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    Working for a startup.

      As the co-founder and CEO of a startup I have a different perspective.  The decisioning process is similar, but the risks are even greater.   I took the time to break up your post to get to the heart of the issue.  This is not prescriptive and the answers for me are not the answers for you.   However, this is how I would approach each of these items.   1)  That's life.  It happens.  Roll with the changes and be flattered you have options. 2) Ok, good background.  Employment should never be an issue unless you're in Antartica. 3) Excellent.  They must think a lot of you and have a need for your services.  Questions to ask:  Have they been funded?  How much?  What is the vision for the business?  Do you participate in equity, ownership, etc.?  Is there an end game beyond a product development roadmap?  You get the idea. 4) Excellent.  Great to have two options.  The salary should be higher than the startup, especially if you get equity compensation.  Is there bonus options, other upside, opportunities to learn. (by the way, you will probably learn more at the start up).  Stability means dependable compensation and benefits.  However, just like in the startup, you can still be out of a job if they kill a project or if a product doesn't work out.  What assurances do you have that they will keep you on and there is reduced termination risk? 5) Not an issue.  You can work with either.  You haven't said that you can't or can.  If you need to learn, I'm guessing you will. 6) Kids and family are part of life.  It is a consideration, not a limiting factor.  You are your kids hero, they will still love you and you will be their role model.  You are teaching them about life.  What advice would you give them? 7) Just because you work in a startup doesn't mean you can't have work/life balance.  It depends on the stage, the staffing, your role, funding, etc.  It's up to you to create the work/life balance.  How - you shut it off at a specific time by creating boundaries.  Stop working at 5pm or 6pm, working from home, working late at night when needed.  You do what you need to do to create balance.  Is it always possible? NO.  Not even when working for an established company.  And sometimes, they expect more and appreciate you less. 8) Good to know.  Loving what you do is important. 9) If you have already convinced yourself it isn't going to work, then it probably isn't.  By the way, that's why you typically get paid more from an exit, if you get equity (of course the stars need to align) to compensate for the additional risk. 10) Why are you asking a bunch of people in a forum, and for that matter, why am I answering you.  Because you don't know any where else to go where people will understand.  Trust me.  Very few people understand.  When I get the chance to talk to another founder, I take it.   In summary - two thoughts.  1)  Trust yourself.  You know what to do.   2)  Even a boat that never leaves the harbor eventually rots.
  2. We recently were a Sponsor and attendee at MGF Seattle this past week.   In preparation, a Case Study was completed that profiled two apps, Mortal Kombat X vs Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games.     We looked at the devices that each app is installed on to get a better understanding of the average user of each, and completed a brief competitive analysis, looking at Growth Rates of Retained Users, Apps that appear together, Apps per device, User Profile and many others.   This was prepared to highlight data that can empower a developer to grow his business, get new ideas and understand their users in ways that are beyond a typical analytics tool.   Attached is a copy of the study. It is being made available here at no charge.  It was comprised of first party data collected from devices that use our technology on an opt in basis only.  There is no PII (Personally Identifiable Information).   The material is copyrighted and owned by Shared2you, Inc.  It can not be used for commercial purposes or re-used without our permission.   If you have questions, or would like to know how to obtain this type of information for your apps (iOS and Android), please reach out through GameDev.Net with your contact information including email, and information regarding your app(s).     Happy Reading - [attachment=29451:MGF Seattle - Kill or Be Killed - Dumb Ways vs Mortal Kombat.pdf]   Brett Bauer Co-founder and CEO Shared2you, Inc.
  3. brettbauer1

