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  1. Thank you very much! I don't always consider myself talented or noob to give people a better picture about what i specifically want... so yes, i think i made the right question. I love knowing about alternatives Bartm4n, but your point is clear, the community tutorial is well thought out, and this version of unity is still very young,  The educational channel is still fresh, not including older versions, but i guess AthosVG summed up best  what i "truly need". Some of those math primers puzzles me, i still don't know how much of them i'll ever use.  Documenting them is also an effort.  Last time, i found a tank of community driven tutorial, but only manage to use/repeat like 20% of it given my goals and targets. Some of the maths are too complicated for an individual projects... Other times, it references tools outside the main software, which lengthened the learning curve abit more. What about graphic?  I tend to worry about things like, occasional skinning bug (i have a talented 3d artist in my team, and that's about some of things he addressed when invited to work with me :<) exporting between softwares and IDES, and finding out that each of them has their own limitation unadressed by each others, animation skins, and texture seams... Are there, theories to, address these problems? Texturing, riggings? Modellings? I've had the luxury of a very curious friend but most of his solutions are intuitive rather than, formulaic. I'd need to cleanup the problems so that his share of work can be focused and and efficiently places our time and resources...  
  2. I'm going for another shot at making games. After quite sometime beating my head in various forums for snippets of advices because i am lazy to read books or any long term, comprehensive understanding of game engineering... I decided it's about time to pick up something better and solid, compact and consistent. I am well versed in C# and JavaScript, enjoyed them. But i don't think i've yet to come across any decent books that relates them with Unity or general game programming. Suggestions please? I found a general game physics engine books by Ian Millington. So i might need some more reading that ties them together... My aim would be a 3rd person action game, with slight camera workaround for cinematic polish.
  3. Hello, hope this is the right place to ask. I just learned programming with C#, currently comparing each programming languages features, from ruby to python. I will be settling down with C# for the mean time, learning how to make games with either XNA or Monogame. I am newbie, but i want make a game like final fantasy dissidia, in terms of gameplay, not graphical quality.  Graphic will be lowpoly, and so i can start very fresh from basic primitives. Best way to start, i think (or decided) is to learn basic stuffs like physics engine, 3rd person gameplay, and Open GL vs DirectX native concept on 3d animation. Can someone point me to the right direction? I understand this might sound too idealistic but, any help is appreciated. :)
  4. tokudake


    Thank you for replying! I'm glad you addressed things like our team welfare... Those things have been put into consideration and the reason we choose dissidia as our subject of study, is also because it is a compact game, with artistic limitations designed to optimize it's processing power. We pick it because we want to finish something, but at the same time it's worth as a marketing tool of our skills and interest. The goals that i meant is in game. We'd like to solve what's inside our product, as in its architecture, and pipeline. What should we consider first when designing this game? Is it the tools? The windows? Statistics? Rule of physics? Character movement?  
  5. tokudake

    OpenGL Dissidia

    Hello, this will be my first post in game design. I have tiny experience in programming with various languages, but i am looking to get into graphic's or game programming for awhile now just for the love of it. XNA seems like a good start for an engine, maybe with OpengL if possible. I'd love to deepen my programming skill while at it. As you can see from the title, Dissidia, the psp version is my aim of game. I am teamed up with two other friends,  and are looking to create something for ourselves, an engine for the fun of it. Maybe it'll be commercial, maybe not, but, baby steps. I consider myself an artist too, so it'd be very cool to say, put in your characters, change the animation, create some attacks, write some stories and you know, have fun with it. A few things i want to understand is: - What is there to consider when First building a game as such? The stat? the goal? The features? 3d space maneuver? - How do we dissect a game? By game windows, the game would feel like a document, with different pages to access and datas to change. - Learning about graphic programming, as you can see from dissidia, it's physics  is pretty rulebreaking, and many attack animation doesn't adhere physics rule, nor the characters' transportation method. Is it a necessity to create a new physics engine?  If so, how should i start? My goal is to create a finished games. Me and my friends, and much like the many final fantasy fans were, character and story oriented.  It's Advent children/Matrix Trilogy cinematic style is just an addittion to its narrative quality. We hope to finish the game in, maybe 2 years at most.  I hope this doesn't sound, or is actually not too ambitious, because to my understanding, Dissidia thriumphs in its graphics and assets, because its experience is condensed in a single 3d fighting space. It is suggested in some books, that the AI with limited actors and fighting space is much easier to target. Like much fighting games. From there you can focus on the banter/balance, art and story.  The game had some, fancy name called "progressive action blablabla" and i think it's a 3rd person shooter/action like Bayonetta and many others. Not that it is less special with those, wall running and fancy action. At this point of development nothing is set on stones except the softwares and graphic and programming languages. Art is something we'd probably keep to ourselves for the fun of it, so we'd love any technical details and learning steps needed to accomplish our goals. Critics are welcome, I'd love to hear about your views and experiences. I'd love to get some help from the community and if things work out, we might just be able to share more as the development progresses.  Oh and our platform will start from PC, because we're more comfortable with it. Here's some imagery to inspire you. Regards, and i look forward to your reply.  
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