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  1. so I am using unity 5 and I made terrain and put a first person camera down and whenever I click play it just falls Dow to a certain point and sits their, doesn't die just sits below the terrain, anyone know how to fix that? alos when I try to import a assets it doesn't do anything.
  2. AquaPlayz

    Feedback on a game idea

  3. AquaPlayz

    Feedback on a game idea

    I made the terrain and put down a first person thing, but when I click play I just fall to a certain pint below the terrain and stay there, aslo when I try to import a asset it does do anything, ideas how to fix both?
  4. AquaPlayz

    Feedback on a game idea

    I know its not game design, I just was in a rush and could post a new forum. so for the design, how do you make a menu?
  5. AquaPlayz

    Feedback on a game idea

    never mind, I fixed it. but I have a netbook that can't do crap, and it loads very slow, only has 2gb ram and a awful graphics card.
  6. AquaPlayz

    Feedback on a game idea

    ok, so I now get that I can't make that game, so I have been getting some assets for unity to make a fps game, I will probably just do a zombie runner type thing then if people like it I will program soldiers that shoot instead of zombies. also a problem, whenever I try and open a project in unity it says that it is already open and I can't open it, anyone know why?
  7. AquaPlayz

    Feedback on a game idea

    So I have an idea for a game, I have not thought that much into the storyline or anything all I have been thinking about is how the gameplay will be, so I want it to be in first person. In the beginning of the game you will choose your gender and your race(their will be more like Sci fi races not human like), and then theirs a cut scene. Here's where the main idea comes in, their will be hundreds of ending to the game, throughout the game their are hundreds of different questions and options and paths, and each thing you pick/each way you take contributes to the end result, and it'll obviously be a open world game, and for each race there'll be different options for your power(for instance if you choose a elf you could pick one of these. Arrow crafting, gives you the ability to take a normal arrow and different items to make different types of arrows. One with nature, ability to make plants from nothing and can harvest from plants, and so on for every race), that's what I have thought out so far.
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