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  1. GreatandWiseOne

    Quake 3 and John Carmack

    Carmack wrote the code to Hover Tank 3D in 6 weeks.   I wrote the code to a car physics engine in 2 days.   Therefore, I am the greatest programmer who ever lived.
  2. The Arcade Racing Simulator of the Decade - OutRace  pits you against 2 opponents in an all out brawl to see who can make it to the finish. There is action, adventure, and romance. So what are you waiting for? Get started right now!    http://gamejolt.com/games/arcade/outrace-a-3d-race-game-about-drifting-and-love/72621/   [youtube]https:[/youtube]
  3. [youtube]http:[/youtube]
  4. GreatandWiseOne

    Game Programming Future ?

    If they were good I'd be aware of them. I get the "gist" of how boring they are and never felt inspired to play.   Cmon man, this argument is getting circular. Tell me some of your favorite Steam games so I can explain why they are mediocre.
  5.   And if you buy a magazine just for the crossword, do you expect them to sell it to you at half price as well?   In a fair and sensible, world, yes. Otherwise I'd just by a crossword book at the dollar store.
  6. GreatandWiseOne

    Game Programming Future ?

    Please give specific examples of otherwise well-regarded, recent Steam games which are boring and mediocre.   Fair enough. Name me ten of the "best" Steam games and I'll tell you why they're bad.
  7. GreatandWiseOne

    Game Programming Future ?

        Am I a Troll?   IF the truth is often humorous, am I not a Joker?
  8. GreatandWiseOne

    Game Programming Future ?

    The newest Steam games are boring and mediocre. It follows this simple formula.   Novelty factor=sqr(time-1990)/sqr(consumer_stupidity)   What this means is, starting at 1990 people were easy to please, the novelty factor was low.   2000's games had to be bigger and better, 2d wasn't even enough anymore.   Nowadays the Novelty factor is so larger, 3d, virtual reality, the box is so large noone can think outside of it. Mario is dead, the Beatles are dead.    Any game nowadays is not going to break the novelty factor by using cheap tactics like "wowing" people with minor graphics improvements.   Creative individuals are needed, wheras veterans pump out the same homogenized filth day in day out. It amuses the idiot consumers, and the average igoramus flocks to stores to purchase the latest repetitve clone of clones. Sales rockets, whilst art dies.
  9. Just dont want 1 and half G's of sounds filling up my hard drive. If I dont use most of the sounds I should only have to pay half price. 
  10. GreatandWiseOne

    Game Programming Future ?

    Veterans in what way?    You claim that these "veterans" make higher quality games, by knowing where to "cut costs".   I say nay.   The golden age of games was 1990-2000. How could developers of classic games be "veterans" at all? They were simply pioneers. Nothing of that ilk had been done before.   We see what you "veterans" have to offer, the same repetitive, watered-down, rehashes of rehashes, FIFA 15, COD 19, Halo 12. You're right about one thing, veterans do "cut costs". And we see that reflected in EA Games Battlefield series. All the levels are sloppy hasty sandbox with random preset building placement. A 3 year old could generate the qualitiy of levels seen in these EA Games.   There are no more John Carmacks. And even the John Carmacks go loopy after a while, and make dai-katana games. The gaming industry has gone downhill since 2000. Banjo Kazooie 3? The graphics are supposedly "HD" yet are a cacophony of mismatched colors and random polygon soup.
  11. Any car sounds? (Any way I can get the low-fi version for half price?)
  12. GreatandWiseOne

    My latest Machinations

    Thankyou, my dear sir.
  13. GreatandWiseOne

    My latest Machinations

  14. GreatandWiseOne

    Game Programming Future ?

    1. Yes. 2. Both, or either, or neither. 3. You get moved up to manager, because your experience is valued. The farther up you move, the less actual programming you do. The "natural" move happens; you don't make it happen.   This is called the frank effect. It's the reason why EA makes such crappy games.   Programmers are not usually talented at game design. "Weeding out" game designers starting from the bottom (as programmers) is idiotic at best, mindless idiocy at worst.   If someone is good at game design, they should start at the "top", immediately, and not have to be weeded out by gatekeepers. Corporations don't seem to understand the frank effect (promoting someone to a new field, based on their success at a prior field, does not mean they are actually going to be talented at that new field.)
  15. GreatandWiseOne

    What is a game? (ancient secret Revealed)

    No that was the day the music was bought out by the Ill. It actually died on 2000.
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