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    Turn taking, instant or notify?

      That's all based on testing for sure.   I'm just trying to do less work that isn't needed if possible. Idk if you play league of legends, but when a player joins a que it will state something like "avg time to start game: 1:30" or some reference to that. But when you actually do join, the timer goes well passed that to 3-5 mins...etc.    Don't think to detailed with that, the point I'm trying to make is the fact of a timer. So something like "Player search takes 5sec to 1m to find a player". Now that might help and keep players ON the app to wait.    My strengths are marketing / publishing / project management so bringing players to the app isn't a HUGE deal in my eyes, but since this is my project personally, I'm trying to see the behind the scenes side of things when it comes to functionality and making sure it's simple for the players.
  2. SkurtCastle

    Turn taking, instant or notify?

      Now that sounds like a better idea for sure. I've seen that in say PC gaming before, but never really mobile gaming.    What about this:   Player A joins the ''player search que", 45 secs later Player B joins the Que....and within 2-5 secs they find each other. Is that doable? Basically the 'behind the scenes' of things that complicated? I'm not a programmer so it's a little harder for me to understand the real definition of waiting for someone...   It would be kinda the same thing even if it was just say 'replay style' since you have to wait till a player joins your game in a way. So you 'start a match', you do your turn, then quit the app, and in the background....ohhhhh wait, I'm getting it now, you've already done your move and can move on, then wait till the other player makes their move....The issue with this game is, I think 'most' players would prefer to just play a game to its full entirely vs waiting per move, etc.    I already know I'm going to have to try out both methods and see which is more productive for the app and for the players.
  3. SkurtCastle

    Turn taking, instant or notify?

    +1 what he said.. Design your game for async or replay multiplayer, and if you get to a few thousand *simultaneous* users, then think about a sync multiplayer option.     Why wouldn't a game where you play the player instantly (when you click 'find player' and it searches for a few sec or so no matter the skill level) work out? A match-3 game isn't something you want to take to much of your time on i would assume, just finish the game as quickly as possible and move on to the next one.   I was just curious, trying to see why a notification (player A has made their move) > open app > shows player's A move > Player B turn > submit move > close app....repeat.
  4. SkurtCastle

    Turn taking, instant or notify?

    I would think 'recorded' gameplay is not the way to go with a match 3+ game due to the fact you need to know what the players are doing. I'm needing help developing this game, mainly the networking...etc, I'm more the art / office side of things but I wanted to post a description of the premise of the game and hopefully anyone would love to join up. Nothing serious, just something mega simple and fun :D
  5. SkurtCastle

    Turn taking, instant or notify?

      The 30 secs I was implying too was game time, how long it takes on average to finish a game being the 30 secs is normally the shortest. When it comes down to the in-game timer per turns I was thinking 10-20 secs as a style for this game isn't really needing to much time to make a decision, plus the short time speeds up the games to be a lot quicker games.   Now I know the true definitions to what types they are thanks.   IMVU, lol, I remember that game, fun social experience. 
  6. Hey everyone -   New to the forums.    I'm in the process of getting a lot of the paperwork / notes and am stumbling a little on the multiplayer / network side of things. When it comes to mobile development, you can either go instant multiplayer (live), or have a turn based (notify when it's your turn to make a move).    E.g. (live play)  Hearthstone (card game), each player must have the app open and both playing and must finish the game before you can quit.   E.g. (notification turn based) Words with Friends (scrabble), where each player can make a move without the other player being there. Then once that player has made a move the other player will be notified to make their move, thus continuing the game at their own paces.   ---   The game I'm trying to make is a bejeweled style game where each game can take roughly 30 secs (if both players are connected) up to possibly 2-3 mins (if both players are connected) depending on the action of the game and what happens here an there, etc.    ---   The main question is, if I do the live experience, what's the networking difficulty vs a notification experience?    Personal question for you, would you want a 'live' multiplayer experience or a notification experience when playing a bejeweled type game with multiplayer?   I'm 95% leaning towards live experience but would love to hear good arguments on why possibly it could be notification based.   Thanks for your replies!   PS> I am looking for some help with development, so if you're interested in working on a multiplayer bejeweled style game, let me know. 
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