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    Python 2 or Python 3

    Damn, I started learning Python 2 because I heard people still use it. Haha Though I learned Python 2 and moving on to Python 3 and there are minimal differences, still somewhat the same so just go Python 3 to lessen the hassle of learning two different versions of 1 language. :D
  2. Shrak

    Need help choosing a language

    I have a follow up question to myself however, what's the difference between C# and C++?
  3. Shrak

    Need help choosing a language

    First of, I want to say thank you for all your replies. It were all insightful. I'm leaning towards C# as of now then slowly moving to C++. Then seeing what more I can do with Python as there are also game engines that run through Python. I really appreciate all the responses, and I hope C# doesn't kill me. Hahaha.   I actually used Turbo C in one of my Computer Classes back in first year I think. But I realized after looking at C++ code that I learned plain C then haha, hopefully they're somewhat related so that I wouldn't have such a culture shock.   I'm still torn between going the harder path of C++ or going C# and gradually moving to C++ though.
  4. Hey, I'm 17 and about to enter College, I took a Computer Science Course and I'm really interested in it.   I've been interested in learning how to create games but I'm not sure which program is best. Some say Unity is best but some say C# is too difficult to learn and C++ is the way to go. I've touched on Python earlier this year and it was easy to grasp but I heard you can't do much there. I heard too that for Android App making it would be Java, and I wish to do that too but probably after I learn C++/C#/Python or whichever is best.   Which programming language would be the best to pursue?   Thank you :)
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