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    Fairyland: Incursion

    Author: Naarassusi Game Completion: 100% Version: 1.1.4         https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.naarassusi.flin   Keys for Google Play     4FEC68GWXTVQ1WG4276B93E SXPC1J4B6N0YHD8MBP47RAP GGQB72ZYFEEXD4BVXD25FFC MFXB41SEYJF6ZS1TVWC7DP8 FKJNM0MBTV8G6HP99X7X8BB   http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=673782333       Hi there! I’d like to tell you one story. Many, many years ago, when the grass was greener, my beard was shorter and my waist was slimmer, I put my hands on one board game. After a couple of sets, I thought: “I want something like this on PC!” So I went looking… And I actually found nothing. So several years later, with my beard and belly, I also increased some knowledge and skills… Enough of those to create my adaptation of that game with “dices and fairies”.   I proudly present Fairyland: Incursion.   King Frederick III and his army invade the Sacred Realm to gain control of the Fairy Spring, which, as legend has it, grants the eternal life. So inhabitants of the Sacred Realm summon three Keepers to protect their homeland.     I hope you enjoy this game.            
  2. Naarassusi_Game

    Frenzy Of Night

    A little Review
  3. Naarassusi_Game

    Frenzy Of Night

    I am glad that you liked my work.
  4. Naarassusi_Game

    Frenzy Of Night

    Frenzy Of Night is a runner in the style of horror, which is suitable for hardcore and casual players. Move through the cemetery, paving its way different weapons through the hordes of dark forces. - Multiple types of weapons. - A variety of opponents. - The achievement system. - Interesting gameplay. Android Android Free   [attachment=28747:04.png] [attachment=28748:03.png] [attachment=28749:02.png] [attachment=28750:01.png]  
  5. Naarassusi_Game

    Bring back the cone!

    Android Free Android Full
  6. Naarassusi_Game

    Bring back the cone!

    Promo Version
  7. Naarassusi_Game

    Bring back the cone!

    It is children's strategic game in style of board games. During a rain the stream was overflowed with water and flooded a hedgehog mink. All food which the hedgehog collected for the winter deteriorated. Friends decided to help it to collect new stocks. Each of them seeks to collect more than the others and to show that he is the best friend. Not all forest gifts equally are pleasant to a hedgehog: Cones – 1 point of food. Apples – 2 points of food. Mushrooms – 3 points of food.   Each of friends of a hedgehog uses the strategy, what to win: Cats – fast and carefree, go the first. Hares – not less fast, but more careful, go the second. They can jump through other players. Foxes – go the third, cunning and prudent. They can drag off someone else's food. Bears – go the last, judicious and slow. They watch closely the stocks and don't give them to steal. Through them hares can't jump.   Known bugs: incorrect creation of routes of the movement (improves).   http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=474498892&result=1
  8. Naarassusi_Game


    Now available on Opera Mobile Store
  9. Naarassusi_Game


    Now available on GooglePlay
  10. Naarassusi_Game


    Now available on Desura.
  11. Naarassusi_Game


    Bootombaa!!! Now available on Android SlideMe
  12. Naarassusi_Game


    I want to present to your attention some gameplay of our game. [video=youtube;GA_W5zGJ0uo]http:[/video]
  13. Naarassusi_Game


    Ferocious Snark kidnapped the beautiful princess. Brave knights trying to free a beautiful lady. Bootombaa defend your cave from attacks. You must help him! • Comics cartoon atmosphere • Dynamic game play • Cute graphic design • 50 game levels Processor: 1 GHz Memory: 1000MB RAM Graphics: 512MB RAM, support OpenGL 2.0 or more, Latest graphics drivers HDD/SSD: 150MB       Screenshots: Video:   Not Free: Desura SlideMe Free: GameJolt Kongregate GooglePlay  
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