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  1. grumpyOldDude

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    Lol @Hodgman I'm quietly hoping you are exaggerating X 3 over, to inject some humour.
  2. grumpyOldDude

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    I shifted from making a game to making a tool for gaming (not an engine), so my worst moment(s) is the feelings that I've taken on more than I can chew. Many at times I feel so overwhelmed with TO DOs that i kind of shout out internally HELP!! The other thing is getting stranded for too long with some bugs and over-running my estimated time for that section of the project. When this happens back to back (and it usually does) I get pissed.
  3. grumpyOldDude

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    From the bit that I read about US politics from across the oceans, 1. I know what matters to the US electorate is the economy and jobs. And because his presidency started at a relatively good period (unlike the Obama era that started after the financial crisis)... all Trump has to do to keep the economy and jobs in a healthy state is give it a little nudge. So right now both are doing well 2. Other crisis would not affect Trump's presidency or re-election because expected moral standard is extremely low. I mean he was elected after saying he grabs women by....., mimic disable, disrespect fallen veterans family and a few other crisis. So any crisis about moral that happens is just Trump being Trump to his supporters 3. From Bill Clinton's example we learnt that impeachment rules are very complex and the numbers are massively in favour of Trump So with the above said I will put my neck on the line that he will last full eight years and still remain popular amongst his base at the end. I mean YOU CAN CHOP MY HEAD OFF if he doesn't last his full two terms
  4. grumpyOldDude

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    This is the most bizarre kind of tantrum I've seen for a long time You're not only saying "I don't want to get involved with political discussions", you're also saying: "I don't want to see political threads on the front page" Everyone knows the front page is very dynamic as newer topics soon override older ones after a short while. And with political discussions forming just a tiny percent of the entire discussions on the forums there is no way anyone would think "political threads looking like such a significant portion of the content on the site..." Besides your point about being "someone claiming to get nauseous when being reminded Trump is president" is a personal and subjective thing, as we all have different stuff we get nauseous about, do we then control content of the site because of that? ....bearing in mind the lounge is the only subforum allowing off-topic non game dev discussions Apart from (occasionally) reading the thread, I myself never intended making any posts... until I read your comments
  5. grumpyOldDude

    Who's your intellectual idol?

    Despite his interests in physics and astronomy his bachelor's degree was in history (rebelled as a teenager ) yet he received the highest awards in mathematics and physics
  6. grumpyOldDude

    Who's your intellectual idol?

    Very important points, targets and essential skills you mentioned here In addition one could also be inspired by great intellects and their stories. Drawing inspiration from those who have broken new grounds,... kinda gives you some mental strength to have a go at something in your own little way
  7. grumpyOldDude

    Who's your intellectual idol?

    4 grumpy juniors would normally come to mind but since you emphasise on intellectual... for me it can only be Ed Witten
  8. I thought as much, thanks for the quick response, appreciated
  9. While writing some posts, I quoted, and the owners of quotes were there but when I submitted posts, the owners of the quotes had disappeared. I don't know if this was intended or a bug Needless to say, there are zillions of reasons and advantages for quote to have owners and no reason at all (and a lot of disadvantages) for quotes to be left hanging without owners
  10. grumpyOldDude

    Ways to avoid Subconscious Prejudice

    Great advice What this suggest to me is we should avoid acting on our default mindset all of the time. The problem is (i think) human brains (or at least mine) is probably too lazy for this Like Oberon said, these prejudices are more usually expressed in racial stereotyping, gender bias, social class, the image you have in your head as ideal/not ideal and even sexual orientations, but i have to be careful because going specific on these cases can result in a bad thread so the general example you gave is fine In some situations you do have the opportunity to talk to people meet them, interact with different ideas and so on. In fact this is a kind of level 2. I never fail on this level which what I meant in the initial post that if I am not in default mode, that conscious of the possibility that I might go off the rails, then I do very well The problem comes when your bias reactions are immediate and the consequences of a bad judgement call give you no 2nd chances. I suppose a solution will be like lawnjelly said paraphrasing:: reflect always on your actions and let it rewire your brain to a new you
  11. grumpyOldDude

