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  1. Courtesy of Renaissance Coders, a long-term game jam will be running for the month of July. Use any platform you want - Unity, Unreal, GameMaker, etc.. Heck, use arduino if you can pull it off. Games will be judged on: •How fun the game is •How well the game adheres to the theme •How creative the design is Learn more about this game jam here:
  2. In this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn what it takes to build Flappy Bird from scratch. You will be walked through the entire development process in Unity3D, and be introduced to resources like Gimp, Bfxr, and flaticon.com. You will learn about art creation, UI placement for multiple screen resolutions, 2D physics, triggers, layers, parallaxing, object pooling, audio, and other miscellaneous topics. If you have an Android device, you can download it from the Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rc.TappyBird So, if you are interested in learning quick prototyping mixed with efficient programing techniques in a simple game, check out our tutorial linked below. You won't be disappointed.   Develop and Publish Flappy Bird in 3 Hours With Unity3D
  3. renaissanceCoder1

    New Mobile Game: Testers Wanted!

    A small developer team is looking a large group of testers for the quality improvement of a new Android/iOS game called Remnant. Remnant is a clean, beautiful 2D space adventure centered around mastering spaceship maneuvers. If you are interested in this opportunity, sign up here. View a short play-though demo here.
  4. Hello all, I want to share with everyone a wonderful 3D camera plugin for Unity3D. I use it on all of my projects to speed up styling and game-play decisions. You can check out the current version here: 3D Camera Package Version 1.4 What I am excited to share with all of you today is a HUGE update to the package coming within the week. As the current version gains popularity, I feel it is necessary to add certain features the plugin desperately needs. So here is what you can expect for the 2.0 update Three popular 3D Camera Presets (RPG, RTS, TopDown) Settings Control panel. Settings saving. Default settings restoring. New animated test character. New test environment. Ability to toggle target-independent rotation for the rpg camera. Various code tweaks. Plugin Update 2.0 Preview! There was a fair amount of work put into this to make the updates possible - and I plan to continue updating it with the requests I have gotten so far. The price will never be as low as it is right now since there will be a small price bump with the update 2.0. Thanks for reading, and I hope you will consider the plugin for your 3D needs. Happy new year! -Darren
  5. renaissanceCoder1

    Unity3D Camera Controllers

      Are you a Unity developer who is tired of scripting camera systems for your games? I have gathered a selection of custom made cameras that will fit almost any 3D game. Each one is fully customizable and ready to be plugged right in. Please support this package by visiting the asset store and giving it a try. Cheers!   See the asset here: Camera Controller Package
  6. renaissanceCoder1

    Custom Character Controller with Camera Collisions

    The camera collision tutorials are finally here. Learn how to handle camera collisions and character occlusion with your character controllers. Collision and Occlusion Concept Implementing a Collision Handler Class Wrapping Up the Collision Handler Class in Our Camera Controller Do you like our videos? Let us know how we can improve! We are still new to making tutorials so your feedback is appreciated.
  7. renaissanceCoder1

    Custom Character Controller with Camera Collisions

    Here is part three. You will learn how to extend the CameraController class to enable zooming and orbiting around your camera's target. Unity3D Character Controller - Camera Orbit Our next video will cover camera collisions and character occlusion prevention.
  8. renaissanceCoder1

    Custom Character Controller with Camera Collisions

    Here is part two of the series, where I will teach you how to code jumping functionality in C#.   Unity3D Character Controller - How to Jump   Looking forward in this series, we will be dealing more with camera manipulation and collisions.   Hope this helps someone, enjoy!
  9. Hello coders. Here is the kick-off tutorial for our new character controller series.   In this series we plan to go in depth into some of the most common character controllers - including the cameras that accompany them. There will be a 3D series and a 2D series (coming up next month).   As always, enjoy! And leave feedback.    Unity3D Character Controller in 20 Minutes     The complete character controller playlist can be found here. Visit our channel to see what else we are cooking up here.
  10. renaissanceCoder1

    A Step-By-Step Dynamic & Multi-Res Unity3D UI Tutorial Series

    We just finished our dynamic menu series. Just because we are finished doesn't mean we wouldn't like to hear your feedback though! :) You can click here to watch the full playlist on how to create a dynamic, multi-res menu. The system we leave you with is fully extensible. If you need any help with how to customize it for your own menus, feel free to ask us.
  11. renaissanceCoder1

