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    How to protect the idea?

    Nono, I'm not seeking to copyright the game itself, I'm seeking to copyright the features, the mechanic. Sure, anybody can make a game with space ships shooting each other, but nobody else should copy a mechanic that is completely different that everybody else's.
  2. BigBadBeef

    How to protect the idea?

    As Mr. "Servant of the Lord" pointed out, one can sue the crap out of that company, that particular fact I am already familiar with, but how do I secure the data itself to make it admissible in court? Time stamps can be easily falsified and it can be difficult prove the "me first" claim!   You see, that's why I was asking a general question about options in this case, it is difficult in my country to get digital data to become admissible.
  3. So, here's the deal, I've got an idea, and I want to protect it. By that, I am not talking about piracy protection, more like content protection.   Say there's a hypothetical scenario, a fiend hacks into my files and steals that which I plan to put into development, and that thing finds its way into big bucks publishing house and they end up hoarding million for something whose concept I conceived... how can I protect myself from such a scenario outside of making a patent, it being under lock and key?
  4. Like giving new toys to a baby!
  5. I've been going over the C#, and it seems like Visual studio has changed quite a bit since last I used it, in the old days it was like typing in the notepad, now it appears to manage the code quite smartly, it reports errors before even trying to run it.   What is that feeling called, the one opposite from nostalgia?
  6. Hey, they don't call me beef for a reason. I like butting heads with people and I'm as tough as a raw steak! Ask the guy whose teeth they still haven't finished replacing after 12 years!   youngin? LOL!   I am not "THAT" young, we started off in Intel x86 assembler... in hex! First grade of programming school was never more than a few lessons a week, because after the schooling hour was over, it felt the worst migraine ever... while being butt-f***ed with a barbed wire-wrapped dildo at the same time.   What was even worse that the teacher was more interested in the consistency of squirrel droppings under school-yard acorn tree than delivering knowledge to us in the most consistent manner possible.   Fortunately what made school bearable was our biology teacher... she was young, cute... and interested...   I almost had her, if only the damn geek didn't barge in 10 minutes after class was dismissed, asking for "homework clarification". I swear the sick, evil bastard was on to me and did that on purpose, I saw him smurking outside hall later... it was like the whole thing was from a damn movie or something!   #EHEM#   So no, not defensive, confrontational!
  7. This is not about nitpicking braindigitalis! I am here because I want to make a game because those sh***ty publishers ignored me and learn game design at the same time. I have chosen C# as the language because I have some knowledge of it beforehand.   Stage 1 of whatever I'm going to do is a proof of concept, which means whip something together to prove that it can be done this way, it doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be exactly what I'm looking for, I can always use C# to do it manually for whatever feature might not be in the shortcuts the community is proposing.   Now I suggest you stop nitpicking and we return to the matter at hand - which is the question of which of the engines would be best suited for the task of contructing a 2D naval battle RTS with a top-down view and completely new unit control which (to my knowledge) hasn't been attempted before.   As soon as I come up to speed with my knowledge of C#, I will review some tutorials for each of the engines proposed here. The question is - is there anything you would like to divert my attention towards?
  8. Well I don't have the money for them, otherwise I would have gone to classes and this topic would have no reason to exist.
  9. Okay, lets say you have a "go scout somewhere" button on screen. Which of the 2 engines will allow me to more easily code: 1) The AI automatically selecting the most suitable unit (or units, depending on designated area size and/if the character has enough skill for it) for the task, 2) Guiding the unit completely automatically until the LOS of the unit has covered every nook and cranny in the designated area at least once, 3) Run away if there is massive enemy presence, 4) Fight other scouts if they are there, 5) Do all of the above that is dependant on: A) Unit's particular skills and B) Character skills and perks
  10. So then, the only thing to work out is to decide between MonoGame or Unity... hmmmm....
  11. Its not just about the AI, its also about unit control - I intend to do away with that old "select that unit - move it there" mechanic.   By the way, does MonoGame have advanced features such as Shading?
  12. I have decided the following: Since this will not only be my first project, but also proof of concept, I will make a top-down 2D strategy game, because simply, for a proof of concept, there is really no need to make a fuss about it. And it will also save me some coding as I will only have a 2D grid to work with and not a 3D one.   Because this is my first project, I will chop up the features of the planned game into standalone components and will implement those into a planned game later, but only after I've mastered every individual component.   Considering all these factors now, do you still recommend I go for the unity engine on this one? Mind you that the emphasis on this game will a completely different approach towards unit control! Doing the AI will be completely manual! As will be the controls for the AI!
  13. Look, my entire commenting section is dependant on the fact that we're talking on the same page here. I may not have the most recent programming knowledge, but would it not be logical to assume that since I came from programming school, that I've done this stuff before? I assumed you know all this.   We've literally done space invaders in turbo pascal before in school, it really is a matter of just learning code, syntax, not algorithms themselves. How best to approach this matter is another thing.   I also feel that since I'll be practising, I might as well do it on piece of what I'm planning itself. I feel like getting some triangles to manuever like boats and shoot dots at each other is a good place to continue my forehand knowledge. That graphics thing can come later.   To be honest, I would have gone to specialized language courses, but unfortunately I wasn't able to toss together the money for professional education. I might not get it on a piece of paper, but I am determined to know nonetheless and get it done. My country is so backwards that even I am seen as some woodoo mumbo jumbo computer wizard and because of that educators feel they have a right to rip us off with professional courses, but I digress...   I have taken seriously everything that has been said here and will consider my options carefully before proceeding... I mean it!   In the meantime I'm brushing up on the C# code.
  14.   I hate to tell you this, but if your step 1 is build a "simple" RTS, and Step 2 is Build a full 3D strategy game. Then you are very much under a grandiose delusion. Especially If your entire C# skillset is the last few months of school.   Here's what you do. Take your current cool game idea and put it off to the side. It's far too big and far too complicated to start with. Instead start working on very simple and well understood gaming concepts. Take a look at this article. It tells you which games you should start out with and why.   http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/your-first-step-to-game-development-starts-here-r2976   - Eck     You know, what you've done here is just plain rude. You have snapped right at me without even bothering to read the continuation of this topic or anything else that would have been said here - I will not dignify it with a direct response, for crying out loud, its right in the next paragraph from the quote you pulled on me!
  15. Eh the animation will be very simple, We're just talking about ships here, with guns, moving in a ship-like fashion, guns rotate, Turrets have recoil, and that's about regarding animations really... except maybe water, but that's an entirely different thing. Even the graphics will be simplified, cartoony...   Most of the work I'll be doing on the interface for controlling units. I intend to totally do away with traditional unit control and throw a lot into the AI. There will be XP ranks that determine how smartly the AI will act... but I will not get any further into that.   If you ever played some of the early settlers games, then you know what I'm talking about. Imagine that building and resource mechanic but also unit control translated into a similar fashion.
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