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  1. masterviana

    Isometric game

    Oh okay sorry about this, my goal is create a scenario like this           I never create anything similir to this, my question is if this can be achievement dynamically or it's better to user a map editor or a software similar to this.   Also i've investigate a bit more about this I'm confusing what we can call for that type of view?         Thanks a lot fot the help
  2. masterviana

    Isometric game

      Thanks for your time, I'm try to get an idea about the effort i need to have to create this type of game, first I dont if that is realible use corona on a project like that? It's a good choose? Or should I use unity? I not have any experience with unity!     My question is I need to draw the tiles to feet well on this prespective? or it's for a normal rectangle change the position and the it look like and isometric view?
  3. Hi,   I've an idea for create an isometric view game, that intent to be similar to Kingdom Rush in a view mode, I have some experience on create games but only action games, I've create one with corona SDK.     I dont have the knowledge  to create that so I need some advice's how to start to create a isometric view like that :        My idea is using Corona SDK but if its not good enough for this kind of game I could use unity, can you suguests anything to start create this?     Thakns in advance   
  4. Hi guys,    I've used this forum for getting some help in some points during stage of development of my first game android and ios, now I request some help for testing and to get some feedback from more experience users, in order to prepare the deploy of the game.    The game called "Space Kiky" and the goal is eat the main character "Kiky" for this user needs to avoid touch on the circle, that's my first adventure on game so its a kind of basic but I try to give him good looking and good game experience.   Here is the link for download at google play (only beta version )   https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.storm.apps.spacekiky     Please let me know your honest opinions it is very important for me   Thanks in advance  
  5. masterviana

    Best CHEAP/FREE 2D Game Engine?

    You can use corona SDK too, it's free and have a lot of documentations or tuts and also you can compile to android, ios windows phone etc. It's a really good framework with a lot of support and a lot of article that cover all of your needs. That's is my first framework and for now i love it! 
  6. masterviana

    Enemies intelligence increased level by level

    thanks for your reply i can use this yes, however i on corona SDK and in LUA i can do a similar thing to use the type of pattern that you have show me. However my goal here is getting aware of specifics algorithms/techniques for animate enemies with some kind of intelligence that grow level by level. thanks 
  7. masterviana

    Enemies intelligence increased level by level

    Thanks for you're reply, good tip the reduction of reaction time of enemy, i think i can follow your idea of tuning things using some parameters.   Like for example i can define a paramater that look ahead on the scenario to the position of the and velocity of player and with that "bots" can try to avoid a colision with player, your look ahead and if user are on a disadvantage position enemy can change the mode to the attacker and try to hit the player.   This paramter is getting more accurate for each time the update interval is reduced.
  8. Hi guys,   I working on my first to game 2D i'm complete new on this kind of projects, i first try to animate my enemies on game scene, right now i setup a basic example to animate my enemies i've one array with objects that represent my enemies characters and with two timers encapsulated only have a random number that define if enemy will impulsed up and if enemy will impulsed left or right.   My game is a 2D game with a scenario that have various platforms where user and enemies can collide, all characters are following gravity rules and for  enemy or user getting up it need to get an impulse for going up or left or right.   My goal is progressively put enemies more clever each level, start in 1º level only flying for the scenario without any goa and l finish with enemies try to avoid the user when use are in advantageous position or try to attack when user are disadvantage position.    I asking this because i'm not have experience with A.I, i think i can do this with a lot of for's and if's lets say hard coding, however i would like to know more about some A.I algorithms or some techincs to do things like what i what to do.    Can you guide me on my initiation on this, link for the right articles explain to me some technics for doing this things
  9. Thanks for your reply i'm only ask that because many people are using unity3D and i don't want to discovery that corona have a killing problem/limitation after i finish my project. I now that unity and corona have a lot of 3rd party plugins like for using e.g with google games services, and i like that. And right now is equal for me learn corona or unity because i'm only on the begin.    One more concern is about target frameworks i only want for windows phone, android and ios and i'm able to that on booth. But i know that unity is able to compile our project to web with corona i'm not able to do that.   thanks 
  10. Hi guys,   I'm a guy that some experience in programming i'm, working for last 2 years with nodejs javascript but i've previous worker with many others, however i'm new in gamming development only test a bit of unity3d (lets say 3 hours maximum) and corona SDK,  to be honest i'ad like more of corona SDK first because is more my styling using more coding style (unity have many hiding options at least is my first impression) other thing that i like on corona is the way of they have all documentations docs and blog, i'm able to finish my first draft of my game in only 3/4 days (with no experience on gaming) thanks to great documentations and support. Now i'll need to finish all the designer and all the integration with external services with google game and apple game center.   so i ask its corona SDK a reliable options? or its better start to use unity from the begin? How is the performance on corona?   I forget to say my idea is a simple 2D game, with a player and some enemies jumping from platform to another.   thanks for reply
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