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  1. I have done CAD modeling before and I was wondering what kind of modeling blender uses.
  2. I have done some CAD modeling in the past, and I was wondering what other 3D modeling standards are out there.
  3. Yomitht

    Game Programming

    I may get laughed at for this one, but a good way to learn the basics of programming is a tool called Scratch. Its designed to teach children to program computers through an intuitive visual programming style using "blocks" of code that are stacked together. Although most of its users are junior high and high school aged, many professional programmers use it on the side as a kind of hobby. If your looking to learn the basic conventions of programming, https://scratch.mit.edu/ is a good place to begin.
  4. Its not that I don't know any computer programming. In fact, I have learned multiple languages already. The issue is that I don't know how to apply my programming skills properly because I am unfamiliar with the available algorithms. That being said, you have a great way of putting the feeling of power you get from programming.
  5. Where can I go to learn about the various computer techniques that can be used for game design?  I have been studying game design for a while now so that when I get out of high school I can get an edge on things, and i have noticed a lot of talk about very advanced sounding kinds of data structures, data sorting, and the pros and cons of each of them. I want to know more about the conventions of computer tech, so that I can better program my games. Were can I look for that sort of information? Should I just Google the terms as I come across them, or are there specific sources I can go to for in-depth study?
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