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  1. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    Are you sick of hearing about Optional Realities? Do you want more information on this supposed Scifi MUD that we have in development? Well I have good news and bad news! The good news is we have just done our 2nd information release for Project Redshift! The bad news is it's on Optional Realities, right here... http://optionalrealities.com/forums/index.php?topic=124.0
  2. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    Japheth is the lead design of FutureMUD a next generation engine for the development of MUDs! It's all in the name, he's got a gift for it. Find out more about the engine and about his journey developing it right here on Optional Realities! http://optionalrealities.com/designing-a-more-customisable-mud-engine/
  3. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    Optional Realities just finished its first community contest. Each submission was a 600 word game design pitch and here is the thread with the winners. We're hosting the submissions for people to check out! 1st place took home 50 USD, 2nd place took home 35 USD, and 3rd place took home 15 USD. Our next contest will be announced on the 1st.       http://optionalrealities.com/forums/index.php?topic=101.0  
  4. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    Are you a developer or game staff? Are you considering giving your players more freedom to edit items, rooms, and even businesses within your gameworld? Well HavenRPG has a lot of experience in this arena and we have Tyr from their staff writing an article this week about just that topic. http://optionalrealities.com/the-advantages-and-risks-of-allowing-player-building/ Questions Do you believe that the players should be entrusted with the freedom to write strings for items and even the descriptions? Do you think players can be trusted to write up room descs for their homes and businesses? Do you think that this allows for better use of staff time as they can focus on proof reading or making improvements to the game?
  5. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    This week we have Icarus from Shadows of Isildur discussing variable design in text-based gaming... http://optionalrealities.com/building-better-aesthetic-variables/ We also have 5 more days until May 25th when our cash contest for game design pitches will be closed! Find out more here... http://optionalrealities.com/forums/index.php?topic=13.0
  6. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    Do you have a low fantasy setting? Do you have a lot of magic in your game? Are you interested in an editorial about the two when they combine? From the Esos game staff... http://optionalrealities.com/the-nature-of-high-fantasy-magic-in-a-low-fantasy-rpg/
  7. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    Has your interest in text-based gaming and game design been piqued? Do you want to find an engine to do your masterpiece on? Do you simply want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out Griatch's article on the brand new Evennia engine. http://optionalrealities.com/evennia-the-mud-creation-library/
  8. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    Are you the developer or staffer on a multi-player game? Is there busywork that seems like it sucks up all of your time? Are you a text-based game staffer getting sick of having to manually instruct NPCs to do shit day after day? Apollo shares her thoughts on how and when to automated systems! http://optionalrealities.com/harder-better-faster-stronger-automated-systems/
  9. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    Do you like implementing systems? Do you have a game that updates regularly? Well find out how Sindome (cyberpunk text-based RPG) implements new systems and keeps them balanced and up to date! http://optionalrealities.com/developing-and-iterating-new-features/
  10. OptionalRealities

    Launched: Optional Realities & Project Redshift

    Regarding our May 2015 contest, since not everyone will click the tiny link to check it out. It is a game design contest for a text-based game. Whether it's single player, multiplayer, online, or offline. Whatever your idea we want to hear it out. Text-based gaming isn't a dying genre and it's still the best medium possible for multiplaying and storytelling that is immersive and compelling!   Did I mention there are cash prizes? 1st place is 50 USD, 2nd place is 35 USD, and 3rd place is 15 USD. There are already 5 submissions in and the deadline is May 25th. If you want to know more click right here!  
  11. Hey everyone, I'd like to announce the opening of Optional Realities, a design blog and community supporting roleplay-focused text-based games. We are committed to the following:   We will publish regular articles every week, not only written by our own team of experienced text-based game Designers, but the staff of prominent roleplaying games like Sindome, Evolution of Esos, Shadows of Isildur, Haven: Mists and Shadow, and others. We will moderate a community forum as a place for leaders in our genre of text-based RPGs to discuss roleplaying, writing, design, and upcoming events for their games. We will do everything that we can to help support designers looking to create their own games in our genre. We will host monthly contests with cash prizes, ranging from storytelling competitions, to game design proposals, to submission of quality roleplaying logs. The Optional Realities team is also committed to our work with the Evennia engine, which we are using to create a new engine and sci-fi roleplay-centric MUD. But, we'll introduce that project at another time, very soon. Please join us at Optional Realities, in our effort to strengthen our 20+ year old community (the text-based gaming community) and build towards an ever-better future for text-based roleplaying games. Also check out our May 2015 contest here! Jeshin Founder of Optional Realities optionalrealities.com/ optionalrealities.com/forums/
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