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  1. I frequent things like unreal, and unity. I have this problem that i need to solve,  in which a character, standing near either a vertical plane or a small railing, which supposed to part of the arena, will detect edges/planes nearest to it. The character does not need to be facing these points of interest, as long as they are within a certain proximity to it. the priority is of course, the character's angle of view. My problem so far is because vertical plane is part of larger structure, an arch or maybe a giant rocks with girdles on it. Or since the railing is a long piece of surface, it is hard to take the nearest point on the edge of the railing to be marked. Either i am thinking it wrong, or there's a formula to solve this. I hope to discuss this rather than a straight answer.
  2. sinnelius

    Looking for game engine

    Nevermind, let's ask the question.  What is the learning curve for Unreal engine? How long does it take an average person to get proficient with the engine? i know there's an online documentation so far.
  3. Looking for code snippets of Vulkan, like orbit mouse cam and such... Can't find any of it since it is kinda new. thought i can learn a thing or two from it.... Basically a simple camera flow/movement in an fbx model... Help?
  4. sinnelius

    Looking for game engine

    Despite your objections, Unreal is still your best choice.   Let's look at your objections: "apparently i need something lightweight"  - Define light weight. UE4 can bake a game down into a very lean CPU, GPU and hardware footprint. Performance has never been a problem in UE4. "Unreal uses different algorhytm to render its mesh." - in 99 out of 100 cases, how the sausage is made on the backend is irrelevant. "I want hand painted 3d." - This is entirely possible in UE4. You can achieve this very nicely with materials. There are plenty of stylized demos which show how to do this. "To do it in unreal would be reengineering the whole system." - What are you talking about? The whole point of using a game engine is so that you don't have to reengineer anything. I think this is a flawed assumption and you'd need to elaborate a lot more to justify this. "And high quality games is not something i can do alone." - I'm glad you're thinking about building a high quality game. I would hope that high quality is a standard you look for regardless of what game engine you choose. But, I think when we say "high quality", we might be talking about different definitions of the term. You may mean "visual quality" and I mean "stable, functional, bug free". "Also it's lacking a splash screen" - Other unreal developers have placed a splash screen in their game. See Eve:Valkyrie. Regardless, this shouldn't be your primary deciding factor on what game engine to use. "I am tempted to use blender" - Blender is not a game engine, it's a 3D rendering program. "What if you want to move it to mobile?" - this is a good question and worth looking into if you're design calls for it. Decide this before building your game. Both UE4 and Unity support mobile development, but you'll want to explore the range of features they both offer before making a decision on one engine over another.     The most important questions you aren't asking: 1. Myself or my team has a programming skill at X level, what is the best engine to support our programming skill level? 2. What is the learning curve for each engine? How long does it take an average person to get proficient with the engine? What kind of online documentation is available?      I really like your quotations and was attempting to return it the same way. But yeah, let's list it then: 1. Yeah, i'm too stupid but i want to understand this lean "CPU, GPU hardware print." Baking took awhile and it creates something about 300 MB.  Also everytime i need to build "shaders" it takes too long. I just want to render flat shaders, like handpainted textures, and it always goes back and render like 100 thing in the background. And i could never get flat shaders from it, and the forum gave me no solution. 2. Clearly. it's not a sausage machine. it's a cow butchering, meat refinery factory. See answer one again.  3. it's not stylized. Basicaly i'm removing everything from lightmass, shadows, motionblur into raw stuff, just texture and mesh. 4. again, it's an answer i found somewhere, that flat shading is not supported in unreal. 5. cheers. I think unreal is solid too. Stable, but man, it's heavy in visual. I want it stable and lean, and unity can provide it much faster than unreal in blueprint and cpp. What a shame since i still can't find the solution to strip it all. 6. i am glad that it's lacking splashscreen. Clarification: since unity needs you to pay for pro to remove splashscreen.  7. blender game engine is out of the question for now. What i meant is that since python library needs to be reinstalled everytime the runtime is created. but that's an entire different story. But i suppose all these counter argument of mine is just making it all messy. I want to use Unreal, but apparently it keeps going on' Building shaders(100 something)' and i can't get it to make simpler games. i have like zero programming skill and to wait until i am "proficient", will i even get to ship a game?  That's the question.
  5. sinnelius