    A Step-By-Step Dynamic & Multi-Res Unity3D UI Tutorial Series

    Hello all! I am back again with some new video updates for the dynamic / multi-res UI scripting series! For an introduction to Unity3D's UI system tools. Images, Buttons, & Anchors To learn how to make dynamic tool-tips / notifications. Tooltips and Notifications To script a button branching system. Button Brancher Part 1 Button Brancher Part 2 To script the button reveal animations for the button branching system. Button Brancher Part 3 Button Brancher Part 4 Button Brancher Part 5 To learn how to use the button brancher to set up your own custom menu layouts. Button Brancher Part 6 We hope you enjoy these tutorials. The dynamic UI series will be coming to a close this weekend with page transitions - so look forward to that!  We also want to announce that we are going to be running a tutorial series on various kinds of character/camera controller systems. We have some in mind already that we want to show - but we invite you to share your thoughts about a particular type of controller you might want to hear us talk about in a tutorial.
  12. Hello, avid game developers. Darren here with that new Renaissance Coders channel. I just wanted to say thank you to all of those who have given us a chance and shown their support. Much love to the gamedev community! We are working on a couple new series right now - one of which being a dynamic & multi-res UI scripting series (for Unity3D). In it, we aim to teach you how to dynamically load images, text, buttons, and page transitions. Take a look at our (whats to come) video to see if this is a series you would be interested in. If it is, we will make it a focus point for our channel, otherwise we will move on to something of more demand! Remember to vote, like, and leave your comments, they are very important to the direction of our channel!    Click to See the Type of Menu You Could Build (What's to Come)
  13. renaissanceCoder1

    Renaissance Coders - A New Unity3D Learning Environment on YouTube

    We have completed our first series: C# for beginners. And now we get to focus on more Unity3D tutorials! We strongly believe in the idea that a great game developer needs to know their stuff to be a considered great. It all starts with the basics. We also believe you cannot be an efficient C# scripter in Unity3D without knowing how to program in C#.  So here it is. Enjoy!  1.Intro to C# Programming 2.If Statements 3.Switch Statements 4.Methods 5.Loops 6.Recursion 7.Enumerations 8&9. Classes and Objects 10. Properties 11. Structs 12. Arrays and Lists And we even have challenges with solutions and explanations! 13. C# Challenge 1 14. C# Challenge 2 If you are new to programming, watch these videos and you will finally be ready to begin making great games in Unity3D.
  14. Hello, game enthusiasts. My name is Darren, and I am the co-creator of a YouTube channel called Renaissance Coders where we are teaching Unity3D concepts from the bottom up - expecting little to no knowledge in scripting, programming, or software/game development in general from our viewers. Our channel is about 4 weeks old and we already have 18 videos up. We push multiple, highly informative videos out each week about Unity, Unity scripting, C# programming, and JavaScript. If you desire to thrive in these areas, give us a shot right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkUIs-k38aDaImZq2Fgsyjw Jared, the other creator of Renaissance Coders, and I are passionate about teaching development - but our biggest setback right now is our lack of viewership and community (since we are new). So if you truly want to learn game development in Unity3D, come check us out and you wont be disappointed. As I said before, we are motivated and passionate about teaching this stuff, we post videos quite regularly, and we can't wait to complete some really cool projects with all of you who aspire to be great game developers. A little more information about us for those of you who are still reading - Jared and I are seniors in college studying specifically game development. Our school is Southern Polytechnic State University here in Georgia, and between the two of us we have several years of experience in Unity3D. What types of tutorials do we create? -We are focusing first on programming. Jared handles JavaScript programming tutorials, while I handle C#. I also conduct tutorials specifically for Unity3D Scripting in C#. The reason we care so much about programming is because we care about the development part of creating games. -We also have Unity Basics tutorials, where we talk about how to use the Unity3D interface and how to use tools (such as the Scene and Game View, Inspector, Profiler, Project Panel, Lighting Manager, Animator, and much more). -As the tutorials become progressively more difficult, we will start making full recordings of our development process through entire games (we want to do this every month). They will be mini-games where multiple game systems are talked about in depth and programmed in video for everyone to learn. What are our goals? -We have quite a few actually. Our biggest priority - alongside putting out videos weekly - is getting our website up and running. We plan on having a reward system for learning new things based on how many videos each user watches.  -We will also have competitions (such as game jams) every month where more points and badges can be earned from our site. Eventually we would like our fans to be able to cash in these points for real-life merchandise.  -This is all part of our community-building plan.   Updates: New to Unity3D and want to learn to code in C# quickly? Let us teach you here. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to tell you about our YouTube tutorial channel and our upcoming learning website. It would mean a lot to us if you helped keep this thread alive so other people have a chance to read it. Here is our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkUIs-k38aDaImZq2Fgsyjw? Here is our Twitter page: [twitter]RenaissanceCode[/twitter]
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