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    graphics library or game engine?

    I think the library can handle those things for you , you might have read the advice write games not engines . Someone wrote this    Developing a game is not necessarily a time consuming process. But if  you want to develop a  game engine instead of a game  then that is a time consuming process and you have to learn a lot of third party APIs for that.  
  2. MRQ

    graphics library or game engine?

      I didn't say I don't know classes! I said "Don't think I'm one of those who know C++ but have no idea what classes are!" which I mean I'm not like those who say, okay I know C++ but I don't know what a class or OOP is! There are many of these people that want to start a big thing with their small knowledge! I prefer using SFML over SDL. I have full access to it's source and it's OOP (I have bad memories about using C and SDL stuff!) The thing bothers me is what others say. I have no experience in game development. They say it's not worth it to write the game engine and the game both. It will take a lot of time to finish and etc. They are kinda right, but I'm still not sure to do it myself or use a game engine. And as I said, the networking stuff isn't a problem as I've always used Poco for networking stuff, it's just wonderful!   You can use sfml to make your game . You don't need to develop a game engine which is a time consuming process. Using sfml to develop a 2d game should not take a lot of time .   
  3. MRQ

    graphics library or game engine?

    If you can understand open source software then I think you are a quite good programmer . But you yourself said you don't know much about classes so I was just referring to that. I think you will be good using a graphics library like sfml or sdl . 
  4. Is there any resource for learning direct3d programming that utilizes the Windows SDK instead of the legacy June 2010 SDK   Something without D3DX ?  
  5. MRQ

    graphics library or game engine?

    If you just want to develop a game . Use an existing game engine. If you want to develop a game engine or use a graphics library to make a game then learn at least intermediate level C++ . By the way I am not quite experienced with game development and I normally run away whenever I see networking or multiplayer .   
  6. Hi everyone ! I was trying to learn directx and on the internet I have found some reasonably good tutorials on it. But I am a little bit confuse between the versions of directx , a tutorial at http://directxtutorial.com has tutorials  on these 3 versions but dx 11.1 and 11.2 are based upon winRT and dx 11 seems to be based upon Win32 so are dx 11.1 and 11.2 more higher level than dx 11? Is the performance same on these APIs?  
  7. MRQ

    baby steps in development

    I suggest starting with C . Simple imperative programming after that you can learn OOP languages like C# or Java.
  8. MRQ

    baby steps in development

    First just learn one programming language I suggest Java as it is the main language for Android app development . As for the career just do what your interest is don't think too much about it. Go to college and a University and get a CS or software engineering degree if that is what you want to do.
  9. Well you can use higher level tools to make games or lower level , you won't be competing against AAA titles whatever you do . The only thing you gain is knowledge and by using lower level APIs you learn more that is what it's all about for me . Even if you learn high level first for the 0.01% you still need to learn low level APIs then why not do it first.  The project I have in my mind is a game engine , it is reinventing the wheel and even won't compete against the ones that already exist but that is what I want to do maybe I can or I cannot but still worth a try.
  10. Sometimes it helps to use the middle-level APIs, to learn how their interfaces are designed, before jumping to a low level and not knowing what to aim for. But if that's really what you want to do, my advise would be to use Qt. It provides low level access to mid-level libraries in a cross-platform way, and you'll learn how GUI widgets fit together. Qt is more for desktop applications rather than games, but it sounds like that's what you are interested in. If you are interested in low-level 3D or 2D graphics, then you *should* use SFML for managing your windows and events, and use OpenGL for the graphics... but I think that'd dive you too fast into the deep end. Perhaps a more ideal choice is for you to use SDL, which is probably low enough to satisfy you. I'd suggest starting with SDL, and after a year of using it, decide how you want to proceed from there.Thanks for the advice , I will try to use SDL first but I don't think that high level apis really help , how does learning wpf/winRT help you in learning win32 api? But it may help me in this case.
  11. Thanks everyone for the help. But I don't want to do something like sfml apart from the pain in setting it up even though it makes thing easier I don't just want to make games it is more like I want to know how things work. So when I start I will start with some low level api.
  12. I vote for this. As I explained here, when the language and graphics at the same time was overwhelming I fell back on just the language for at least 2 years. It is best to get language struggles out of the way and put down graphics programming until then period.     L. Spiro   Can you help me with some sources I should use to learn the language ? 
  13. I won't say I am really that confused but I think I need some practice with advanced concepts such as inheritance , polymorphism also with templates. So can I get good at them using an api?
  14. Hello everyone ! . I have learnt C++ a bit but the language is too broad and honestly I do not know how to use all the programming techniques in real world applications but I generally know the concepts . So should I now start some graphics programming in C++ and if I want can I start with some low level api such as direct3d and openGL??  
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