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  1. We are an indie studio, we are doing a project for a 2d platformer game and need someone to give us a hand with the programming Our Project takes the games we love such as Harvest Moon, Pokemon and  Mario Bros to create a new experience for the players.  Grow your farm, find cute pets and discover the story behind the quests in order to unlock new scenarios. Join us now in this epic adventure! Our current team is composed by : 1 Manager 1 Programmer 1 Game Designer 1 Character Artist 1 Writer 1 Level designer  We already have a main programmer we are looking for someone willing to work with him to speed the development process. The requirements for the position consist on: 1 year experience in unity and C# and being able to have frequent communication with the team as you progress. Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer a payment post but the idea is to receive a future payment as revenue share. If you are interested please contact us wgamesstaffs@gmail.com
  2. Our Project takes the games we love such as Harvest Moon, Pokemon and  Mario Bros to create a new experience for the players.  Grow your farm, find cute pets and discover the story behind the quests in order to unlock new scenarios. Join us now in this epic adventure!   ABOUT THE GAME   Type of game: Action-Farming-Platform Game Gameplay: Singleplayer Platform: PC , Mac  Basic storyline: This world is divided into the god’s realm and the mortal’s realm. Our hero (there will have both fixed male and female versions) is the child of gods with the ability to tame mystical creatures.    He  loves to play pranks on his elders using the beasts but one day his pranks went too far. The elders decided to punish the child by setting him on an isolated floating island where he is supposed to grow the means to survive and complete an errand: tame all the legendary beasts causing trouble on the mortal realm.    CURRENT TEAM   1 Manager 1 Programmer 1 Game Designer 1 Environment Artist   PROGRESS    We have just finished the GDD with a basic complete idea of the game from beginning to end. There is plenty of room for the people interested to join us add their ideas and suggestions.  We  have a complete plan of action and although it will take months to be accomplished we hope the clear vision on the steps needed to be taken creates long term trust between the members.   WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR   2 Unity Programmers (version 5.5.03f) 1 Level Designer 1 Writer 1 illustrator 1 2d Artist 1 2d animator (*)   (*) in case none is found the possibility of turning to 3d characters will be discussed.   CONTACT   If you are interested in any of the positions mentioned or you have skills we could use later in the project please send your information with an example of your work attached to the following email adress:   wgamesstaffs@gmail.com   Thank you for reading.
  3. whiplash

    SMITE networking concept

    its not like that 
  4. hi i'm trying to make a article on MOBA game SMITE  can you guys help me with the knowledge you guys have   1. how does the basic networking of MOBA game work ? 2. Any networking difference b/w SMITE and LoL ? (one is top-down and 1 is 3rd person) 3. its out of the topic still what is lockstep method for multiplayer game ? 4. that's all i guess and Thanks !!!!
  5. Hello all,   i seen few guys talking about top-down MOBA like : League of legends , DOTA and 3rd person view MOBA like : Panzar and SMITE    and I had few questions of my own about these please help me with it      Which one is harder to make ? MOBA or MMORPG    which use more server resource top-down MOBA or 3rd person viewed MOBA    what will you do if your making a 3rd person viewed MOBA ? (networking wise )   What are the solutions you guys suggest to make MOBA games better ? 
  6. whiplash

    MMORPG networking Solutions

    na im not trying to change technology atm
  7. whiplash

    MMORPG networking Solutions

    yes thats what im also thinking of   anyone heared of Forge networking ? http://beardedmanstudios.com/ will it be useful for our project ?
  8. whiplash

    MMORPG networking Solutions

    well so now its a MMORPGRTS so any idea ? i mean possibility to make the game run well as in free roaming the players can see them selfs and interact to other peoples to talk  thats all and rest are mostly in instance i guess
  9. whiplash

    MMORPG networking Solutions

    a friend of mine told me that   You're looking at a server sided multiplayer game with instancing.   Start with a multi player game with lockstep network determinism   After you have that add persistence   so ?
  10. whiplash

    MMORPG networking Solutions

    and when PvP or any other battle starts they will be taken to a battle space where all the battle and things are executed
  11. whiplash

    MMORPG networking Solutions

    its a 3rd person view and 20-40 players in that distance im not sure about update rates still maybe 30 updates a sec ?
  12. whiplash

    MMORPG networking Solutions

    ofc we have different servers its for zoning mostly
  13. whiplash

    MMORPG networking Solutions

    well i was thinking of showing player around 15m near you 
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