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  1. Update: On Win 8 I can allocate only about 4BG for textures but for vertex buffers I can allocate about 8GB. Is that possible that driver have internal limits for data types (textures, buffers, etc)?
  2. Hi cephalo, Thanks for tip. But I'm sure both are using Titan. I see it on my diagnosing tools.
  3. Thanks MxADD for tips. I'll try this with D3D9Ex device.   The strange in this issue is that on Windows 7 it works ok. But on Win 8, when I allocate texture by D3DXCreateTextureFromFileExW() , I get D3DERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY about 4G.
  4. Yes. It is 64bit app. Any other reason why texture allocation fails even on GPU is still available memory?
  5. I have simple DirectX 9.0c desktop application which load 10 huge textures (8192x8192 and 16384x16384). I run in on ASUS GTX TITAN 12 GB.   On Windows 7 it runs ok and correctly allocates 7GB, but the same application on Windows 8.1 stops allocation texture memory at about 4GB.   1. Do you have any idea what could be a reason of this limit? 2. Are there any differences regarding to GPU memory allocation between Windows 7 and Windows 8?   Thanks for any tips, Brzegu
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