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  1. Hey everyone, I did another thread a while back on how to do Procedural planets like in this video, and ive made some progress. I know shaders and triangles, I'm well versed in C++ now with GLFW and GLEW. I did these tutorials, but there was only three and I don't know what tutorials to do know that use GLFW and GLEW (the libraries i've learnt with):     Where should I go next? I did the three tutorials and I did a lot of research on what this all means, but I'd like to go from triangles and shaders to Perlin Noise, using spheres (planet stuff) and procedural generation. Note: I'd preferably like to do more video tutorials, but I'm hesistant as other use GLUT or freeglut, so the code is different from GLEW and GLFW.   Thanks in advance,       
  2. MrJellyFish

    Learning C++, Terrain Generation

    Thanks for the extra replies, those tutorials really really help GlassKnife, and thanks DUDVim and Pether for the links
  3. MrJellyFish

    Learning C++, Terrain Generation

    Thank you all for the helpful messages, I'll definitely check all the links out, but SmkViper, rendering triangles and shapes is about where I'm up to, do you know of any tutorials on where I can pursue all that?   EDIT: So I've looked around through all the helpful stuff you sent me and I'm guessing I'm discovering the cold hard truth that learning this C++ stuff is not simple. I'm not a stupid person, but I always find it easier being taught via teacher or via video, and that's what I'm kinda looking for. But any of these resources help, probably just will take me a bit longer hehe.
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, And I just have a question or two, since I'm a bit stuck.   I've been learning C++, enjoying it, and I've got the basics. I know what I want to do with C++ but i've hit the bit where I know the basics, but want to know the advanced. Where do I go?   I want to know about terrain generation, and procedural generation. My goal is to build procedurally generated planets, using C++/OpenGL. To explain what I mean, this:  Basically, I want to start on this kind of stuff (the video mentions quadtree-based chunked level of detail?), and I'm just not sure where to go, since I have to walk before I can run.   Thanks so much, If I've made some mistake in posting, please tell me politely or move/correct it.  
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