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  1. I need a mentor

    Very True. Posting your questions, problems and how to make next steps, here can achieve better than a personal mentor will do
  2. Tribute to Stephen Hawking

    He defied all the odds and lived many years after he was told he wouldn't survive He showed the mind could defy a failing body or that the power of a brilliant and positive mind can be an anti-death source (creates extensions to life) After Einstein, Newton... its Hawking Did he have a direct or indirect influence on the game development industry? I think he indirectly influenced the games industry by (setting example) exploring seemingly impossible thought experiments, expanding the bounds of logical (scientific) creativity, extending a framework for weird possibilities and pushing the boundaries of the what the mind can achieve In the massive wealth of knowledge and creativity linkages (links?) of our age, I'm sure the influence of at least a bit of his powerful sense of imagination must have indirectly trickled down to me (without my knowing it) whenever I'm in the process of mapping out what to develop or during coding My little tribute to this great scientist. RIP
  3. Upvoting and Downvoting

    The purpose is to acknowledge helpful and useful post. OPs can acknowledge helpfulness by posting (and voting) but other experts that don't post can also validate posts (or opposite) by upvotes (or downvotes) I think forums would be filled blank posts without votes. Votes don't harm, they are just a rough indication of the value of a post - as the implicit assumption is that statistically majority of votes are sincere and reflect the intellectual and logical correctness (or incorrectness) of a post As for the abuse (which in a strict sense is unavoidable), it is statistically very low As a side note though- despite the weaknesses of the old voting system - its way far better IMO than this new voting system. To me the new voting system is extremely uninspiring. Not that i'm expecting anything to be done about that at this stage
  4. Problem with sleep

    My body clock is now seriously messed up, and it started gradually while I was a student Now I'm more or less a nocturnal person, Life forces me to work during day time but I code more comfortably and better during the night. Basically I now feel more natural and at ease coding throughout the night than at any other time. Needless to say this has had an adverse effect on all aspects of my life. Its too late for me fix now I don't know if what happened to me is now what is beginning to happen to you. I doubt. But just in case it is, my advise: try to fix it early and quickly now
  5. Reddit can silently hide all of your mesages/topics

    I partially agree, this is were categories come in Persistent spamming accounts - agreed persistent trolling accounts - agreed persistent rules violation - agreed Account created for the sole purpose of spamming, even when identified from first post - agreed A user breaking the rules due to one (or a couple of) error of judgement - disagree From the OP's reply to Hodgman's post, it seems like he is in the last category. Shadow-banning such a user is heavy handed. Maybe one or two warnings first before shadow banning would be appropriate. Reddit won't break because of that
  6. Reddit can silently hide all of your mesages/topics

    Because he spent so much time making threads and comments he thought was visible to everyone only to find out he was just communicating with only himself and .... himself alone. That makes you feel stupid doesn't it? Because he should have been made aware of the ban. Yeah... not the best way to deal with your community You end up with multiple email accounts to keep track of. Not the end of the world... not the biggest problem you 'd ever have, but an irritant you can do without.
  7. Reddit can silently hide all of your mesages/topics

    I think reddit Admin's decision to act that way must be based on their experience how best to handle spammers, difficult users and so on en mass with minimal effort. Having said that, Admins are not without their mistakes and they probably learn from the imperfections of their decisions and use feedbacks to refine these decisions. So why not get into contact with the reddit mods/admin, explain your misgivings and see what happens. I may wrong but on skimming through your post there is no indication you have done this. Again i may be wrong but over-the-top posting on this kind of issue with no indication you have attempted to dialog with reddit moderators/Admin, gives the impression that you are an angry user trying to badmouth reddit all over the internet and that never ends well Though 'have to say that I'm not even a reddit user so i'm not sure whether its feasible to get into some constructive dialog with their mods/admin
  8. New here and to programming

    Have you had a look at GameDev Challenges subforum? It seems to provide the kind of monthly assingments/challenges you're talking about
  9. Study group

    How do you manage that? I'd like to know - like how do you deal with overlapping times? And yet still potentially have time to be in another study group
  10. How can I ever have time to finish my game?

    Marathon coding at work and marathon coding at home is not healthy for your well being. Life will be too monotonous and something clogs up in your brain. This is not about not being able to manage your time, laziness or whut not. You need a complete break from coding intermittently for huge blocks of time. You have to do something very different, something that takes your mind off coding completely. When you get back to coding from your non-coding activities, your mind/brain is completely fresh If your day job is coding, your marathon hobby should not be coding. Otherwise it leads to depression, you may not notice it immediately or in the short term but over a long period the clog builds up If you must code at work and code at home, like most people do, then slip in a 3rd hobby which is completely different from coding. Such as L Spiro is into music, chess and acting which has nothing in common with coding It must be a real activity, i e sleeping, eating, driving don't count
  11. Why A.I is impossible

    Super Intelligent Humanoid Sophia looks very creepy indeed. World's first robot citizen 'Sophia' gets her own legs
  12. Why A.I is impossible

    Search engine, navigation algorithm don't come near qualifying as a thinking machine. Someone presses a button and out comes the output. They don't think independently, don't make decisions independently., They are not creative. They don't make choices. A chess program doesn't have a mind, and as such its decisions are not really independently, they are programmed decisions They only obey your commands In the future, at best I can see machines having only a pseudo-human-mind A machine can simulate human mind or intelligence, but it would be missing self awareness + independent creativity (for instance independently designing and constructing another machine based on their independent intuition) + social endeavours. You might say but Termites do not have self awareness i e they cannot recognise themselves in a mirror. But they meet the other 2 requirements
  13. Why A.I is impossible

    Among a lot of BS, I think one of Eric's core point is mostly likely correct. But I guess he is approaching it from the wrong angle and probably using the wrong words and logic. For one, in my opinion i think the statement that "we are all one single consciousness" is complete BS, but that "the seed of consciousness is separate from the brain and that's what makes us real human", I think that's CORRECT. I use seed for a particular reason. Without the brain there is no awareness. But its a deep and long stuff and I haven't got the time to write on that now. I'm seriously behind schedule on what I'm developing at the moment. I think this thread would be long dead by the time i complete my coding and have the time. Also mikeman's link seems very interesting, haven't read the whole thing though Why? If humans coded the logic by which the "AGI" thinks or operates and builds upon... AGI would develop (because of infinite and fast self programming resource) to be more advance than us , but why would it be alien to us
  14. Over-ambitious projects

    In my own opinion, this is NOT a bad thing. Being competitive and striving to be the best is a very good thing. Such competitive, over-ambitious, overzealous and talented youngsters only need to be mentored and well directed by an experienced guru in the field Imagine a very talented sports person (footballer, ...) but he or she is playing in a team without a manager. The consequence is that they be will all over the place, without proper overarching strategy, without good structure and will be learning from their mistakes the hard way I was like that... without a mentor, so I followed only my instincts and I paid dearly for that. A lot of wasted years. Probably not fully recovered yet. But it wasn't because of my over-ambitions and competitiveness, rather it was because I wasn't mentored or guided.
  15. Want to buy an Asus laptop ? Think before.

    There are. From my researches on Internet, they are not really helpful, at least at this moment. Seriously? In France? Consumer watch dogs should be setting examples. They're trigger happy here in the UK and always ready to punish companies if it can be proven they've done wrong.. So i'm really surprised to read that
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