    Game Development Ideas

      Hi Tom,   Thanks for the questions.  I'll do my best to address all your questions here.  If you have other questions or require clarification, please let me know.   Background-   We developed technology that collects information about apps that are installed and uninstalled from a mobile device. We do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII). We have adapted the technology to an SDK for other developers to use and obtain a deeper understanding of their users.  We have been monitoring ifs use for over a year and have found no bugs or performance issues.   Graph –   Since we collect information regarding the apps from all devices with our technology, we wanted to see if we could identify the next, hot app like Clash of Clans or Flappy Bird.   One of the larger questions we wanted to answer at the same time was to identify Apps whose retained users were accelerating at a very high rate, Apps whose growth rate was stagnating and Apps where the user base was declining.   The graph measures the percentage change in app counts from the universe of iOS apps in our database from February 5 to July 19, 2015.   This specific graphic uses the beginning and ending values for each app and calculates the percentage rate.   Yik Yak-   We are comparing the percentage change from the universe of apps in our database.  We used the daily counts of all the apps from each device in the database for each day during the period.   The Y axis is the change in daily count measured as a percentage and the X axis is the time frame.   Summary -    I was speaking with one of the developers who has integrated the SDK into a number of his apps and have been sharing data with him regarding his users to help him learn and to help us acquire a better job of understanding.   We are interested in identifying indie developers who want to know about the other games (and apps) that appear on their users devices.   We are willing to provide access to some of the insights we get as well as some of the data to the individuals who install the SDK.   We are happy to provide enlightenment to app developers.   On a very personal note, I have been learning to code as I would like to create a couple games.  I have been teaching myself what I need to know, but the more I know, the less I know.   Thanks.   Brett
  4. brettbauer1

    Game Development Ideas

      Great to know.   I apologize for posting it in the wrong section.  I am careful to post, and not clear.  In the future if I have a question, I will ask for guidance.   See my response to the post from Tom Sloper, for a detailed explanation of the graph.   Brett
  5. brettbauer1

    Game Development Ideas

    Would it be helpful if there was a way to identify potentially HOT new games (or other apps) before they become obvious to the rest of the world?   Would it help to be able to see them within the last day, three days, 1 week, and 30 days?   Would this help to come up with ideas for new projects.   Let me know your thoughts and we can see about making some data available to GameDev.net users.   Thanks.   Brett   [attachment=28870:Daily App Counts - Change in Count less than 6 months.png]
  6.   Thanks.   I have been coding the last two nights - a couple hours each.  Decided to go with the  Android IDE and come convert other project later for revisions.  Thought it would be easier to learn on one, and I liked what I was seeing about the way A IDE tracked code changes vs Eclipse.  That pushed me towards A IDE.  Going to finish the sample app. got it to run on one my phones easily - although problems while trying to use Emulator.   Think before I dive into a game, I will download one and take it apart and put it back together.  Kind of like building engines when I was younger...   Will look up blueshogan92 with questions.   Thanks again.   BB
  7.   Thanks.  Do you know when Google is planning to cease support for Eclipse?     We used it to develop our first apps, so part of the goal in developing the game apps was to acquire familiarity while building a couple games, and then go back and take a crack at making some revisions to the app.  Updating, adding new features, etc.   Is the Android IDE build experience the same?  What about an app that was created in Eclipse?  Would it make more sense to continue in Eclipse to do the updating, then once that is done, flip everything to a new one like Android IDE?   Thanks.
  8.   Thanks for the advice.  That is how I have been learning so far, trial by fire...
  9. Hi All,     I'm new here and looking for guidance and advice.   First, I co-founded an app development company a couple years ago, became the CEO and have been building the team, raising capital, all the fun stuff...  My experience has always been on the business side.  We had the good fortune to meet lots of great app developers as a result.   We learned that most app developers struggle with three things - 1) being heard from in all the noise of the overcrowded app stores; 2) an understanding of the other apps their users have, and; 3) identifying profitable users and finding more.   In the process of building our business we learned about these things. If anyone has questions, I'll be happy to offer advice or make available some of the tools we have used or developed.   Second, in the past six months to nine months I have been starting to learn to code.  Real basic stuff like server commands, basic web, etc.  Not a pro, probably not even considered amateur at this point.    I want to develop a game.  Something simple like a board game, simple strategy, two player, some AI, etc. Looked at Unity, Cocos, XCode and others.  Finally ended up choosing Eclipse.  (using an iMac and MacBook pro).  Am using the tutorials in Eclipse to get going?  Android first, then will move it over to iOS.   Any advice on best way to get started?  Creating simple graphics, best tools, etc.   Would like to complete this and take on something a bit harder.     Thanks,   Brett
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