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  1. LukasIrzl

    Forest Strike

    General information Forest strike is a 2D round-based strategy game in pixel-art style featuring animals as characters. At the start of each round, a random number is chosen for the amount of steps you can walk during this round. Additionally, you can place items like a bomb. Every used item gets a sequence number. After processing to the next phase, all the placed items are handled sequentially by their number. If every item was handled, the next player is able to play. Technology The engine used to create Forest Strike is Game Maker 2. All the resources, such as characters, tiles and other sprites are drawn in Aseprite.
  2. LukasIrzl

    Forest Strike - Dev Blog #9

    Hi there, this week I was working on the new forest level. Here is a screenshot of the level so far with a few trees: There is an issue with the cloud shadows, since my current implementation won't work with the trees as they are higher than the stone blocks. So, I have to think of an solution for that as well. I haven't had much more time this week, so that's it for this update. Thank you for reading! As always, if you have questions or any kind of feedback feel free to post a comment or contact me directly. Cheers.
  3. Forest Strike - Dev Blog #8 https://t.co/WLJ2bhxWbY

  4. LukasIrzl

    Forest Strike - Dev Blog #8

    Hi there, here we go with another weekly Dev Blog. This time we can call it the Bug Fix blog, since I mainly worked on issues that you guys reported. Bug Fixes KO Hook The KO hook is actually a new feature, but it is already available in the Pre alpha and there were quite a few issues. If the character got hit by multiple bombs, multiple hooks were created and had the instance of the character stored. After the instance got destroyed, the hook was still referring to the instance and the game crashed (because it was no able to reference the instance). This issue was fixed this week. Here is an example of the hook: Current character Regarding usability, there was an issue of identifying which character you selected. Usually, if you hover over a character, there was an arrow. Now, the arrow is displayed over the current character which is selected as well. Back button The right mouse button is now used as a "back"-button. You can navigate to the previous menu from any sub-menu of the title screen or from the character selection. Additionally, you can un-equip the bomb. There was an issue, if you selected the bomb and were not able to put it away. In that case, you would have hit yourself, since you had to place it. Now, you can simple un-equip the bomb by pressing the right mouse button. Win message If you managed to defeat your friend, the win message was displayed on the screen. I forgot to reset the message. After starting another game, the message got already displayed. This was fixed this week. Additionally, there is a "back"-button as well to get to the title screen (should there be an additional button in order to directly go to the character selection as well?). If nobody won the game, a "Draw" is displayed on the screen. I am still working on the issues and most of them will be fixed next week I suppose. The tileset for the next level is almost finished as well. So I may show you the next level soon. Be sure to stay up 2 date! That's it for this update. Thank you for reading! As always, if you have questions or any kind of feedback feel free to post a comment or contact me directly. Cheers.
  5. LukasIrzl

    Forest Strike - Dev Blog #7 + Pre Alpha

    There was an issue when starting the game. Maybe, some of you had the problem as well. The problem was, that the language of the OS was loaded on startup. Usually, there should have been a fallback to English, if a language was not yet supported. The fallback did not work accordingly, causing the game to crash. This issue is fixed now and the new Pre Alpha version is available (same download link). The current version is now Enjoy the game
  6. LukasIrzl

    Marketing and building community

    Hi, I am struggling with the marketing issue as well. One hint I was given is to use Reddit, but I didn't try it yet. Additionally, you could use imgur, Pinterest, etc to post images of you game and with a little bit of luck, a few people will see them. Personally, I prefer providing a Dev Blog every week to cover the new features. Additionally, my games are listed on IndieDB and I try to create an article every week that gets to the main page. I think the key in community building is to include your target group as early as possible into the development. Ask questions, ask for feedback, etc. As they "participate" in the process, they build a personal connection to the game. There was one article on Gamasutra that mentioned, you could use Discord as a community platform. Here is the link: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/300175/Devs_share_tips_on_using_Discord_to_build_a_prerelease_community.php
  7. Forest Strike - Dev Blog #7 + Pre Alpha https://t.co/x4xjuBuiAP

