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    Best engine for developing a 2D roguelike

    Interesting. I'm torn between Game Maker and Unity now. The game I'm going to try to create will be similar to Nuclear Throne, Catacomb Kids, The Binding of Isaac or something along those lines.
  2. Joost_Kivits

    Best engine for developing a 2D roguelike

    Well I guess I'll give Game Maker a try then! It's a bit more intuitive for the kind of game that I'm making than just using scripts without an engine. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Although more people's opinions are always welcome!
  3. Joost_Kivits

    Best engine for developing a 2D roguelike

    Thanks for the info Delite! And well, I was afraid a simple engine like Game Maker wouldn't be able to produce procedurally generated content like randomly generated dungeons and stuff. It all seemed pretty basic, but then again some pretty impressive games have been made using the engine.    And SOL-2517, I had some bad experiences with HTML5 + canvas. Just not really accustomed to it I guess. I also want to make the game an executable.
  4. Joost_Kivits

    Best engine for developing a 2D roguelike

    I'm just wondering if Game Maker isn't a bit limited in its capabilities since it uses drag and drop actions. My game might need some advanced coding.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums and I was hoping you guys could settle something for me. I have a little bit of experience developing 3D games with unity 3D and programming languages like Javascript and C# (although you could say I'm technically still a beginner). But now I want to move on to developing a 2D roguelike dungeon crawling game and I find myself a bit confused, so I have a couple of questions:   What engine would be best to use for a 2D game? Since I only have experience with 3D games I'm used to always using a graphics engine (like Unity or Unreal) but I've heard people say that for 2D games using a graphics engine is foolish. Other people say say that I should use something like Game Maker. Games similar to the game I'm trying to create have been created with Game Maker as well (Nuclear Throne, Catacomb Kids etc.) but I'm a bit hesitant to use it since it mostly uses drag and drop events and I feel a lot more confident simply writing javascript scripts which feel a lot less limiting.   So could someone please help me settle this? How would I go about starting this project? Thanks in advance!   -Joost
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