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  1. month++; significantChangesHaveBeenMade == false; // I am done.
  2. Onigiri Flash

    Pointer Clarification

    Just pointing (har-har-har) out that this wouldn't work correctly. Since targetHP is a pointer, you'd need to dereference it before modifying it. *targetHP -= 5;     Autocorrect? I spent 20 minutes typing that post on my cell phone whilst it changed every single word/character that I typed. Not in the mood for snarky behavior.     Yeah.
  3. Onigiri Flash

    Pointer Clarification

    Tldr Not on my computer, so forgive me. This is how pointers work. // code void Goblin::Attack(int targetHP) { targetHP -= 5; } Goblin oEnemy; int playerHP = 100; oEnemy.Attack(playerHP); /** Now, what this actually does is copy the value of playerHP (100) to targetHP, reduce it by 5 (95), then promptly throw it away because the function is done and targetHP no longer exists. playerHP is unchanged. What you want to do is modify the original variable, not copy it. So you could use a pointer. */ void Goblin::Attack(int *targetHP) { targetHP-= 5; } oEnemy.Attack(&playerHP); This time, the original variable is modified. It is now 95. PS. You can use pointers for various useful tasks. I recommend googling polymorphism and array pointer logic.
  4. Onigiri Flash

    Week of Awesome 3 - The End

    [Disclaimer: This isn't really a post mortem of any kind. More akin to somber reflection of the past two weeks.] Well, I'm a little disappointed. Not really related to the game jam itself, but concerning the fact that several spontaneous personal issues made it impossible for me to dedicate any time to the second half of the competition. I wasn't able to contact my teammate nor was I able to compose anything more for our game. Oh well, I guess. Things happen. What can I say? I suppose I could start with an apology to MarioLuigiMan for not contributing as much as I would have liked to (PS. if you're reading this, I checked out the submission and I think it's pretty cute, for what it's worth). Life is really the biggest challenge there is. Overall, I am fairly happy with the music that I produced during the competition. It was an opportunity to experiment and try new things that I otherwise wouldn't have. It was mentioned in my last journal entry that I should have linked to all of my entries in the competition thread. That really deserves a facepalm. I did link to one, but I didn't even consider posting there after each entry. Probably lost participation points there, but it's OK. Anyway, yes. Haha, I'm kidding of course. Where I'll go from here, I have no clue. I'll mentally mark this as a learning experience and continue in my endeavors to build a decent personal portfolio. My compositions have certainly leveled up since I first started. Please excuse my diction. I haven't slept in a while. Thank you.
  5. Onigiri Flash

    Week of Awesome 3 - Day 4

    I composed one new song today. "Machina". After wrestling with several screencast software, I settled for making a slideshow of the various loops that I created for the song. So if you're interested, you can click here to watch the video. It's the first time I've ever used my YouTube channel, so I'm moderately proud of myself. That is all for today. As usual, you can find my entire week of awesome album on my bandcamp page.
  6. Onigiri Flash

    Week of Awesome 3 - Day 3

    Hahaha. It wasn't my idea. But to quote my teammate,     Will do. I will try to screenshot my subsequent progress from here.
  7. Onigiri Flash

    WoA 3: Day 3

    I thought I would take a moment to say that your game is drop-dead beautiful.
  8. Onigiri Flash

    WoAIII: Your Power is Mine!

      Whoops! Sorry about that! I don't know how that idea popped into my head. A fantasy shooter is all the more alluring, I'd say.
  9. Onigiri Flash

    Gamedev podcasts

      Er, "gamedev" related podcasts aren't about somebody reading code to you. They're about people talking about various aspects of game development.     I agree with this. Perhaps after the Week of Awesome ends, members of this community could try their hand at creating podcasts, twitch streams, or youtube videos relating to game development (even for completely new, smaller games). It's a wonderful opportunity to enter a field that is not already terribly populated, and you may also acquire a viewership in the process.   That said, I really don't have much to offer in terms of suggesting game dev podcasts, as I haven't really come across many. But it is possible to make a podcast about anything. I'm certain that they exist somewhere on the internet.
  10. Onigiri Flash

    Week of Awesome 3 - Day 2

      You are quite keen for noticing! I updated this afternoon (further discussed in my Day 3 journal).   I definitely appreciate the feedback. You're right, it does become a lot less foreboding as it progresses. I'm honestly not sure what my intention was at the moment, as I was a little tired when I made that one!
  11. Onigiri Flash

    Day 1 of game jam (yesterday)

    Awesome! Keep up the good work!
  12. Onigiri Flash

    Week of Awesome 3 - Day 3

    Goodness gracious, it's already Wednesday. This week is going by much faster than usual, isn't it? I have a feeling that most of you are probably thoroughly exhausted by now, juggling other responsibilities with this competition. Here is my update: I took down the third song from yesterday and replaced it with...well, yet 3 more. Nightmare, Undead Alive, and Module (these won't disappear anytime soon, I assure you!). If you're interested in hearing them, here is the link to my Week of Awesome 3 album. My favorite thus far is Nightmare. Maybe it's because I play bass, but I really enjoy the line that comes in around midway through. I might relearn this on my actual bass when I have the time. For those who haven't read my first entry, I am composing for Team Ovensparrow in the Week of Awesome 3 game jam. My tool of choice--FL Studio. I really wish I'd taken a screenshot while I was composing at least one of the three--er, five songs now. That way I would have some sort of visual for this journal. Haha. Sorry. There aren't many, if any, technical issues to report on my end. If I must, FLStudio seems to paralyze my computer while it's rendering. I'm honestly afraid to touch anything, so I just walk away for a while (to avoid a possible blue screen of death). But that's essentially the brunt of it. Good day, or good night!
  13. Onigiri Flash

    WoAIII: Your Power is Mine!

    Nice take on the theme! A procedural space shooter...with spells. That's quite creative (especially the portion regarding the enemy concept). I do hope that you're able to fulfill all of your goals! :)
  14. Onigiri Flash

    Day 3: Fancy transitions

    This looks totally retro (my favorite style)! Nice work! I like the visual feedback that you get after shooting something. The glow effect looks great too.
  15. Onigiri Flash

    Week of Awesome 3 - Day 2

      Thank you for posting.   To be honest, I'd wondered whether you had dropped out--I'm glad to find that thought mistaken.      Haha, I get that a lot. Thanks for the support!     I'm happy that you liked it overall. Thanks for the awesome feedback! This is definitely a new realm for me. The intro to the first one actually reminds me of slenderman. :p       Thank you so much!
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