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    [FREE] Hand-Painted Fountain

    Free low poly hand-painted fountain, a plane mesh for water is included.   Link to Asset Store   The fountain is a game ready prefab with a 1024x1024 diffuse texture map in .PNG format. Polygon count: 16 - 1630 Meshes: 3 (including collision meshes) Prefabs: 1   [sketchfab]e5dc1c6c9b4a479cbed8d361468e8d74[/sketchfab]   [attachment=28268:Fountain_Screen_01.png]
  2. PeterSchuster

    Brazier Set

    A pack of three unique hand-painted braziers, lit and unlit.   Link to Asset Store The braziers are game ready prefabs, each of them with a 512x512 diffuse texture map in .PNG format. Polygon count: 672 - 1380 Meshes: 8 (including collision meshes) Prefabs: 8   [sketchfab]ceecd4e529514a098cc009da1729eef3[/sketchfab] [attachment=27585:Brazier_Scr_01.png] [attachment=27586:Brazier_Scr_02.png] [attachment=27587:Brazier_Scr_03.png] [attachment=27588:Brazier_Scr_04.png]
  3. PeterSchuster

    Minigolf Graphics Pack

    Update 1.2 is available! - Separated holes from tracks - Added more course parts - Added new flags Link to Asset Store
  4. PeterSchuster

    Minigolf Graphics Pack

    Update 1.1 with 14 more course parts and 3 tileable ground textures is out now: Link to Asset Store There is also a preview available at Sketchfab now:   [sketchfab]34a4d1bd510042dd99aa94d2cd872cc0[/sketchfab]
  5. PeterSchuster

    Minigolf Graphics Pack

  6. PeterSchuster

    Minigolf Graphics Pack

    Hi, I would like to introduce my new released Asset, the Minigolf Graphics Pack! Link to Asset Store Create your own minigolf courses with modular course parts, obstacles, golf balls and backgrounds. - 50 modular course parts (in 3 different skins) - 11 obstacles - 10 golf balls - 12 background images (at 1280x800) - 3 tileable ground textures - 3 flags The course parts, obstacles, flags and golf balls are game ready prefabs, all of them on a single 512x512 diffuse texture map in .PNG format. Polygon count: 12 - 826 Meshes: 306 (including collision meshes) Prefabs: 196   [sketchfab]34a4d1bd510042dd99aa94d2cd872cc0[/sketchfab]   [attachment=26674:MinigolfScreenshot_01.png]   [attachment=26675:MinigolfScreenshot_02.png]   [attachment=26676:MinigolfScreenshot_03.png]   [attachment=26677:MinigolfScreenshot_04.png]   [attachment=26678:MinigolfScreenshot_05.png]
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