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  1. So you're willing to pay after all, and not "defer" payment? Yeah I thought about making a playable demo then launch a crowdfunding campaign
  2. You want to "hire" someone, but payment will be "deferred." Great. That means you want to hire an amateur.Because professionals don't work on spec. Your best bet is the Classifieds section here on GameDev. I don't know where else to find suckers I mean people willing to work on spec. And where can I find professional ones other than freelance websites ?
  3. I don't know how that's actually pronounced, but it sounds like lible-lich. Which would work fine, if you're a skeleton that runs a legal firm. (crickey, that'd be a great game concept ^_^) Actually, I don't know how it's pronounced yet because I am on my mobile and Google Translation pronounciation doesn't work any more on Windows Phone, but I think that it's pronounced that way.
  4. It's love-light in German? Yes how does it sound like ?
  5. Guys is 'Liebelicht' difficult to pronounce or am I the only who feels so? Thanks
  6. Thank your for your reply Yeah, I looked through some of these articles, but, as I said, I am not creative in any way. And for the preferences, no, I don't want it to include my name. I want it to be professional. Will you be attracted to a game developed by Ubisoft or to a one developed by AnyNameGames ? Thanks again
  7. OK, thank you guys for your suggestions. 'Light' word not required any more. Name can still be in any language as long as it is short, unique, easy to pronounce and makes sense. Who wants to call his company Spicy Footwear Studios ? Thanks again
  8. Hi ! I am about to start my own game company and I need a name for the job postings. I am completely not creative in everything in this world, so I can't come up with any geniune, unused name. The name has to include the word 'Light'. It can be in any language, but must be in English letters or French ones only. It just has to be short, unique and easy to pronounce. Googling it should hardly return any results. BlueLight sounded good to me, but it's used. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi ! I am a programmer and I am about to start developing my first game. I have the basic idea for the game. Now, I want to hire a game writer, but not on a freelance platform, on a website specialized for game designers and/or writers because tge payment will be deferred. For example, I am looking for 3D artists on BlenderArtists forum. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance
  10. I think I'll just go with SharpDX since I like to know what's going on. Thank you very much
  11.   Thank you for your reply   Is there any term in MonoGame license regarding reselling it ? For example, if I want to sell my engine to someone else.
  12. Hi ! I want to create a game engine from scratch and don't know where to start. So, I have two choices: MonoGame and SharpDX. The reason I didn't choose SharpDX is that I sometimes says why reinvent the wheel when there's MonoGame ! The reason I didn't choose MonoGame is that I want the engine to be mine and no one else's. I want everything to be created by me. What do you think guys ? Thanks in Advance
  13. Hi ! I am looking for a roguelike game idea. I am a programmer and I am not very creative so I can't come up with any one. I don't want a story for the game. I want mechanics and things like that. Things that made Cardinal Quest different from all other roguelikes. I know that I should be working with a game designer for this kind of stuff, but I am really in the very early stages of the project and don't know if I'll complete it or not. Thanks in advance
  14. AdhamT

    Need Help Declaring Variables

    Do whatever you want to do when a collision is detected. That's the purpose of a collision system - to notify the rest of the game that a collision has occurred. Why don't you just preserve the last position of the rectangles, too?     How ?
  15. AdhamT

    Need Help Declaring Variables

    OK I wrote this code but I don't know why it doesn't work. if (PlayerRect.x = EnemyRect.x) { if (PlayerRect.y < EnemyRect.y + EnemyRect.h) { PlayerRect.y = EnemyRect.y + EnemyRect.h; } else if (PlayerRect.y + PlayerRect.h > EnemyRect.y) { PlayerRect.y = EnemyRect.y - PlayerRect.h; } } if (PlayerRect.y = EnemyRect.y) { if (PlayerRect.x < EnemyRect.x + EnemyRect.w) { PlayerRect.x = EnemyRect.x + EnemyRect.w; } else if (PlayerRect.x + PlayerRect.w > EnemyRect.x) { PlayerRect.x = EnemyRect.x - PlayerRect.w; } } Whenever I start debugging , the two rects stick two each other and I if I try to move PlayerRect it returns and sticks with EnemyRect.
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