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  1. Hey all, I've been slowly working on my game called AotW for a while now. I have come to the conclusions that it would be nice to cooperate with 1 or 2 others to help finish it. Ive been trying to keep my GDD up to date with my ideas and development so that would give a better overview of the game when the time comes. Currently I have a basic skeleton of the RPG elements needed but everything can still be discussed and talked about and we can transform my idea to something the group likes. The premise of the game is a Diablo-like procedurally generated map with RPG elements that include sockets, inventory, classes, abilities, crafting, loot, items, sockets, and enchanting. This will be done in a 2D iso view as I can't do 3D art and I enjoy 2D games a lot. I don't plan on releasing this as this is more of a hobby project for me and I have a full-time job. Though I'd like to start putting more hours into development and having others definitely will be motivation. I also want to be able to say I have finally "finished" a game idea to some degree. If the time comes and we want to release it, then we can go ahead and do so but that's not my purpose or plan. Discord: Juicyz#3683 Thanks, Juicyz
  2. juicyz

    [LFM]Unity 2D Defense RPG

    Still looking for more if anyone is interested
  3. Hi all, I'm a programmer looking for others to join my game effort. I'm currently working on a 2D RPG Defense game that I have been working on slowly for a little while now.  The basic premise of the game is that you are trying to survive against waves of enemies that come from the top of the map.  You will use your abilities to kill the enemies while gaining loot, experience, and fame.  I'd like to concentrate on single player for now but I have entertained the idea of making this multiplayer/co-op.  I've thought about unique spell and crafting systems that would be something new to this genre to at least be different than other games but haven't decided on any single aspect. Some features that I'm working on or have started includes: Inventory Items Player Stats Spells Enemies Some UI features I don't really have plans to commercialize this game as it is just a hobby and a way to learn. You can contact me through PM here and then we can figure out another way to talk. I look forward to talking to you.
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