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  1. Looking for partner

    Can you post something that shows what is low poly style for you?
  2. Missions vs Quests

    Have in mind that mission system is like that because you wouldn't be able to make some kind of missions as quest-like stuff. I mean, lot of missions from GTA are like "chase that dude with your car, shoot at him, when you kill him get the helicopter and so on". They are scripted missions with constrains and events, it is not that easy as "kill A" or "get x20 B items". Maybe you could mix mission and quest stuff like MGSV does, you can run freely on the map, but when you reach a certain radius, game will ask if you want to start "X" mission.
  3. Coding my first game.

    Unity seems a good one, although you will have to pay for it if you earn more than 100k USD in a year (which I dont really think that will happen).
  4. The enum way seems to me pretty hand-job and not really OOP solution. I think I would go for some basic base classes (maybe one or two) like "buff" and "debuff" and then use heritage and polymorfism. With that you would have almost every case managed, and your player entity just will need to manage all the buffs/debuffs status in its Update.
  5. How to #include my own header into the game?

    The only reason it crashes during runtime and there is no compilation error is because GameMode is a NULL pointer. Put checks or debug if World or GameMode are Nulls.
  6. Would like to create a game, but...

    Open a topic in hobbie projects and look for a team I suffered that problem, and I even I am still suffering it but also with 3D models and that stuff. Making a game (something decent) is pretty hard for a single person, because of mastering all the skills is almost impossible and also because it requires an insane amount of time. Maybe you could develop a simple/easy game for mobile, but developing an indie alone...I think it is madness.
  7. As I told you before, I am probably not the best to speak about this because of my lack of experience with UE4, so take my replies carefully The basic input flow is the following one: Create a function to handle the key input, for example "Jump" or "SpaceBarFunc" (check UE4 default InputManager). Do stuff inside that function Bind the function with the input event So having this in mind, you could register your delegates in construction phase and then trigger an event inside #2 step function. About the Unity comparation, there is no direct matching for that because getting the input in Unity is something global, but in UE4 looks like is not. InputComponent->BindAction("YouAction", IE_Pressed, this, &YourPawn::YourFunction); That line of code is step #3, where you tell to the input system that YourPawn::YourFunction has to be fired when YourAction key is pressed. The problem is that your mind is not thinking in the engineer properly way, because Unity allows you to catch input strokes everywhere, but that is terrible. You should build an extra layer based probably in "Command" pattern to manage the input, and that is the UE4 InputManager, key bindings and delegates.
  8. Im newbee with UE4, but I think you are right with the stuff related to possessing actors. The thing is that in the human player entity ingame is the PlayerController, and it posseses actors as will, therefore all the input is received and managed by the PlayerController/InputManager. The thing you could do is: When the collision is detected, store the ball actor in a pointer in your character class Create a function in your ball class with the desired behaviour Create a wrapper function in your input manager which calls function created in 2 Config the input key and bind the function in 3 in your inputmanager
  9. As you said before, char[] and char* are just the same, but depending on what you want to do/need you have to cast. And yeah, you can cast from char[] to char* this way: char array[4] = {'a','b','c','d'}; char* charPointer = nullptr; charPointer = &array[0]; You have to point your pointer to the beginning of your char array, there is no direct assignment. You might overload operators if you really use that much char-pointer assignment.
  10. Looking for someone to collaborate with

    Could you post some of your art work?
  11. Question about C++ , C# and Java

    If high performance does not really worry you or you are going to craft some tools or desktop applications (you didnt say it will be for games) I would use C# (.Net) or Java (JavaFX or Swift). You can build a tottally user friendly (well, it depends on your usability skills) GUI like any Windows desktop application in 1-2 days, using standard controls and windows. I've never worked with Qt, but I heard its a bit tricky, and .Net is easy cake (I mean development and learning curve will be much lower than Qt). Im not sure if you were talking about that
  12. Using letters added to the version, which are updated server side. In example: 1.1.0a, 1.1.0b... Store version remains as 1.1.0 and server version updates with letters. When the game version increases, you reset letter to A.
  13. 1 - No I don't, but I guess its pretty common because I am not a renowned producer neither company 2 - As any on-work-seeker should do. Introduction, CV/Resume and portfolio. 3 - I would give the opportunity to my well-known contacts before "risking" to a new candidate. However, if their style don't fit, I would look for a new one for sure. 4 - I prefer the business card, but I hope your website/portfolio appears there. I wouldn't contact you before getting attracted by any of your work. 5 - If he is in the same city I will meet him during the development as a any team member. If its online Skype, Slack or whatever. In my opinion your questions are pretty weird. I would never wonder any of them to try to find a job, I mean, giving a pendrive with your work or writing each of your emails individually won't make great difference. I am spanish, currently working in Spain, and starting your professional career in games is really hard (jodido pero es asi ). I would recommend you to make some compositions for those webs which sells your music, maybe someone could discover you and order few songs/sounds (and who knows what could come afterwards). Also I would give a try to indies/universities projects, there are some Sony Playstation featured projects which are being released in digital format (you have to know pick the right one). Getting visibility thanks to your work is the key imho, the other stuff is a plus. PS: Writting customized CVs and emails for each position/vacancie is totally recommended (I always do it), but remember, the content is much more important than the continent.
  14. [Rev-share]Unity Coder and Web Admin

    I might be interested for the Unity Coder position. My available working hours are likely WeekDay = 5 hours Weekend = 5 hours, although I am not looking for any kind of retribution neither contract, I am already working for a gaming company.
  15. Hi there, I am a game programmer (C#/C++) who is looking for a project to join. I am computer science engineer plus Master Degree in Game Development, currently working in one the most renown mobile games company (2 years academic experience, 1 year working experience). I have developed several prototypes or even games almost ready to release, but I always lack of artists, so I am looking for a project already set up or few artist to begin working in something. My preferences are: Unity or Unreal Engine 4 based project (UE4 prefered) PC/Console game prefered but mobile is acceptable Not interested in VR Serious team with almost all the roles filled or pretending to be filled 3D project prefered over Sprites Guaranteed 7 work hours per week, Crunch 20 work hours per week European team (if timezone is not a problem for you, so it is not for me) I am not looking for any kind of money income from games neither the team, I want to do this as a hobby and a way to improve my skills. Cheers