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  1. What am I not understanding about programming?

    A lot of very good advice had been given already, I have not read all previous posts though so maybe some of these steps has been mentioned - i don't know. In case its not, here is my 2 cents Seems to me you have no trouble writing isolated algorithms but have trouble putting it all together for a project. So my advice or methodology to get through this 1. At the initial stage think globally about your project:: a.) what you want to achieve in the project, b.) Inputs c.) outputs or outcomes 2a. Then think about the modules (functionalities) of your project. What different parts does it have? (write these down) 2b. Drawing a very simple interaction diagram between functions/classes might help. (though I rarely do this myself) 3. Identify the core part of the project 4. Start coding the core in the simplest way possible. Build it up gradually and gradually add functionalities (again one at time and in the simplest possible way) 5. Avoid thinking too much details on the parts you are not currently coding 6. When you add a functionality (or class), think about what the core is, and start coding this in the simplest possible way and build up gradually 7. Interaction between modules is going to be the toughest part, but if you start simple (and write things down and draw interaction an diagram to keep track then you will pull though. These days I don't have to write things down (or draw) any more, but years ago I had to write down to keep track (this come with experience))
  2. Java Pattern Matcher reads white space wrong

    Oh dear, I completely forgot ... Many thanks Nypyren, your answer triggered further inspiration on how it works. And so I replaced Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\d+"); with Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\d+\\.\\d+"); and the algorithm read my data correctly. Thanks
  3. As my project is beginning to take shape, most of the problems I've encountered, I've been able to solve, but this latest one cunningly beats me, not because of any complexities but because I don't know whats going on under the hood of the parser. I am using a pattern matcher() Pattern.compile("\\d+"); - (in JAVA) - to extract and read floats, but there were problems as white spaces are being interpreted as 0.0 808.00.0472. 782. 909.00.01028. 931.00.01149. but should, correctly, be something like this 808.0 472.0 36.0 202.0 18.0 24.0 782.0 96.0 36.0 202.0 18.0 24.0 909.0 1028.0 36.0 202.0 18.0 24.0 931.0 1149.0 36.0 202.0 18.0 24.0 It was wrong because it was making white space to be 0.0 As said It was wrong because it was making white space to be 0.0 My quick fix was to use an if statement that exclude 0.0. Well I got away with it until the inevitable began to happen,- some of the real data started turning out to be 0.0, so my if statement was excluding the real data from being read. Any help on how to get this fixed? I need white space to be read as white space not as 0.0 public void readDataFromSelectedTextFile( File fPathplusName ){ List<Float> numbers = new LinkedList<Float>(); try { bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(fPathplusName)); while ((stringObjectData = bufferedReader.readLine()) != null){ Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\d+"); Matcher m = p.matcher(stringObjectData); while (m.find()) { numbers.add(Float.parseFloat(; } } ListIterator<Float> floatIterator = numbers.listIterator(); int i=0, t=7, n=0; float s, size=0; while( floatIterator.hasNext() ){ if( (s = > 0 ){ ... ... plenty of good coding here ... ... } } } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); }/**/ }
  4. Looking for advice on training a older colleague.

    Hmmm, The criteria your bosses use to score and choose who to lay-off seems a very childish one - so much that I (figuratively) recommend the bosses themselves need to be fired for yous to make progress I mean they are smart enough to recognise your skills and qualification, give you the lead for the team (despite you being young relative to some others), yet they base who they would choose to lay-off not on his/her productivity (or relevant skills) but based on what connections they have, who they know and how long they've spent in the company If they are dumb enough to lay off the more skillful and more productive team member merely because he is one of the newest workers rather than lay-off the dinosaur liability, then their incompetence beggars belief... Or maybe I'm still missing something Advice: From what you've discussed so far - that the bosses are aware of who's holding back the team... If the demonstration of your methods still doesn't convince your colleague -then shoulder-on and endure... till when the time is right to leave and find another place to work
  5. Btw thanks for the work around. Though my posting activities has not warranted me to use it yet. Speaking of usability, ... I don't know if this was intentional but the search field and algorithm before the upgrade allowed direct members search, in addition to a content search field. Now the search is restricted to content search only . Though one could still indirectly search members, but then you have to get the user-name spelling totally correct. Not so easy for users who have not post for along while. Before upgrade you just have to type starting letters and all users matching the starting letter come up, and this helped narrow down. Helpful when you can't get the name right and they haven't posted for a long while . Was it intentional to remove direct members search from the upgrade? EDIT: I finally made contact with the long-lost friend, former uni-mate and inactive GDNet member by finding his real life contacts . Ironically all social media contacts proved futile
  6. You are correct, there are ways around not using cancel button. But one thing made me still mention it with the quoting issue:: Due to my experience I had thought GUI coding -particularly adding a button- was so trivial, it could be coded in 3 minutes. Ease of use always attracts, I mean I've made decisions between browsers in the past based on gui ease of use. At least that's the way I felt anyway the other day I wanted to cancel the reply without leaving the page. But as I see from your reply that the code isn't quite straight forward Wasn't my intention to put undue pressure -the only reason I felt that way in my 3rd post was because I saw some presence. But I had still misunderstood,,
  7. @Khawk, Giving usability/ease of use feedback should be a thing you should welcome and encourage. Since you probably won't be able to spot every interface bugs or flaws yourself. I brought your notice to a couple of issues (on the interface) that might have been over looked - which if fixed would improve the ease of use and I stated them here. If fixing them is technically not feasible, logically not right or low on priority, at least you could easily say that But tiptoeing around this thread to completely ignore it while responding to some other threads 4 times over is quite bizarre Clearly you have those you have blacklisted for whatever reasons. (my impression) and I don't even want to know why
  8. It would be cool though if a cancel button can be added to a reply post (just like a topic post), so a reply cancelled if needed. And quoting from 2 pages too
  9. 1. I was trying to quote from 2 pages to in to one post. It was impossible 2. I tried to cancel one of them,then I realise the cancel button is missing. I noticed that cancel button is there beside submit reply now with this post i am writing but it wasn't there with my earlier post Oh i can see a difference, it seems a reply deosn't have a cancel option but a topic has
  10. Nobody Wants A Cybergod?