    Ways to avoid Subconscious Prejudice

    The bold question typifies my problem. We humans think we can... and like you said sometimes we are right. A few times wrong. You will probably want a better technique than just instinct for the sake avoiding guilt that comes on us the times we realise we got it very wrong. Like the other day I referred to a woman as a bitch, not just because she a woman, but because of the impression her looks gave me, only to realise latter that she was the sweetest and one of the most caring ladies I've met The evolutionary advantage makes very good sense Reminds me of another problem that may also be evolutionary, :: I am quick to see a rival that i'm competing with in a person if they are outside my circle. This is as bad if not worse If all situations provide opportunities for second chances of a controlled response that would be ideal, but many time we take the crucial decisions and actions based on our first impressions. These set the tone/foundations for future relationships. I think being open minded may pay more in the long run than relying on a secondary controlled response, because the damage may have been done by then
  12. grumpyOldDude

    Ways to avoid Subconscious Prejudice

    I so often catch myself prejudging people (i haven't met before and don't even know) based on just first time impression. This might be OK in the context of a job interview when the interviewers are trying to make a quick decision. But in my failings this is not the context, its just subconscious prejudging on a fairly regular basis. And when the prejudging is negative - which is now termed as prejudice (hope my def is correct) - it bothers me a lot. This is more so because I really get mad and seriously pissed off when I'm on the receiving end of such prejudice. And I do get on the receiving end a lot. Though the difference being that the prejudice i find myself at the receiving end (I suspect) is along racial line, but the prejudice I find myself with is independent of race, but then both are bad. The fact is that if in my thoughts I am consciously aware of this pit fall I'm able to avoid it, It is when I'm not consciously thinking of it that I fall into the trap. Since I do get angry when I'm on the receiving end, its not enough for me to sweep my failings under the carpet and say "well everyone does this anyway" I suppose my question then is has anyone trained their minds away from this kind of prejudice at the subconscious level and how did you do it?
  13. grumpyOldDude

    Have you ever had your game idea stolen?

    I have to admit that you are correct .... well with a but...... ...there is another way of looking at it. Big companies can take the risk of untested ideas because they can absorb the loses if it fails There are many examples of this having happened, but just to mention one.... Remember Google Glasses? That was untested, Google took the risk, and it failed spectacularly even before it took off. I don't know how many millions Google spent on R&D for this project, but the fact that they had to bin it did not dent Google's profit a bit. It would have crippled a smaller company. In fact a much smaller company with very limited funds would be stupid to take such a risk, which if it fails, will kill them. Companies that can absorb losses from their other profitable projects are better off taking such risks Edit: Mis-read your post earlier today (that always happens when i read from mobile) reading again from my Laptop, i realised I misunderstood you. Yeah i get your point now
  14. or not possible at all directly from the menus... you get to the all forums page and there is lots of scrolling to find what you want There is already too much scrolling before you see any post at all in the Beginners and Business subforums much less user friendly
  15. grumpyOldDude

    Have you ever had your game idea stolen?

    @Scouting Ninja and @Rutin consider this scenario (applies not only with game ideas/designs but across the board) - you are a lonewolf developer or at most a small team of 3 developers. You've spent countless hours researching, burning your brain cells to innovate and come up with original exciting ideas. Cash-strap, you guys are mentally exhausted and just want develop an initial lite, low cost version of your idea and make some initial money to fund your optimised sequels (irrespective of money raised from crowd funding, you guys are still cash-strapped and seriously depleted). Your aim is to become mega big by your 3rd or 4th shipping, at least thats the plan Then there is this massive and very rich team with >50 developers. Fresh, but devoid of innovative ideas You chums being so naive remain open with your design and ideas, even your step by step plan of shipping Anyways this mega team wisely nicks your ideas, up to your future release plans, add some of their cosmetics stuff - with >50 developers and no problems with funds, they have no problems at all making your full optimised ideas in no time. You guys did all the ground work, they take all the glory as innovators They render your lite version... even your futuristic shipping obsolete It was your brilliance that gave birth to the ideas, they reap all the rewards You guys burnt the mid-night oil, are exhausted and penniless, whille they remain fresh, rich and still counting Don't say this can never happen, (not just game ideas/designs) if it ideas is really top class innovative, and original, it will worth it for some hawks to nick it. If it doesn't happen to you then they think its not good enough to worth stealing Moral of the story:: be moderately cautious with your design/ideas. Not saying you should be completely closed. But try to be wise, not stupid. Smart and not naive
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