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  1. WASDMagician

    What level mage are you?

    /me Looks at Username /me Looks at Description /me Concludes analysis Level 20 Magician* *Based on example hierarchy in OP   OP's hierarchy condemns me to be forever a beginner, that hardly seems fair :'(
  2. WASDMagician

    What level mage are you?

    I don't understand the levels    Sod it, Level 20 (yearsActive * (successes/ failures)).
  3. WASDMagician

    Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

    As long as we're sharing Ludum Dare entries!   http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=55751   I'm actually much happier with this than my WoA entry, though they are rather similar in some respects, I managed to get in a few things I learned last week.
  4. WASDMagician

    Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

      Ha, yeah I sort of regret that the last thing I did before submitting the game was it about twice as hard as it was earlier, I should have done more external testing, I just kept upping it until I found it difficult which obviously isn't a fair measure given that I was the one developing it.     Ugh, I thought I'd finally managed to fix that :/
  5. WASDMagician

    Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

    All these people with crossposts... WHERE DID YOU FIND THE TIME?!
  6. WASDMagician

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    And... fin.   Blog post: https://wasdmagician.wordpress.com/   Web version: http://wasdmagician.itch.io/reincarnage-web   Windows version: http://wasdmagician.itch.io/reincarnage-desktop   It's not quite what I envisioned when I started out but I'm pleased with the end product. I hope you enjoy it 
  7. WASDMagician

    Last Entry?

    oops, didn't mean to post that.   Ignore this comment.
  8. WASDMagician

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Anybody got any advice for setting up the splash screen for Unity? I'm using the free version so I can't do it through that, I have actually got a splash screen in but in the web player at least it's really blurry.   I think I'm done except for text cues and making things look nicer, oh and sound.   Animations are going to stay as they are, I truly do not understand the Unity animation system :/
  9. WASDMagician

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Day 6!   https://wasdmagician.wordpress.com/   I'm less worried about this now than I was yesterday, that is essentially the game, the rest is going to be aesthetics and tweaking    As earlier, any suggestions welcome.
  10. WASDMagician

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Decided to stick up what I currently have.   http://wasdmagician.itch.io/reincarnage?secret=LQnJ5wkcGawAR1Xybn6YRXSlgI   Controls are WASD to move, mouse aim and click to shoot, the closer you get to death the more damage you do, death gives you an ammo and damage boost but sends you back to the start.   Problems I'm aware of: constant animation (I really don't understand unity's animation manager), enemies can push you through walls, you can be mobbed at spawn making the game mostly unplayable, there is no sound, the skulls are ammo but they aren't placed in the same position as the enemy they are instantiated by (if anyone has any ideas on that feel free to let me know).   If you can let me know your thoughts, ideas and any other bugs that you find I would be most appreciative.   Next time I'm finding a team. Edit: Hurray, fixed the ammo placement! Hm, switched the ammo type to a zombie head (because why not?) and now it can deflect off of ammo drops, it's not supposed to do that but I think I might keep it.
  11. WASDMagician

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Day 4.   https://wasdmagician.wordpress.com/   12 hours for a fix that took 2 clicks (and isn't even really a fix).   Turns out the rotation problems had 2 causes, using an incorrect method for getting coordinates and running my build at a resolution lower than that of my actual screen.   Either windowed mode or matching my resolutions and away goes the problem, I still don't know why it happened and you should really be able to play at a lower resolution but at least this means I will actually be able to release the game once it's finished.   Great thanks to Bauns over at the Unity subreddit, a very patient man indeed.
  12. WASDMagician

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Today is a massive slowdown, my rotation code doesn't work in anything other than the editor window which is making things very, very difficult.
  13. WASDMagician

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Day three blog post: https://wasdmagician.wordpress.com/   Had to switch from 2D to 3D which took time, makes enemy movement much easier though so it's worth it.   Not sure where to go next and there isn't much time, eek!
  14. WASDMagician

    Unity 5 2D collisions

    It will fall off the map due to gravity (enabled when you set a 2d rigidbody).   2d works in x and y axis, x is left and right, y is up and down, gravity is positive y (I think).   If you are doing a top down game you can set gravity scale to 0 and it will no longer fall.   If you're doing a side-scroller you'll need to find out why it isn't colliding with whatever you are using with the floor, are you sure they both have 2d colliders on them and at least one of them is a 2d rigidbody?
  15. WASDMagician

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    Day 1 and 2 entries here: https://wasdmagician.wordpress.com/.   First time using unity, so some things are harder than it feels they should be but I'm really enjoying it.   I have the very base of my idea in place, which is nice, will have to start building on it soon and deciding how I'm going to deal with any levels.
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