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  1. Yes, I agree and as you might know, dumping is actually happening a lot. We are essentially refusing to import their products while weakening their local producers. I never said that this would be the solution. I am just saying that in pure numbers it would be possible to feed everyone on this planet and still have an excess production (maybe/probably not with our current economy system though). In regard to environmental degradation. I guess a lot of people are unwilling to change their habits as long as others refuse to do so. Plus it is much easier to rage about e.g. Trump denying global warming. There are many consumers who are not aware of how they are hurting the environment. If you think about it, smartphones are way underpriced and their lifecycle is way too low. But a lot of people are not aware of that (in order to be they would have to inform themselves) or just block it out (after all, the others are doing it as well, right? Why should I be the only one missing out?). I guess we also do not really see the problems we are causing as it is easily hidden from us and there is no real 'consumer education' about it (which could also hurt economy and this is a big no-no, right?).
  2. I fail to see how quality of life is important in that regard (especially since the majority of the worlds population could lead a much better life if it wasn't for all the uneven distributions in our current world). I agree and have basically already stated this. It is the (increasing) imbalance that is hurting us. But if we were to globally try to get that figured out we would be able to. Nobody can tell me that the massive amount goods that, just as an example, my local supermarkets are carrying are necessary for the local community to lead a good life. There is an enormous overproduction in/for places where it is not necessary. However, places which would badly need those resources are never going to get their hands on them. But if you boil it down to what it is, this is just bad organization, not overpopulation (in my opinion anyways).
  3. Not going to dive into this too deep but I don't quite see how so many people can claim that the world is overpopulated. As a matter of fact, there is just a lot of uninhabitated space on earth. Hence, the population is rather very badly distributed. This (bad/unfair distribution) is imo a common phenomenon in our modern societey (I am for example thinking about the fact that we have been exploiting an entire continent for centuries or the pareto-like distribution of wealth). In terms of growth... the relative growth has actually been declining since the 70s. Of course, due to the baby boomers boost this does not mean that the absolute growth has been declining significantly. So yeah, this might become a problem but still, I would not claim that the earth is overpopulated just yet.
  4. 3pic_F4il_FTW

    Issue with my pick up queue system

    I am not familiar with unity but to me it seems like you are activating a pickup only to immediatly deactivate it in the same update. I think you need an additional check in the deactivate function to check whether the pickup is ready to be deactivated. (Edit: depending on the pickup, this check function could return true as soon as a timer expired or the ammo has been used. Also make sure that when destroying a pickup, its effects should be removed)
  5. 3pic_F4il_FTW

    Connect Four in C++

    Hi Only had a quick glance at it but I can't see you assigning a random value to hold anywhere.
  6. Not exactly the MST. For an optimal solution it will not always suffice considering that 2 nodes must have a degree of 1 and the other 2 must have a degree of 2. For this subset of spanning trees, we want to find the minimal one. (Sorry for nitpicking :P)
  7. 3pic_F4il_FTW

    Generic method in Java

      Just as he said, you cannot directly instantiate generic types. What you need to do is use reflection. Pass the type of the generic class as a parameter and then use reflection to call its constructor. Class<?> is the variable type for types. Beware that it is not safe to do that. Moreover, you can use factory pattern or suppliers, which can be kind of convenient in some places (I think that is what they were called in java?)
  8. 3pic_F4il_FTW

    Generic method in Java

    One of your problems is that in java you can not instatiate objects of the generic type. This is due to type erasure. Unfortunatley I dont have a lot of time right now but I am sure you will find a lot when googling about type erasure. Will check back later. Edit: also note that while generics may look similar to templates they are very different.
  9. 3pic_F4il_FTW

    std::map and custom compare madness

    Your comparison has to define a strict weak order meaning that you want to find a boolean function R(x,y) so that: Nonreflexive: R(A,A) = false Transitive: R(A,B) and R(B,C) => R(A,C) Antisymmetric: R(A,B) => !R(B,A) Negative Transitivity: !R(A,B) and !R(B,C) => !R(A,C) Thats just a mathematical way to say that: • comparing and object with itself returns false • if comparing A with B returns true, comparing B with A has to return false • if comparing A with B returns true and comparing B with C returns true, comparing A and C must return true. Same goes for false as return value. It simply ensures the integrity of the binary tree that is built under the hood of map. If you are interested in this topic you might want to research order theory. What you can do schematically: If a.v1 < b.v1 return true If a.v1 > b.v1 return false //a.v1 = b.v1 If a.v2 < b.v2 return true If a.v2 > b.v2 return false //a.v2 = b.v2 If a.v3 < b.v3 return true Etc... //if we reach the last statement a and b are equal and we have to Return false
  10. Can confirm this on windows 7 64bit.
  11. Just to clarify, what do you mean by "direction" because I think you mean that you do not want to add nodes which "share" the same line of sight as the obstruction and are further away but your drawing shows something different.
  12. 3pic_F4il_FTW

    glXMakeCurrent slowly leaks memory

    Hey, just out of interest. Are you working on a PC with an nVidia GPU? I remember having similar problems with an SFML application i wrote. When it was running in dual window mode it showed pretty much the same behaviour you were describing. But only on nVidia Cards. On my HD6850 it was running fine, as well as when using the integrated graphics.
  13.   In which cases it would not be optimal? I thought it always takes the most optimal path. Given your heuristic never overestimates, it IS optimal afaik.
  14. Not funny... spilt water over my keyboard and now it won't accept the c key. By the way I am using C as class prefix so i guess no more coding for today... :( (Posted from my smartphone obviously)
  15. 3pic_F4il_FTW

    Pixel Art and Screen Resolutions

    The later does not force you to use a power of two as scaling factor though. Just a non fractional number.
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