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    3d position in space

    XMVECTOR rayDir = CursorObjectSpace - RayOrigin; rayDir = RayOrigin - (XMVectorGetY(RayOrigin) / XMVectorGetY(rayDir)) * rayDir; rayDir = XMVector3Normalize(rayDir); rayDir = XMVector3Normalize(rayDir); " comes in 2nd maybe,I think it was my problem.Checking it.
  2. cindy_uk

    3d position in space

    Hello.   Camera,viewport,. are ok I checked it. XMVECTOR CursorScreenSpace = XMVectorSet((FLOAT)Mouse.x, (FLOAT)Mouse.y, 0.0f, 0.0f); const XMVECTOR RayOrigin = camPosition; XMVECTOR CursorObjectSpace = XMVector3Unproject(CursorScreenSpace, 0, 0, viewport.Width,viewport.Height, 0.0f, 1.0f,camProjection,camView, XMMatrixIdentity()); XMVECTOR rayDir = CursorObjectSpace - RayOrigin; rayDir = RayOrigin - (XMVectorGetY(RayOrigin) / XMVectorGetY(rayDir)) * rayDir; rayDir = XMVector3Normalize(rayDir); XMMATRIX Translation = XMMatrixTranslation(XMVectorGetX(rayDir), XMVectorGetY(rayDir), XMVectorGetZ(rayDir)); But the positions are wrong.
  3. cindy_uk

    3d position in space

     Hello.I'm so lost. XMMATRIX P = camProjection; XMVECTOR rayOrigin; XMVECTOR rayDir; XMVECTOR screenpoint = XMVectorSet(Mouse.x, Mouse.y, 0.0f, 0.0f);//Mouse.x=300 Mouse.y=200 rayOrigin = XMVector3Unproject(screenpoint, viewport.TopLeftX,viewport.TopLeftY, viewport.Width,viewport.Height,viewport.MinDepth,viewport.MaxDepth,camProjection,camView,World); screenpoint = XMVectorSet(Mouse.x,Mouse.y, 1.0f, 0.0f); rayDir = XMVector3Unproject(screenpoint,viewport.TopLeftX,viewport.TopLeftY, viewport.Width,viewport.Height,viewport.MinDepth,viewport.MaxDepth,camProjection,camView,World); //*Breakpoint to see results rayDir = rayDir - rayOrigin; rayOrigin = {m128_f32=0x03e4f900 {-1.#IND0000, -1.#IND0000, -1.#IND0000, -1.#IND0000} m128_u64=0x03e4f900 {18428729679490842624, ...} ...} rayDir = {m128_f32=0x0404fa00 {-1.#IND0000, -1.#IND0000, -1.#IND0000, -1.#IND0000} m128_u64=0x0404fa00 {18428729679490842624, ...} ...}
  4. cindy_uk

    3d position in space

    Positions aren't good.it's worst if I move the camera.
  5. cindy_uk

    3d position in space

    Hello It seems to work but there an issue,I gave a mesh the position(position.x,position.y,position.z),the x position seems to be correct but the z is like reversed.When I click on the bottom of the window it moves away and when I click the top it comes closer. Thanks.
  6. cindy_uk

    3d position in space

    Hello. Isn't a mesh, just a imaginary floor at the position y=0,maybe I'm gonna create it with 6 vertexes. I don't want to find the position of a mesh but the mouse pointer on the floor. Thanks.
  7. Hello. I need to know the position x,y,z on the ground when I press the mouse. I found something: XMMATRIX P = mCam.Proj(); // Compute picking ray in view space. float vx = (+2.0f*sx/mClientWidth - 1.0f)/P(0,0); float vy = (-2.0f*sy/mClientHeight + 1.0f)/P(1,1); // Ray definition in view space. XMVECTOR rayOrigin = XMVectorSet(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f); XMVECTOR rayDir = XMVectorSet(vx, vy, 1.0f, 0.0f); If I did understand it traces a ray.So I guess I'm half way.But I don't know where I go now. Please help me Obiwan,you're my only hope. Thanks. Directx11(skd jun 2010),Visual studio 2013,c++,Window7
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