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    Transferring project from one team to another

    Thank you all for your support on the subject, and apologies for taking time to answer. We have actually finished the contract and the developer was paid fully, so I do not think there is any legal issues (my mistake for not pointing that out). From the developers point of view, the game is ready for launch but we see a lot of flaws in the animations, art and sounds. We have already contacted an amazing animator and he is working with us right now. The development company didn't like that we are outsourcing the animator, so they are making it hard for us to continue with a new contract and fix the problems. That is why we want to transfer the project to another team. Our question is do we only need the source files? will that be enough for the new company to start on fixing the project? or is it easier and more efficient to start from scratch?   Thanks again,
  2. Hello,   I am currently in the middle of a game project for iOS. The problem is that my choice was not the best when choosing a game development company (bad animation, bad programming... etc). I really want to change the company but I do not know how hard it is to transfer a project which is under development from one company to another. I need the forums advice on this issue. Also, I would love a recommendation from the forum on some decent game development companies out there.   Thanks,
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