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  1. Hi guys! I'm working on my next asset for Unity: an interactive/adaptive Rock pack and I would like your feedback/comments. For the moment, there are 3 different intensity levels which play based on the distance of the player to an enemy in the game. You can watch the demo here: The "full piece" can be listened to here: http://soundcloud.com/marmamusic/rockin What do you think? Is it usable "in game" as is? How can it be better? What would you like to change, add? Thanks in advance for any feedback!   Sincerely, Marma
  2. Hi everyone! I'm presenting here two new Assets I've released on the Unity3D AssetStore which include native interactive/adaptive and randomly generated music!    The first one is called the "Endless Battle March".  You can watch the demo on Youtube or test it yourself by using the Unity Web Player (link in the YouTube video)   [media='200x200']https:[/media]   The other one is more for "Horror" type games and is called "Psycho-Electro Music Pack".  Watch the "in game" demo here:     [media='200x200']https:[/media]   You can download the FREE versions on the Unity Asset Store!  Don't forget to drop a review if you can and of course, any feedback is more than welcome and greatly appreciated!   Sincerely, Marma   http://marmadeveloper.wix.com/marmamusic
  3. You can now test the random soundtrack generator in this Unity Web Player demo scene!   
  4. Hello Indie Devs!  Today I would like to present an audio asset I have released on the Unity Asset Store. You can download a FREE DEMO version with 6 full soundtrack pieces clicking on the link below: Authentic Early Medieval Ages Audio Pack (FREE) Why medieval music?   I wanted to compose music that sounded as authentic as possible, to help create a realistic and authentic user experience for a medieval game. The reason I chose to compose "authentic" medieval music is because I haven't found a similar initiative so far. Most music that is labeled as "medieval" is no different than other "epic orchestral" music, using lots of instruments that didn't exist at the time, or using composition skills that do not match the period (chord progressions that were not used in those times).   What's so special about the package?   It is very comprehensive, ranging from full soundtrack pieces, random soundtrack generator scripts, ambient sounds, jingles and even bonus sound FX.   The full version includes:   1- The first random soundtrack generation script! Based on four different song structures composed as Medieval Folk Tunes, the soundtracks will be randomly generated using 16 different melodies, 8 different drum loops and 8 different accompaniments. That is a total of nearly 4096 possible combinations! (4x16x8x8) 2- Several other random music generation scripts: a classical guitar (lute) mood and a gregorian chant for church sonority. 3- Adaptive music according to the action based on triggers to switch between a battle and an exploration mode. 4- Nine full pieces of music (two of which are loopable) 5- 18 different chimes to underline events like a victory, defeat, a click on a button and the likes... 6- 16 ambiance sounds including campfire, battle, castle courtyard, forest, horses walking, winter wind..., all loopable. 7- As a bonus, over 200 medieval sound FX!   Regarding file formats, all of the sound FX, Ambient sounds and the random soundtrack generation script samples are in *.WAV format in highest quality. The chimes, full soundtrack pieces and the guitar and gregorian chant samples are in *.OGG in 192 kbps quality.   Check out the demo video below (go to 3:40 to watch the presentation of the features and skip the introduction) [media='200x200']https:[/media]
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