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  1. sir_khris

    Monogame tutorials

    ok. thank you :)
  2. sir_khris

    Monogame tutorials

    Hello everyone! its been awhile. Life was keeping me busy. Anywho I've been doing some digging to find some good and UPDATED tutorials for Monogame 3.4. As of right now I'm kinda dead in the water. I'm kinda contemplating weather I should use an older version of Monogame or find something else to teach me game programming. Any help is welcomed!
  3. sir_khris

    hello! just joined.

    Well I've been searching the internet to find a descent tutorial for pong on Unity. Maybe I should drop that and do that Monogame tutorial that Eck offered. I just want to know and make my first game, even if it is simple pong. In addition, from what I discovered from watching pong tutorials, I want to know why certain codes do what they do instead of just simply copy paste the code. I mean I want to make the games but I want to KNOW how to make games so I can transfer this knowledge to other projects. I'd also like to express thanks for all the support, advice, and suggestions from everyone :)
  4. sir_khris

    hello! just joined.

    DaveSF noted. I'll let you know. right now I'm tinkering a little bit with Unity :)
  5. sir_khris

    hello! just joined.

    Thank you Eck. I really want all the help I can get. For too long I've been too afraid to ask for help from others to get me started down this path.
  6. sir_khris

    hello! just joined.

    Thank you AnnaMarie and I am more interested in "how those tools function". I feel that will help me in the long run as I try to get into the game development field. I would also like to apologize for the redundant post that I'm sure comes up often in the beginner forums. 
  7. sir_khris

    hello! just joined.

    Hello everyone, as the title implies, I just recently found out about this page and joined. I'm really interested in getting into game development and have a reasonable understanding of C# and Java but I don't know how or where to start. Should I be using Unity to make a game or try to build a game completely from scratch? I know I need to start somewhere simple, like pong, but I don't know where exactly to begin. Any help will be great. thanks
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