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  1. Indiegamedevs Promote

    Promote yourself!

    You are welcome!
  2. Indiegamedevs Promote

    Promote yourself!

    You are welcome!
  3. Indiegamedevs Promote

    Promote yourself!

      Again I think the rudeness is either misinterpreted ( emotions are harder to read from text ) or a possible language barrier. While it's true you're offering exposure, and not charging for it, the initial request was to provide more information about what you do and how much momentum you have going already. From the original post nobody would know who you were or what you post about. They'd know they you were offering to like/share/tweet about their game, but what if you also did the same for pornography on the same account ( not saying you do by any means ). If someone feels that might make their game or brand off-putting to their fans, that would be a good reason not to accept the offer. Free exposure doesn't mean good exposure.   Now that you've expanded on how many followers you have, how long you've been doing this, and where you're promoting the games that come your way, we have a better idea of what you're offering and what that means. I'm sure there could be more information people would want to know, but it seems that the conversation is turning sour here and that makes it difficult to keep things professional and informative.   My recommendation is to give a brief explanation of: - Who you are - Who you are addressing - What you're offering - How you offer it - Then put Links, contact info, images, etc to support what you're saying and give interested parties a route to find more information.   You don't have to do any of those, and you can end the conversation right here if you feel things have gotten too awkward now. But you came here to offer something and you certainly found a good community to do it, it just happened to get started on the wrong foot. Sorry if you felt attacked, they only wanted to get more information and try and help you get your original post to be more appealing.   No need to explain anything, I am not feeling offended or something, every community doesn't speak for each member, I was just doing that in interest of time, namely to not waste it, but since more info is needed I am happy to provide it:  it is NOT pornographic account of any sort, it is account for promoting indie game developers, like it is stated in info and it is used to free promote indie game developers, which are most vulnerable group of game developers. Devs are promoted on  all major social sites and few game specific, and forums like this and groups. How: it is best if you send me for example YT video since video is best media tool for showing you work, it would be best if you also have Twitter and fb account and fb page, then twitch channel and steam account, but not necessarily. And in the end I understand where confusion is coming from, with my work so far I've seen thousands of services like mine, they all claim that are offering free promotion but on the end they are either asking for money or they are are not covering your story well or at all. I can assure you that everything in our services is free, only good thing would be, but not required, is to follow us on tweeter since is our starting base and is connected to everything.
  4. Indiegamedevs Promote

    Promote yourself!

    Instead of just lazily throwing out a link you could maybe write something so that we can decide whether or not it is worth our time. I don't click anything unless I there is a compelling reason - and you didn't provide one. ;)   Dont clik.     I am glad that you get the point, all of these rude attacks would have been in order if I say "give me $20 and all promote you" that is perfectly understandable, but you and I both are in game development and personally I know how hard is to get to exposure, any little bit helps. To attack someone that offers free promotion, is way out of line! If it was other forum I would have not wasted my time , but personally I like gamedev.net and people here. To answer other questions like traffic  I'll say this, there is nothing to hide 500 followers in less than a month, exposure to all major social networks, I'd say people are satisfied with what we offer. If you like your game promoted you are welcome, if you don't please lets not stretch this into endless futile discussion. Thanks.
  5. Indiegamedevs Promote

    Promote yourself!

    Is it worth your time? Good luck with your attitude.
  6. Indiegamedevs Promote

    Promote yourself!

    Find us on twitter https://twitter.com/indiegdp and introduce us with your work, we'll share, like and tweet about your work!
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