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  1. Hello guys,   So basically my approach to game mechanics is to understand which cognitive and motor functions of our brains are being called upon when we engage in particular activities. With this simple mobile game called 'into the circle', I was wondering if there are specific names for the motor/cognifive functions that are engaged with when we play this game. Heres a video:     So in particular im focusing on the arrow that interpolates between two points. So the first challenge is accuracy and lining up the line with the circle. First of all is this a Cognitive or Motor skill that is being engaged (Or both? - I assume cognitive)? And if so, is there a name for the specific aspect of the skill that's being engaged? I'm curious if anyone here knows...   The second challenge is more like a calculation of the distance of the next circle (Cognitive I assume?) then understanding what quantity of power is required to land the ball within the circle... (I assume this is cognitive aswell?)   Something tells me that these are all cognitive challenges and the only motor challenge is tapping and holding (No calculation involved).   Id love any advice anyone could give.   Thank ye
  2. Sebastian King

    what Motor/ Cognitive skills are required in this game?

    Wonderful! Thanks so much for the answer, this is along the lines of what I was looking for. Now to review and construct a list of my own! (Unless It turns out yours is perfect XD).
  3. Sebastian King

    what Motor/ Cognitive skills are required in this game?

    waa I didn't know such a thing existed (HCI) Imma research dis
  4. Sebastian King

    what Motor/ Cognitive skills are required in this game?

    @XOXOS   Is that so?   I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean, but from what I've just read, 'nature' does not infact honour this distinction as apparently motor is defined as a sub-category of cognition (In other words, motor skills are of cognitive influence)...  surely we can make distinctions of the cognitive functions that game mechanics can engage with It would make it much easier and more managable to set up other gameplay agents for that optimum gameplay experience... help me out br0 pleaze
  5. Hey guys! Mog Soldiers after 8 months of development is finally here:   http://bazz-boyy.itch.io/mog-soldiers   It's a top down local multiplayer knockout game thats super easy to pick up but hard to master. It's also super hilarious.   Check it out! :D
  6. Sebastian King

    what Motor/ Cognitive skills are required in this game?

    I found this list http://sharpbrains.com/blog/2006/12/18/what-are-cognitive-abilities/ , I've found that the executive functions closely relate to what I have... Anticipation for the first one. Can any1 plz confirm? What's the second 1?
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