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  1. behdadsoft

    Taking Cover System work

    Hi. I want my enemy characters can take cover behind obstacles. i use unity engine and for do that i added two trigger at left and right of obstacle like below picture. also i wrote some code to find these triggers and after found closest of them move to it and play take cover animation. but some times after come to trigger, it don't work correctly. seem some part of my work is incorrect and i need know this way is correct or not? if it's not correct dose someone can explain me how do that? Thanks.
  2. behdadsoft

    Character Fragmentation

    Thank you @1024 I think understood, but if there are any question i ask here.
  3. behdadsoft

    Character Fragmentation

    Thanks @Ryokeen I try to read this and i think it can help me. but if there are any question, i ask here.
  4. behdadsoft

    Character Fragmentation

    To cut off someone's arm/leg, you can do the same: replace the character with "a character without a leg" and add a separate leg next to it This way is OK when character is dead. Or you can take your character mesh and split it in two programatically, so you don't need to have separate versions of the character without arms/legs. i need do this way for a live character, like Zombies. so i need know what should do i do? mean how cut enemy arm or leg when it's alive? should i do something in 3d modeling software? can you explain more?
  5. behdadsoft

    Character Fragmentation

    Hi. I want when enemy character collide with grenade explosion, Fragment. for do this, i think should destroy the main character and Instantiate made body parts (leg, hand head,...) instead it. right? Another issue, for example if i shoot to enemy, i want cut his hand or leg. now how can i do this?
  6. behdadsoft

    2D Climb Wall Question

    Thank you for give me your time. You really helped me a lot. And now, i know how should be design my climb wall animation.
  7. behdadsoft

    2D Climb Wall Question

    I use Unity Engine too. For example: If i has 3d animated character that can walk, then when you enable Apply Root Motion in Animation component for it, you don't need write script for move character to forward and you only need enable walk animation in your script. for sprites there is no Apply Root Motion, so i need know is there something like this way for sprites? i think your sprite sheet have this property. Right? if possible do you can give me your above sprite sheet for better understand?
  8. behdadsoft

    2D Climb Wall Question

    i forget one thing: Should i add movement script for climb the wall or should i design my sprite like that himself climb up the wall automatically? your sprite sheet seem can climb up automatically without script. right?
  9. behdadsoft

    2D Climb Wall Question

    Thanks Scouting Ninja. I use Unity engine. i think understand what should i do, but if during work i need guide, is ask you. Thanks Kryzon. offset is good point.
  10. behdadsoft

    2D Climb Wall Question

    Thanks Scouting Ninja. I'm not Art Designer. but need say to my designer what i need. if i understand correctly, we should create a block and design each frame like character is climb the wall. Right? but i don't understand your explanation about Sprite Block. Can you explain a little bit more clearly?
  11. behdadsoft

    2D Climb Wall Question

    Thanks ace4016.
  12. behdadsoft

    2D Climb Wall Question

    Hi. i busy make a 2d game that i want player can climb the wall. for do this i made this sprite sheet for climb wall animation like below picture. This art is animated in same place and make not clean programming for do that. i need know is there better way for design climb wall animation? or i should use this?
  13. Hi. I made some games for android with (1280 x 800) Resolution with unity game engine. now for convert them t HTML 5, I have problem with game resolution. mean when i exported my game to HTML 5 and run it on server, some objects position are incorrect. also i tried to change game resolution to (1024 x 768) in unity and then export it for HTML 5 but also some objects position are incorrect. so i need know two something: 1- is there any way to fix resolution form andorid to HTML 5, or i should be change all object size and position manually and export again for HTML 5? 2- what is recommended resolution for HTML 5 game? Thanks.
  14. behdadsoft

    Memory match Algorithm

    Thanks @Lactose.
  15. behdadsoft

    Memory match Algorithm

    I want choose randomly without repeating. what is scratch?
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