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    New to game programming need help

    Thank you Infinisearch that answers a lot of what I wanted to know. So one last question: should I go for a degree in computer science if I want to be a graphic programmer? If not any suggestions?
  2. James Quigley

    New to game programming need help

    Did I? I don't remember asking what a graphics programmer is. I remember asking if a graphics programmer needs to be better at math or art. I'm going to put this out there a lot of what I'm reading sounds like people telling me to not go any further and quit trying to be a programmer. I'm not asking you people how hard this is, nor am I asking for if you think I can handle it. I am simply asking what I need to learn in order to become a graphic programmer, such as: coding languages, categories of math, degrees in university, etc. I am also asking if I need to be any amount of good with art, such as: modeling, textures, sculpting, etc.
  3. James Quigley

    New to game programming need help

    Alright I'm pretty pleased with how much feedback I'm getting and some really helpful answers but I'll try a more simplified direct approach. What type of game programming would you recommend for someone who is good at math. I'm a very straight forward thinker and very logical like a machine. This may be a bit vague but I hope that it'll give me an Idea of which type of programmer I would be. I'm thinking of being a graphics programmer. This may sound really dumb but the words graphic and programmer don't match in my head. The way I see it is that someone who works at graphics needs to be skilled in art such as making meshes and sculpting and that programming is writing lines of code that makes the game run. I'm aware that's a very naive way of seeing it but be aware that I have no clue about anything with regards to what actually goes on in a video game developers workplace. So what do I need to be more inclined in to be a graphic programmer; art skills or math/coding knowledge?
  4. I know this question is asked a lot but wherever I go I can't seem to find a definite answer. So here are my questions: What are the different fields in video game programming? Will finishing a course in computer science be enough? Does a degree mean anything for getting into a job for game programming? Or do I need to focus more on learning, practicing and proving that I can make games on my own first? How much demand is there for video game programmers? From what I read online people make it sound like going into any field of game programming is like becoming a slave. I hear things like "you'll be working 12 hour shifts 5-7 days a week or more" or "you're expendable so if you screw up more than a few times you'll get the boot". Is it really like that or is that a single persons gritty opinion?   I have so many more questions but I'll leave it at that. I'm sorry for bombarding a lot of questions but I really appreciate it. I have the determination to learn I just need a starting point.
  5. James Quigley

    Cut Scene Question

    I am currently working on a concept of a game I wish to make but I am learning everything about programming and the UDK engine from online sources since I'm unable to attend university just yet. My question is about cut scenes, I know how to make my camera move after I trigger it in game but I don't know how to make my character switch from player controlled to AI where the character can move on its own. Be aware that I am using UDK 4 and that I have little knowledge about this subject so forgive me if I don't make sense. Feel free to ask questions.
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