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  1. iRyu

    i don't know how to start

    Is your question how to start in game dev, or how to start making a management game like Stardew? Both?
  2. This gives me an idea to make a space strategy game without making a single asset in Photoshop or Blender. Thanks for the concept, I'll be sure to give your techniques a try when generating space objects.
  3. Thanks for the idea! I was having a hard time thinking about how to save object states throughout a scene where it will only save objects that were interacted on. I used a traditional saving system where I serialized the whole class and saving some variables. This reminded me that I can just save some checkpoints and compare the combination of reached ID's and then make a scene load in a certain way.
  4. iRyu

    Advice needed

    Replace the infringing assets with your own? As long as you don't brand it "A Super Mario" game I don't think NoA will come for it.
  5. iRyu

    i need help in unity

    I'm guessing that you're using the X and Y for jumping and moving right? Why not create a parent class that has the movement script attached to it then put a child game object that rotates inside it.
  6. How long will the project be? And can you elaborate on the pitch, it's kind of vague. Maybe tell some features, like how many chapters do you plan, or how many characters will there be? Is there any routes, alternate endings, or will it be linear? Lastly, is there any art style or writing style that you prefer?
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