  8. Hi there, it's been another week since the last Dev Blog. This one is very special, because I released the first Pre Alpha of Forest Strike. Pre Alpha The main goal is to gather as much feedback as possible. The version covers the basics like a title screen, basic settings, a character selection, basic gameplay features and explosions of course. Here is a link to the Download on IndieDB with basic information. New Features Improved shadows I improved the shadows quite a bit. They are now more "solid" as you can see. Also, the shadows on top of the stone blocks are shifted by the height of the block to create the illusion of depth. New GUI buttons This week I reworked the GUI buttons for the title screen and the character selection. They are more readable and provide a nice "click" sound as you hover over them. Additionally, I but the copyright stuff on the title screen. Misc Currently, I am working on the "death" animations. Actually, the characters shall be unconscious and a hook will pick them up. There are stone particles if you destroy a stone. They will fly around and decrease the speed every step. Something you never recognized on my GIFs, the game was completely silent. Now I am including a few tracks and sound effects. They may be replaced in future. The music comes from gamedevmarked.net since I was mainly focusing on the graphics. Maybe, a few of my own tracks will find their place in Forest Strike. That's it for this update. Thank you for reading! As always, if you have questions or any kind of feedback feel free to post a comment or contact me directly. Cheers.
  9. LukasIrzl

    turn-based fight system

    I was not aware of that. Always thought, I would be "OK" for the companies. Well, then the only way is to buy the rights , or add slight modifications i suppose. Maybe ask the creator if it is allowed to create a non-profit fan game?
  10. LukasIrzl

    turn-based fight system

    As I never played Undertale, I do not have a clue how the fight system looks like. But maybe, if you want to save a huge amount of time, you might want to take a look at the marketplace as well. @Lactose: If he does not want to make money with the game this should not be a problem, right?
  11. LukasIrzl

    turn-based fight system

    Hi, would be using RPG Maker an alternative, because it is based on that system? Otherwise you have to create the following: Sprites: spr_player (with bounding box set) spr_enemy (with bounding box set) spr_infight_player spr_infight_enemy Objects: obj_player (use spr_player) obj_enemy (use spr_enemy) obj_infight_player (use spr_infight_player) obj_infight_enemy (use spr_infight_enemy) Rooms: rm_overworld rm_arena Tilesets: tile_world Backgrounds: bg_arena 1. Design your rm_overworld 2. Apply the background to the rm_arena 3. Place obj_player and obj_enemy on the rm_overworld 4. Place the obj_infight_player and obj_infight_enemy in rm_arena 5. script basic movement for obj_player: var movement_speed = 0.5; if(keyboard_check(vk_left)) x -= movement_speed; if(keyboard_check(vk_right)) x += movement_speed; if(keyboard_check(vk_up)) y -= movement_speed; if(keyboard_check(vk_down)) y += movement_speed; 6. in obj_player create a new event "Collision" and choose the obj_enemy and apply following code: room_goto(rm_arena); //go to the turn based arena This is everything you need in order to get to the fight screen on a collision. Now, setting up the turn based system may be more complicated based on what you want to do. Could you describe how your fight should look like and what actions (attack, different attacks, block, etc.) are possible? An alternative would be searching the Game Maker marketplace for a system you want (like https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/397/turn-based-combat-system)
  12. LukasIrzl

    Forest Strike - Dev Blog #6

    Thank you!
  13. LukasIrzl

    Forest Strike - Dev Blog #6

    You are right. The number in the center of the screen is the "dice" roll. It gives a number between 1 and 6. The randomly chosen number then is the amount of steps you can walk with your characters.
  14. LukasIrzl

    Forest Strike - Dev Blog #2

    The placing of the destroyable blocks is completely random. The only exceptions are the positions near the starting points of the players. There has to be a little bit of space in order to move.
  15. Forest Strike - Dev Blog #6 https://t.co/MlxxbjJUXx

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