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    Different physical attributes for dragons

    I just want to point out you used the term "might feel unrealistic" in reference to a dragon :) I dont see a reason you cant "do it all" - random color + random accents. If you get a funny looking dragon, so what? It's a fantasy creature :D
  2. DanglinBob

    Survival Game Elements

    There's as many types of survival games are there are colors in the rainbow.   On the one hand you have games like DayZ where the enemy is always another live human and the only point and purpose is to gain strength via equipment to survive the many people who are trying to do the same. The enemy is simply your trust in humanity.   On the other you have a game like Rust, where the majority of the game is centered around building a base and surving much akin to DayZ, where everyone you meet is potentially hostile. However, the relative safety of a base where you can respawn to creates much stronger forms of alliances and bonds and larger risk taking.   On the other hand you have a game like Don't Starve, where survival is more against an AI clock that is progressively getting more difficult.   On yet stil the other hand you have a games like Rogue, where survival is about pushing forward to achieve an objective and win condition.   And so on. The list is pretty huge. At its core nearly every game you play is a "survival" game of some kind. The question is how far down the rabbit hole of what is a threat and what do you do after you overcome that threat do you go? Can you make a game in which survival in the barest sense is always the goal? Food? Shelter? Oxygen? No enemies, just the inability to get beyond the basic needs? I don't know about that, but you could do it if you wanted. Or you could have the Rogue loot / power treadmill, in which by the end of the game you're a downright baddass with hardly any fear of anything you find.
  3. DanglinBob

    Neat Magic System

    Where's the fun here? It's an interesting gimmick, but does it really make combat more strategic? Challenging? Does it make your character planning better?   DifferentName has the right idea, I think. You need something propelling you forward, forcing you to fight even when the moons aren't in your favor (or playing to your strengths at least).   In Rogue you had a food clock, you simply couldn't sit around waiting for things to be in your favor or you'd potentially starve to death. There needs to be a mechanism and style of play that says "While the moons are not in my favor I will fight these easier foes, then take on that challenging foe when things are more in my favor" and the inherant risk of "even though I am trying to avoid the big baddie, I am still at risk of stumbling across something dangerous or the big baddie stumbling across ME"   The idea of being strong at one time and weak at another requires the constant fear and planning of moves to be fun. Sounds like a good idea to me for the right type of game, but put into the wrong type of game and it will be a weak gimmick and nothing more.
  4. DanglinBob

    Game Design Doc Any good cyber punk rpg ideas

    This is what you need: http://gameshelf.jmac.org/2008/11/13/GrimPuzzleDoc_small.pdf   It's the design doc for Grimm Fandango. Obviously your setting is different, but this should be a great source of inspiration
  5. DanglinBob

    New take on Conversation in Video Games

    To quote Spiderweb Software (Whose games have over 200,000 lines of dialogue in them). Never force your player to read :)   Sad but true!
  6. DanglinBob

    Which registrar should I use?

    I still just use godaddy. No problems there.
  7. DanglinBob

    New take on Conversation in Video Games

    I'd just like to be the vague voice of reason that says: Videogames (on the whole) lack good writers. Compare even your favorite games to your favorite movies or books and you'll get an idea. Now imagine the difficulty in crafting multi-variable conversations to craft an enhanced story. Frankly I think you'll end up trading the semblence of interactivity (if you succeed) at the cost of good writing. Not saying you shouldn't try, as what you want to do may be the holy grail of game design, I am just trying to point out trading interactivity for entertainment is probably unwise.
  8. DanglinBob

    Ideas of auto-combat system for spaceships game

    As with anything it ranges from extremely complex solutions (Gratuitous Space Battles) to totally abstract systems. Endless Space basically had this, a giant Rock Paper Scissor battle, which did its job decently well. In the more ancient indie side, I'd look into Starships Unlimited too, old as it is.
  9. DanglinBob

    Dual Stick Shooters - Flying or on Foot?

    Im not sure the setting (space, on foot) is actually the item in question here, but rather the design of a "Bullet hell" game vs. a traditional top down shooter using dual stick controls.   Most common is how quickly you can turn between on foot vs. space, but there's no particular reason you couldn't have it reversed (Say, if you were a gun toting ice-hocky player ... ok now I am just getting side tracked by brilliant ideas...)   Also, for PC I always prefer WASD + Mouse over dual stick... just my personal opinion though. Crimsonland may be my favorite game in this genre and a great example of how a "twin stick" style game can avoid being a bullet hell.
  10. Well everyone knows I love EC, so it shouldn't be a surprise to hear me say: Anyone doing game design should know of them (at least). Probably watch most, if not all, of what they put together. Not because it's going to blow your mind with new things, but because it is well put together and will get you to consider a variety of stances or ideas you may have been running on autopilot. For novices you'll probably encounter a whole lot of things you never considered.   My favorite episode is Tangential Learning, which I wholeheartedly reccomend even non-game designers watch.
  11. DanglinBob

    RTS Design - Race Ideas/Question

    Not a huge RTS person myself, so take this with a grain of salt as it may not quite 1:1 apply... but there is a turn based game named Dominions (not the card game) which has a LOT of races (like 100 of them). Many are very similar to eachother, but a few are radically different... including one that kind of has your thought for a non-expanding race.   Eremor I think is the race I have in mind: It's basically the undead kingdom who literally kills off the population of everything it touches, every turn, and turns some of those that die into a legion of weak (but incredibly numerous) troops. The end result is you have extremely diminishing returns if you are not constantly pushing your boundaries forward and once you've held an area for a while it becomes literally worthless to your enemies to take.   I don't quite think this translates into an RTS so much as it is a kind of different way to look at expansion: Turn a race into a plague on the battlefield, which if left unchecked will prevent anyone from getting the critical mass they need to overcome. Strong early game, weak late game. Though you can offset that weakness by giving it some late game advantages. Won't be easy to balance if your goal is multiplayer though :)
  12. We combine google docs with mindmap software & spreadsheets... that's about it :)
  13. DanglinBob

    guns, ships and space combat :)

    Just an annoying asside- Technically if we're using what we know of real space physics Swift... it isn't that the beam is instantanious across a huge distance, it is that detection of the beam being fired would be instantanious to its impact. Of course if you have FTL travel maybe you have a way to detect a shot is fired before impact and dodge it (assuming you're fighting light-minutes away from eachother).   Ah.. science... don't break it too much :D   Anyway - easier solution seems to be "charge up and refire times" - making this a game of rock paper scissor. Using a huge long charge time cannon on a small ship means several rounds of not being able to fire - plenty of time for some smaller ships to gang up and obliterate you. I am not generally a fan of those kinds of rps mechanics but it would be the easy solution you're looking for.
  14. DanglinBob

    Humble Bundle + Indie Game Making Contest

    Pro Motion and Play Canvas were just added to the bundle. Also total prize money is now over 50k with 21 possible prizes to win (maybe more).
  15. DanglinBob

    Killing off Flash and the impact that would have

    In a recent post Unity said webGL is still at least a year out for real deployment. IE simply won't support it (period) and the new IE on Win 10 will, but its adoption rate will be crap for a while. Chrome and Firefox handle it ok but it soaks up system resources and has severe memory limitations.   No good answer really. Unity Player is dead for sure. Flash may be (but I doubt it). WebGL may be years before it reaches stability and hardware accessability. Gonna be a bumpy ride for web based content!
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