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  1. grumpyOldDude

    Could I make a Indie Comp?

    You are jumping many steps Spend some years learning how to code, model and use tools like unity, unreal and/or gamemaker. Think about the depth and complexity of the type of game you want to make... if its a fairly complex one then you have to work in a company for several months or a few years- so you have some experience on how everything comes together (you will also have to save some capital if you haven't got some already) If you think you need to employ a couple of helpers or so, you have to work out the type of contract agreement that best suits both parties, you have to acquire some 'peoples' skills and also how to run a business Then you are ready to form your own indie company There are several resources online and on this forum to learn each aspect that I mentioned
  2. grumpyOldDude

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    For violating my paragraph above about "respect". When I visit the GameDev.net front page and see the summarized contents of replies where members are attacking each others' intelligence, the thread has to stop. If "respect" is violated, its usually some few perpetrators. Why not eject the perpetrators, usually a minority. Its not fair on those who have striven to maintained a civil discussion, to shut down the thread And @mikeman I don't you are one of those who behaved badly. No need to feel guilty(as your post seem to indicate) or ban yourself from such discussions This is still subjective Take a topical US issue - gun ownership - for instance. If I make a statement, (for simplicity):: "Ban gun ownership for all who don't need it for a profession, and mass shooting will cease" To a right leaning moderator, my view if implemented will limit their rights and liberty to gun ownership. To a left leaning moderator, my statement is absolutely fine and not contentious
  3. grumpyOldDude

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    Also fits a reply to @JTippetts 's posts It seems like you'e saying people cannot avoid reading or taking part in Lounge (or political) discussions. When we all know that those who are not interested can ignore (with eyes, brain and software filters). As we all know there are people who have been members for many years and have never posted in the lounge. I for one know many. And they happily post in technical forums. You have a choice and control on where you want to participate. What I can suggest for further improvement is: that filters be placed all over the site so that you see only your preferences Its a double edged sword. Politics affects the lives of everyone and in forums like these -as long as the platform is a non-dedicated one, I think people who are interested should have a chance to engage in such discussions. Mis-Interpretation of what is considered toxic kinda exaggerates your point. Extreme views/stance either liberal or ultra-right shouldn't be considered toxic (it often is), only personal attacks and insults should be. This is clearly easy to spot out, thus should be flagged up for moderation immediately
  4. grumpyOldDude

    On Politics Threads and the GameDev.net Community

    "sorry but most of you guys' opinions are terrible..." relative to your stance? And your stance is the perfect opinion standard bar? "... and I've grown tired of reading the latest stupidity" Again these are peoples opinions, so they are stupid relative to your opinion? Or to a standard stance? Life is a cycle, as some people are maturing out of the stupid stage others are entering into it. You probably once had opinions which were less than perfect before, and now you emerged from it, you saying the platform should be banished? If the minimum rep is not solely from similar political threads (of which voting would not be allowed in future) it is meaningless and would not be effective in eliminating certain members (whatever their type is). Because reps gained else where (ie technical forums) cannot translate to good behaviour in political threads The rest of these sounds like a dictatorship is about to emerge here.... careful As for the main point of this thread raised by @khawk. My personal opinion is: it is the Lounge for heavens sake, and I just see most of it as having a little bit of fun... even for the so-called heated political thread - I have zero tolerance for personal insults - otherwise lighten up guys
  5. where are the smiley buttons? whatever my browser size, this is what I get
  6. grumpyOldDude

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    The last 3 posts points to and reinforces a very obvious flaw in US politics.... the 2 party system If you disagree with 83% of what a candidate/party stands for and disagree 95% with the other candidate/party (minor parties and independents don't count as they have approx 0% votes), you are forced to vote for the candidate you disagree the least with and not because you agree with much of what that candidate stands for. But because you're so short of better choices It forces you to make a binary black/white decision That's killing democracy or maybe its better to say democracy is 75% dead in a country that thinks its a democracy and leader of the free world
  7. grumpyOldDude

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    Lol @Hodgman I'm quietly hoping you are exaggerating X 3 over, to inject some humour.
  8. grumpyOldDude

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    I shifted from making a game to making a tool for gaming (not an engine), so my worst moment(s) is the feelings that I've taken on more than I can chew. Many at times I feel so overwhelmed with TO DOs that i kind of shout out internally HELP!! The other thing is getting stranded for too long with some bugs and over-running my estimated time for that section of the project. When this happens back to back (and it usually does) I get pissed.
  9. grumpyOldDude

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    From the bit that I read about US politics from across the oceans, 1. I know what matters to the US electorate is the economy and jobs. And because his presidency started at a relatively good period (unlike the Obama era that started after the financial crisis)... all Trump has to do to keep the economy and jobs in a healthy state is give it a little nudge. So right now both are doing well 2. Other crisis would not affect Trump's presidency or re-election because expected moral standard is extremely low. I mean he was elected after saying he grabs women by....., mimic disable, disrespect fallen veterans family and a few other crisis. So any crisis about moral that happens is just Trump being Trump to his supporters 3. From Bill Clinton's example we learnt that impeachment rules are very complex and the numbers are massively in favour of Trump So with the above said I will put my neck on the line that he will last full eight years and still remain popular amongst his base at the end. I mean YOU CAN CHOP MY HEAD OFF if he doesn't last his full two terms
  10. grumpyOldDude

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    This is the most bizarre kind of tantrum I've seen for a long time You're not only saying "I don't want to get involved with political discussions", you're also saying: "I don't want to see political threads on the front page" Everyone knows the front page is very dynamic as newer topics soon override older ones after a short while. And with political discussions forming just a tiny percent of the entire discussions on the forums there is no way anyone would think "political threads looking like such a significant portion of the content on the site..." Besides your point about being "someone claiming to get nauseous when being reminded Trump is president" is a personal and subjective thing, as we all have different stuff we get nauseous about, do we then control content of the site because of that? ....bearing in mind the lounge is the only subforum allowing off-topic non game dev discussions Apart from (occasionally) reading the thread, I myself never intended making any posts... until I read your comments
  11. grumpyOldDude

    Who's your intellectual idol?

    Despite his interests in physics and astronomy his bachelor's degree was in history (rebelled as a teenager ) yet he received the highest awards in mathematics and physics
  12. grumpyOldDude

    Who's your intellectual idol?

    Very important points, targets and essential skills you mentioned here In addition one could also be inspired by great intellects and their stories. Drawing inspiration from those who have broken new grounds,... kinda gives you some mental strength to have a go at something in your own little way
  13. grumpyOldDude

    Who's your intellectual idol?

    4 grumpy juniors would normally come to mind but since you emphasise on intellectual... for me it can only be Ed Witten
  14. I thought as much, thanks for the quick response, appreciated
  15. While writing some posts, I quoted, and the owners of quotes were there but when I submitted posts, the owners of the quotes had disappeared. I don't know if this was intended or a bug Needless to say, there are zillions of reasons and advantages for quote to have owners and no reason at all (and a lot of disadvantages) for quotes to be left hanging without owners
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