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    ISO simple combat system DEF,STR only

        normally its clamped to prevent the negative. Also, there is no MISS so to speak. YOu do damage at all times. the difference is, since mobs are a little stronger/level I took away their defense. Was looking at anyone that has something along the same lines similar...
  2. I've seen some solutions around the net and here, but they were sparse or they implements stats I am not using (hit/miss %, armor, weapon skil magic, etc..) looking for the following criteria 1. uses only def/str only2. each attack does damage (there is no miss)this is a simple game - so do not need a crazy detailed system. currently, I found one from a long time ago: while it sorta works. looking for a fwe more ideas. Strength/2 + Rand(0, Strength/2 -1) - Opponent Defense (BBS: L.O.R.D.) thank you for any suggestions
  3. Klyxmaster

    Magic vs Melee Mayhem

    OOOOOO, very good points. I did forget about that Yes D&D was my first game (the red paper back -not the AD&D, didnt care for those - I like the simple fantasy, not the complex IRL stuff). However, it is game design that changes the caster vs melee fighter. squishy yes, but lack of power - not likely, I think both the caster and warrior can dish out similar damage depending on game design, however, you are right, I think to balance the game out, you would have to do the old fashion "lots-of-damage-squishy, vs little-damage-not-so-squishy" But even in fantasy, it is a given that warriors are flat out damage dealers (conan?), they could in theory, loin cloth only, and maybe a buff, avoid some of the serious damage of a caster - but now I'm splitting hairs. lol   Good catch on the AC aspect.
  4. Klyxmaster

    Magic vs Melee Mayhem

    Long description aside, I think Authentic Owl hit it on the head. "FLAVOR" As I am referring to a simple melee, magic scenario, range would not make much difference (I could have said why would one chose a "ranger" vs a "mage" for ranged damage if the arrow,bolt etc.. does the same damage as the spell in quesiton (fireball)   Again, this may be in the wrong thread, but I am trying to understand the game designe concept when it comes to fantasy games. Why make a game with a multitude of "classes" if the varied damage is negligable. If they all do - lets say 1d6 damage at level 1 spell, dagger or (bad)sword, what is the point of making multiple classes.   Your comment about the complexity of the game is intersting as well. and unarmed man vs a competant swordsman, could - skll providing - over take the swordsman. Even though they both do essentially the same amount of damage (monk? martial artist?).   So I wonder, what do you guys think about deviating away from the age-old "experience" method for the more attribute leveling (much like skyrim, or Final Fantasy II). Where you are only as good as what you work with? What to be able to take more damage - get hit more, cast bettter spells, work on your casting etc..   how does these stats sound for a "raw" character - no class selection: constitution : higher = more hp (this in effect IS the hp) cast skill melee skill ranged skill etc...   I think this negates the need for "flavor" of choosing a class, since most classes will DPS about equal (at max level). anyone see anything wrong with this - mind you, I am tinkering with the idea of a simple VERY SIMPLE board game combat mechanics, not a full fledge RPG.
  5. Klyxmaster

    Magic vs Melee Mayhem

    The following referes to SOLO game play designs   I hope I have this in the correct thread, could be any I guess. I was working on a board/digital game, and hammering out the details, and came across a stumper. The more I thought about it, the more of an enigma it became with ALL game (fantasy )   Magic Vs Melee   If I create a caster that base spell is a fireball and it does say 20pts of damage and a warrior that with basic weapon that does 20pts of damage, what is the point of the 2 classes (this applies to all other classes as well that do damage - rogue back stab 20pts of damage etc..)?   Then I thought, OK, balance it out - maybe some mobs are not as suseptable to magic (or melee). But then that makes the game unbalanced.   One solution is to make a hybrid class that can do both. but the answer still remains about each class   So question remains,   Why would a player make a caster vs melee, if they are both doing the same damage?   thanks for any feedback    
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