    Thats the part he's been saying people might steal/plagiarise/or run away with Lets hope he has a change of mind And this too:: The length is massive, details too long winding and poorly explained. Also if its not too much to ask, some graphics and/or diagrams would help
  11. Nobody Wants A Cybergod?

    I've heard echos of funding here and there... otherwise he's seeking attention I mean if you are pitching your (hidden) ideas to <whoever>, and say "Hey I've got this $10 billion idea, don't ask me exact details though - I don't trust you, you might steal it, just give me the the MONEY and trust me! I'm a design guru from the yesteryears!" ...then you're taking everyone for a fool. In reverse would you do that?
  12. AI will lead to the death of capitalism?

    Really apocalyptic We know the earth's resources is not being replaced anywhere close to the rate at which it is being used up. But is there any source/citations to back up that this is happening at the rate you described? And What time scale are we talking about here? If the worst scenario is projected for my grandchildren's generation, then I can put my feet on the table and relax a bit
  13. Abusing -1 rep

    Thanks for clarifying Yeah separating reputation from forum activities make good sense. Still actual reputation could increment/decrement by more than one point per up/down vote though. I doubt if this is just me being too used to the old system as I wasn't up voted too many times anyway. It just seems to be more valued if its more than one point per vote
  14. Abusing -1 rep

    I have to say it was my fault for not making it clear in my post that my observations that "people vote people on prejudice", was not specifically referring to the original issue of the OP. It was general observations I made recently which was why I referenced that lounge post as an example. I just didn't want to start a new thread on it since this thread topic was similar enough. But yeah I wasn't referring to that particular issue Apart from my general observations, yeah I don't have the kind of analytical data you're probably talking about. I suppose it would be over-the-top action for me to start linking all the posts that I felt were such examples, yeah that would be stupid. Which is why I merely gave the comparative impression of "liking the post" of the new system as opposed to the "value of the post" of the old system and how this probably affected voting. But you're probably correct that "pixels" makes up for forum activities and minimal rep point. (though despite all I've read about I still don't fully get it) The reason many people feel new members should be able to catch up with older still-active members is another thing that mystifies me. I have been here for just over 2 years. So If a member has a 6 to 12 years head start on me and lets say I am a prolific helper as a user (which I'm not) but lets say this is the case and these older members are too, why should their 6 to 12 years head start on me not count? I feel it has to count as they have held up the forum for those many years and there is no logical reasons for newer members to try to catch up (OR its just me not being that competitive)
  15. Abusing -1 rep

    First I will clear some things out of the way. Facts:: (1). I'm a nobody on this forum, so my opinion doesn't mean anything anyway. But nonetheless I will state it. (2). These days rep means very little to me and I'm not obsessed with it Having pulled that out of the way... The way reputation voting is going these days confuses me a lot. Some months ago, someone said people vote people and I wrote strongly against that, stating that was not true currently (at least not to my observations at that time) As it turns out, (maybe encouraged by the looks of the new upgrade, I don't know), but the guy was right after all!!! forum voting system is now really broken... more broken than before. People now blatantly vote people. There is some guy (won't mention names)... who gets upvoted always, no matter what crap, he writes. Long standing member and mods too get upvoted relatively more easily compared to what they post (caution here due to bias in my judgement of what should be voted up or down), but take a look at this for instance:: In a serious thread where I also posted, someone posted recently "masturbate furiously". He didn't even get one single downvote, (as of this date of my posting). If I had said the same I would probably have had -20 by now. Actually he briefly got a downvote but it was quickly reversed, so I thought "meh, what's the use" Before the upgrade, voting was like "is this post useful to the original poster's question?". And this requires serious judgement. But now voting is "do you like it?" Synonyms "is it cute?", "do I see you as cool?". And these are highly subjective and non-serious criteria. Apparently a lot of people saw "masturbate furiously" as COOL Like I said, though my opinion matters very little here, but i have to say that I prefer the previous voting system a thousand time more than the current one One point per vote seem so insignificantly small that mostly its like "what's the point of voting anyway". And as previously mentioned even when voting does happen, it comes across as a highly subjective voting system