always being a ghost or a regular person, have one that can switch between them. You can only stay in your invisible ghost form for so long and can be killed while human. I'm still thinking about what should be done with the gun, or if something else should be used.
  9. cdub

    Player Haunting Players

    The summoner's job is to work with the ghost by basically keeping with the group and trying to not make his status obvious. He also can't pick up the gun. Picking it up would also have to be done intentionally by the regular players too (no just walking over it) to avoid the "he walked over it and didn't pick it up!" kind of thing. As far as the end game goes I imagine the summoner would be toast if he was discovered. :P He would need to hide and probably need the ghost to give him cover until they figure out what to do. I haven't really thought of something for the players to do in the first game mode. In the second one there could be some randomized objective that they have to traverse the map for while being stalked. I'll have to think of something for them to do.
  10. Hey everyone. I have been working out some ideas for a game and wanted to know what people think of it. The whole game revolves around one player playing as an intangible, invisable ghost that haunts the other live players. He would have access to powers you see in movies like flickering lights, locking doors, appearing in reflections only (if I can figure out how to do that) in order to scare or isolate one of the group. He would also be able to do more leathal moves like dropping one of them dead, turning one into an inanimate object, shrinking one to inches in size (not lethal, but sounded funny lol). The game would flow like this. Without a group of about 7 in-game, 1 is randomly picked to be the ghost, and another is picked to be the slave/summoner. The rest will be ordinary people. The ghost's job is to pick off members of the group until they are gone, but he can only really kill those who are close to his summoner. The other player's job is to find out who has been present for all these deaths and kill that person before they are all dead. There is only one gun between the players. It hinges on social interations for the gameplay flow. There are a few things that I am not really sure about. 1. Should the ghost have a summoner and be limited by him? Would it play out so good? 2. If there is a summoner, would killing him be a good objective? Should there be another? Another alternative I thought of is having all the players work together against the ghost. It starts out by about the same size group entering some area that they can't leave. One person has a phone-camera that they hold up to their face to see dust/stuff of where the ghost is standing. It can't stand out too much; I would want the player to have to feel some pressure to keep a look out. Taking a picture of that dust reveals the ghost for a little while allowing the person with the gun to shoot him. The ghost has pretty much the same powers as before but isn't limited to a summoner. The other players just need to not die and pick up the gun/camera when one of the others die. Is one of these ideas infinitly better than the other and the other shouldn't be in the same game, or are both of them good enough to be developed.
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