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  1. Give MeisterTask a try. I am using it for a 3-people project, it has very nice usability so far. It launched a few weeks ago and has a free plan. In case you use mind maps for brainstorming, it integrates with the company's mind mapping tool, nice if your team is not in one place.   IMHO, while tools like JIRA are nice for larger-scale teams (used it at my last employer with 300+ people), smaller and easy-to-use tools are better suited for small teams.
  2. If you like to see results quickly to keep you motivated, you can also try frameworks like Unity or Unreal Engine. They both have a free/personal license and have very easy to follow beginner tutorials that let you create a small game in a few hours to break down a few mental walls. But keep in mind, while they both do a lot of work for you "under the hood", you will still need to learn how to program. If you have never really programmed before, doing smaller learning programs might help you more than starting out with a game as your first project.   On "which language to pick" - find the one that suits YOU the best. Learn the basics in any one - the basic logical concepts are similar in most programming languages -, then try a few (C++, Python, C#, Java, to name a few) and find your favourite. If you get annoyed by the language you are using, you are using the wrong one.
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