    Looking for game engine

    "Why not Unreal", apparently i need something lightweight. Unreal uses different algorhytm to render its mesh. I want hand painted 3d. To do it in unreal would be reengineering the whole system. And high quality games is not something i can do alone. Unity, almost has it, in terms of simple rendering... but some things only the Unreal has it. Particularly this "ClosestPointonMesh" node. Let's you find nearest mesh in collision and its normal without exactly "colliding" on it. Also it's lacking a splash screen, unlike unity.  I don't exactly have all the funds. I am tempted to use blender...but it's runtime has this... Console. And it's ask you to install the entire python library instead of simple binary... is it common?  What if you want to move it to mobile?
  6. Hello, I am an artist asking something very very common. I am looking for a 3rd person action game engine, with several features. I can't quite find it in unity even after browsing the entire asset store, or even going through unreal. What i need is something middle class, right in the middle. about PSP or PS3 class kind of system. i know about C# and can code basic collision methods. Features i need: -ready for 3rd person action game, camera and control input -uses flat rendering. -with GJK or OCTREE, capsule collision, concave mesh collider -Drag and drop GUI and splash screen -IDE of its own -ready math operations, spline, quaternions, vector3s - simple physics detections -import FBX animation and blendshape It should be something like PPSPP, but ready for standalone game... Any ideas? I have browsed many enough of game engine...found nothing similar...  
  7. sinnelius

    Vulkan FBX runner with inputs

    Thanks, i'll be going for GLSL then. What are the libraries required for it then? UI, animation, texturing, effets, math... i found glibmath and several others... but i can't find good one for physics.  
  8. sinnelius

    wall/contact point detection

    Need a way to detect wall collison approximate without actually colliding? somewhat like a radial radar to detect any nearest wall, and then push maybe AABB, sweeptest or raycasts, and the filter for the nearest contact point. I tried some solutions like brute forcing through every single triangle in unity, or implementing GJK, so i understand some concept... but the solution isnt exactly cheap on the runtime, and i have reference from PSP titles that the concept can be achieved with less and higher precision. Any ideas? i may need the right mathemathical algorythm or terms to even begin seeing whats the solution....
  9. I have several FBX animation with ready clips. I want to write an application with inputs, like games, directly going into runtime with debug. where it'll animate based on my inputs. Maybe also camera movement with mouse.... and image processing like GUI made of pngs  and flat texture with transparency channel.  Where should i start learning? I know Cpp and Csharp.  But the new Vulkan is kinda, distracting.  I'm also learning how to do GLSL via Nehe.
  10. I see... I will do that. Thanks!
  11. Developing a simple wallrun/parkour game what i need is rather ...deceptively simple. Its based on several old game titles. I uses, Unity, Unreal, and could find nothing alike. I hope  i am describing this correctly: 1. character is in a set world position, near it is several meshes/ collider units, not convex definitely 2. upon a set distance radius of it, not colliding directly, the character acquires the meshes' angle, and anything that is not 'ground' about 120 degree or less than 90 degree, (very steep wall or ledge, or a sharp valley) is considered "climbable". 3.from there, character either shoots ray, or a sweeptest to it, to acquire the hit and normal of that plane: so if the plane is a short , descending ledge, like... stairs railing made of flat polygon, it will acquire hit point somewhere on the top most of that stairs handle, if the plane is large, than the max is clamped on the character height. 4. then, sort out the smallest distance, and the nearest is the point where character can jump to and climb.   I understand this topic is less of the climbing but more of the edge acquisition,  but this is the core foundation and its been driving me nuts. I tried things like BSPtree, but everytime i bruteforce it in unity, it gets so heavy during runtime. I'm making something like PPSPP quality so it has to be lightweight, and using a psp game as comparison, this game must not run heavier than it with the  same asset quality.  Thoughts? I'm browsing through several engines too other than Unity and Unreal, openframeworks and polycode maybe... so this solution better be universal of sorts.... I'll put some visual examples next time.      
  12. sinnelius

    3d game library?

      ?Yeah, Norman, i'm not exactly very well educated with dx...wrapper? glue code? I'm developing for my first portofolio, so it'll be in PC first. I hope it runs backwards compatible, so i want the graphic to stay sharp and crisp than over-the-top. Thing is, i am more of an animator, artist of sort. I know scale things large. I can animate. My thought process for my game loop is all animations->assign states->physics + vector direction acquisition->inputs and play So in summary is, not being lazy or anything since i am still going through engines, even open source like allegro or delta3d... What i need is an engine/library that -runs on pc -can build its own solution and exe (CMAKE or OpenCV seems like interesting) -preferablly C++, or C#, anything but python, since compiling blender game engine runtime summons a fat chunk of python library about 100MB or so along with the game (not sure if this is one time or for every games, need confirmation) -uses FBX. animation clip and modelling, again, not blender, since it exposes its .blend file and i don't like it exposed.(need confirmation) -able to recreate unique bin package or extension names like .gmo or .pak I'll be running something like 1500 tris or so per character, a 20000 or so for the environment. Basically like PPSPP. The key to all these are more about, generating particular shader and mathemathic solutions, in a lightweight game engine/3d library... something about physics and intersection.  Unity was good but, its costly bits, and i've browsed its entire collection and find nothing i want.  Unreal almost got it, with great support, but its just heavy and i cannot build anything now suddenly. Thoughts?
  13. Amazing Tom! Nothing exactly new on the high level explanations, but i seem to find the diagram fitting and all compile well  with the right descriptions! But then, if only i can find like, specific 3d math from a particular game title...
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