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    Recalculate trajectory?

    I see, that's really neat.  Thanks! 
  2. sammyh

    Recalculate trajectory?

    Thanks to the both of you, great replies.  I was overthinking it a bit.  I can probably figure the sine of t method but I don't know how to constrain it to a max height.        I'm not sure how to do this, is it something fairly straight forward?    
  3. There is this spell effect in warcraft called cascade, it looks like this:    Since the players can move after the effect starts to bounce and initial trajectory calculated.  How do you calculate the updates frame by frame so that no matter where the target moves to the effect is always heading toward them?
  4. Thank you all very much.  I'm still pretty lost but at least I have some directions to pursue.  It's funny, I don't care much to write a map mod -- the allure is in how it works.   Thanks again!
  5. Hello Everyone =)   Below is a screenshot of a map in minecraft.  It can also be displayed smaller as a minimap.   You can see that it has this 3D feel to it -- dark tones below and light tones above any where that there is height in the actual 3D world.  I am able to get the blocks around me, their texture/colors, etc, but I don't know how to give the top down view of the world the height shadows that make it look 3D.  What is this kind of rendering called and how can I learn about it in order to accomplish similar results?   Thanks so much! sammy   
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