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  1. I understand, but it will only work if you register your class. LuaRef can only be used with the standard Lua types, and the types registered with .beginClass. If you don't register your class, Luabridge will miss some information to do the conversion properly between a Lua lightuserdata object and a C++ pointer.
  2. Did you also register your Object class in LuaRef? In your beginNamespace() you must have somewhere at least a .beginClass<Object>("Object") somewhere before the LuaRef can be casted to the Object class.
  3. Daixiwen

    Spaghetti code

    I'm not familiar with Blueprints, I was mostly talking about Labview. Yes it does look messy, and from what you are saying Blueprints is better designed. Labview is also a lot older and as such carries a lot more baggage. You can put text blocks for comments but it's not always easy to see what the comment is actually commenting and sometimes you need to add arrows or other visual indications. It doesn't add to the script's prettiness ;)
  4. Daixiwen

    Spaghetti code

    I think the main problem is the lack of comments or variable names. Sure you can add some text blocks if you want but it's still a lot more difficult to comment something done with a visual programming tool. Organizing your code is also easier in a text based programming language in my opinion. You can organize in different text blocks and insert code where needed. In a visual programming language if you haven't planned enough space around your first blocks you may spend a good amount of time just moving things around to make enough space for new blocks you want to insert. Also when trying to understand what a block does, the lack of variable names means often that you have to follow back the signal from its source to see what it actually is, and it can be time consuming when dealing with some code you are not familiar with.
  5. Daixiwen

    Spaghetti code

    It has been one year and fingers crossed, I didn't have to look back into the code yet! (not because there isn't any need to, but because I was "prioritized" on other projects and we are letting this one slowly rot). And yes I agree that labview is great for the GUI part, it's the rest that can be a pain. I've never used blueprints but I guess it is a similar problem. Using a graphical representation for code only works when your task is very simple. As for using a dll, I don't have a C++ environment installed on the machine (and I'm not sure I'd like to, it's a PXI system similar to this one, it's hard drive performance isn't that great and I don't want to bloat it with more software). I found somewhere a module that lets you extend Labview with Lua scripts and I may look into that one day, if I have the time.
  6. Daixiwen

    Windows 10 Audio problems: Any Ideas?

    You could also unplug the keyboard and see if the volume is still increasing from time to time (and find something else to do in the mean time :D )
  7. If you are already comfortable with C++ I'd recommend Qt. It's multiplatform and very well documented. Qt creator includes a GUI and a code editor, and the Qt signals and slots mechanism lets you get some code controlled by the GUI up and running really quickly. If you are doing a commercial product, don't forget to read about the licenses. GTK+ is using the LGPL, so as long as you don't modify it you are fine. Qt uses also the LGPL for the most part but some libraries are under GPL. They also have a commercial license.
  8. I still see the SQL error message when trying to reach gamedev on http. The site is working fine when using https. I know we are all moving to https and I've updated my bookmark, but if there is no plan to make the non-tls version of the site working again maybe it should redirect to the tls version instead of giving an error?
  9. Daixiwen

    How to lose friends and alienate coworkers.

    How about adding a #define TRUE FALSEhidden deep in a header file somewhere?
  10. It actually depends on where you are downloading flash from, but in some countries Adobe wants you to install other programs such as McAfee when you download (or even update) flash. You need to remember to uncheck the box before you start the download. Once it also wanted me to install an Intel utility, I don't remember which one. I'd be curious to know where you got that impression from.
  11. Daixiwen

    Fast Approximation to memcpy()

    I'm surprised no one came with a solution using 3 or 4 boost template classes that would magically be optimized by the intelligent compiler.
  12. Daixiwen

    Coding-Style Poll

    Like most people here I can adapt to different coding styles (except Hungarian notation, that really I can't stand :D ) Yes sure it can be a bit annoying to have the company force you to adhere to a coding standard, but it's even worse to work on a project where different files use different styles (or even sometimes different styles in the same file). I still have a few files around that mix tabs and spaces, just because two persons couldn't agree on which one to use. And now they are both irritated (and me too each time I have to change something there). I wish we had stronger coding rules here but I don't have the time or the will to start this kind of fight ;)
  13. Daixiwen

    Removing a deep recursive folder structure

    Murphy's laws says that the create function accepts paths one character longer than the delete function.
  14. Daixiwen

    Need one more book on graphics programming ;)

    I solved the shelf problem by buying my technical books on my kindle :D I had to struggle to put the RTR book on it though. Amazon wouldn't let me buy it (it says it only works on the color kindle, not the paperwhite version) so I had to buy it on Google Books instead, remove the DRM and transfer it to the Kindle. :blink:
  15. Daixiwen

    Serious Problems with computer

    If the drive is useless anyway, you can also attempt a low level format. If the drive failure comes from a damaged magnetic surface it won't help, but it is comes from a misalignment of the heads it can restore your drive. Of course it will also wipe all data and if done from Windows you need another working drive to boot Windows on. I can't find a low level format utility on the Hitachi web site any more. There is WinDFT that has an "Erase disk" option but it's unclear whether it's really low level format. There are also other utilities on the net to do that (some of them shareware). In any case this is a last resort solution. It may give your drive a few extra months, but even if it works the drive should still be considered extremely unreliable, so backup often ;) . Still it may be an alternative to just packing it up if you need a working computer.
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