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  1. Lord Fers

    Optimizing OpenGL rendering

    Could you test how many FPS you get with an OpenGL window without drawing anything, just call to clear? And then try the same, if you know, but with Direct3D. With that comparison, you could know if it's the driver, or if it's the GPU itself. Greetings.
  2. Lord Fers

    Optimizing OpenGL rendering

    Can you try comment the code in main, and return a simple color in the Fragment Shader, and send us the bench?
  3. Lord Fers

    GLFW Callbacks From Inside Class/Struct

    Exactly, GLFW creates a context with the GLFWwindow pointer, so I clarified that, before, it should set this: glfwMakeContextCurrent(pWindow); Anyway, GLFW has very good documentation where it takes into account this type of case, and explains different ideas for you to deal with this type of design problems, to me, particularly, from the beginning the most correct in simple applications was auto lambda. Greetings.
  4. Lord Fers

    GLFW Callbacks From Inside Class/Struct

    try it: But, before you need set this: glfwMakeContextCurrent(pWindow); This is what I do in my tests apps.
  5. Lord Fers

    I need ideas

    A 2D RPG Game interactive, with your own tile-engine.
  6. Lord Fers

    Best way to do frustum culling?

    Out of curiosity, with what technical specifications are you dealing with?
  7. Are you trying write an Exporter, or are you trying write an Importer? Try reading this: https://github.com/assimp/assimp/blob/master/code/FBXExporter.cpp
  8. If you really are at the level of managing all the data as an expert in video driver, you could get to earn that '10% 'extra performance, otherwise, it is best to continue with OpenGL; but if what you care about is learning, why not ?, you probably achieve the same or it could even happen that you achieve lower performance in Vulkan than with OpenGL, the fact is that with Vulkan you will only have GPUs +2013 support. (More than 90% probably, but hey, of that 10% you could still have people interested.).
  9. The short answer: Yes, you can, and, you do not have problems with compatibilitie with the currents OS, but, you must use OpenGL, because the Direct3D old drivers not works really fine, because the brands as NVIDIA and ATI mix the drivers in the start of Direct3D 8 between Win9x/NT and XP, but... OpenGL doesn't work well at all on Win9x, Microsoft had gotten a hand so that environments that worked with OpenGL would not work totally well, in addition, there were also arrangements with certain brands such as NVIDIA to slow down the OpenGL drivers for Win9x in the late 90's. That is why the short answer is that you can, but, you will have to decide how to handle yourself, and depending on which driver each user has, it is likely that the engine will work better in OpenGL or Direct3D, therefore, you will have to implement a Render with the two APIs, that's why in the late 90's and during the first half of the 2000's games like Half Life, had an implementation of OGL and Direct3D. (removing the obviousness of all the software rendering problems that benefited Direct3D in Windows, and the durability of old cards such as NVIDIA TNT, Voodoo, S3 models, which only had support for OpenGL 1.1 / 1.2 and had only the API of Direct3D 6 that was terrible in design terms's, admitted even by John Carmack.). In a more short answer: Yes, and, the compatibility problems are much more likely to be in the same old operating system you're working on, let alone developed in Win9x; therefore, it is certain that in operating systems such as Windows 10 you have almost no problems running it, at most compiling it and organizing the project itself. Greetings.
  10. World of Warcraft (2001 [pre-alpha] to 2004), uses Direct3D 7 (or OpenGL 1.2/1.3 minimum as reference). The minimum technologies was GeForce 2 (T&L), but, I think that works fine in a GeForce 256 or Riva TNT 2 (without T&L in the TNT). There are here some screenshots from 2001 (Direct3D 7 or in the best case, Direct3D 8.0a): http://web.archive.org/web/20020117163113/http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/WoW/ns/screens.shtml Greetings. EDIT: The Shrek's game (2001) for XBOX, was the first game to use Deferred rendering, and was using Direct3D 8.0a, so, you can made the water effect using normal mapping. Link to autor of the Deferred rendering in Shrek's game on XBOX: https://sites.google.com/site/richgel99/index#TOC-Shrek-Xbox-and-Deferred-Shading
  11. Lord Fers

    Best way to do frustum culling?

    Why not try using one of the Frustum's relics published in flipcode? http://www.flipcode.com/archives/Frustum_Culling.shtml Is a very good choice. Greetings.
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